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"Zija"Obviously, you landed on this page on this Zija review. You are contemplating on joining this direct sales opportunity. Therefore, most network marketers aren’t doing there due diligence to see if  it’s really a perfect fit for you or not. I’m just basically doing a 3rd party Zija review on this company.

Before moving on, I’m not associated or involved with this company. However, I am going to offer you all the info about this direct sales opportunity online, the products, the compensation plan and what it takes to achieve success as a distributor with Zija.

Zija Review & History Of The Company

The company is based out of Lindon, UT since 2006. Zija is founded and the CEO of the company is Kenneth Brailsford who has well over 35 years of experience in the MLM industry. Michael Hershberger and Rodney Larsen are part of the leadership and management team within the company. Therefore, they have a great team with the skills and knowledge to take the business to the next level for their distributors.

Flagship Products

There flagship products are being produced from a plant that is known as Moringa. The plants from theses products that has amino acids, antioxidant, and minerals that are perfectly balanced after extensive scientific research on their products. It’s a health and wellness company that includes weight loss products, liquid supplements and skin care products as well.

The Zija Product Lines They Offers:

1.Zija offers 3 different products to their customers. First of all, a liquid supplement. It’s a Smart Drink that is named of the Zija flagship product. There is also the Smart Mix, which usually comes with a separated sleeve that you can take with you on the go. The 3rd product that is called XM3, which tends to be a energy drink to get your full energy throughout the day!

2. The product that is offered is a weight loss supplement. The XM3 capsules are the first in line which offers you  a high energy boost. In addition, it has weight loss factors in the ingredients. And the second part of the weight loss product is called Miracle Tea. It’s a product that is a colon cleanse, I heard from others that it works really well.

3. The final product line as of this blog post from this Zija review is the skin care products. The Moringa ingredients is blended with the Zija skin care line that is all natural for your skin!

Zija Compensation Plan

As for the compensation plan with Zija. It utilizes the binary comp plan. Just like many MLM Companies that are using the binary compensation plan on getting qualifications on matching bonuses along with retail sales on getting commission from them as well as a rep with Zija.

Once you become a distributor with the company, you are required to get on a monthly autoship at a minimum of $99 to get paid. Nonetheless, you need to start sponsoring at least 2 people into your downline. One from the left and the other on the right to get fully qualified for getting monthly residual income.

Zija Review Conclusion

After reading this Zija review in it’s entirety, It’s absolutely a legit business opportunity and not a pyramid scheme what so ever.  In reality, if you want to start making money in Zija or any MLM business opportunity and NOT failing that 97% are in the network marketing industry.

If you want to achieve success in MLM, you absolutely want to get the best training, education and utilizing an attraction marketing system that is guaranteed to drive traffic and generate leads to your Zija business opportunity. Therefore, I strongly recommend on clicking the link below today!

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