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"Yoli"Yoli Online Review


Yoli is a healthy beverage that most people never heard of and it is only advertised through word of mouth. There happens to be literally hundreds of consumable beverages in this industry besides Yoli.

In fact, most individuals that are drinking these types of beverages are unhealthy for you and increases your chances of health risk like cancer for instance.

The various beverages that can you can find at your local grocery store or the commercials that you seen on television such as energy drinks, sports drinks, tab water, juices and sodas. You can absolutely can make a lot of money in network marketing. Despite the fact, there is indeed a competitive market in the beverage industry.

It is a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to grow in a very fast pace. Your probably like most customers that are thinking theses are the only drinks in the market right now. Nonetheless, A unique beverage with great taste that is actually health for you that has been a long time coming.  

So a beverage company called Yoli Blast Cap is a growing revolution in this niche in utilizing the MLM business model to expand their business in this market in network marketing. Obviously there are different MLM companies you might of heard of like Monavie, Xango, Xowii, Pur3x, etc.

Yoli MLM company information

Yoli uses the blast cap technology that the beverage is being removed from any type of form of compound in chemicals. When the blast caps is being pushed, it will eventually release the ingredients or flavors so the beverage instantly turn into a beverage of your choice. Yoli is the only unique consumable beverage that does this in the industry.

The co founder’s of Yoli Blast Caps that have 6 experience leaders and marketers in MLM are Corey Citron, Robby Fender, Darren Falter, Rick Eisele, Mike Prichard and Bobby Jones. Theses leaders that created Yoli were one of the top income earners in their previous multi-level marketing opportunity. The company is located in the West Coast in Salt Lake City, Utah. Therefore,Yoli got involved in MLM nearly 2 years ago on November 2009. The co founders of the blast caps have the confidence that the technology is absolutely a game changer and changes the beverage industry.

There are 2 types of beverages that the company offers to the consumers today. First of all, One is a health and wellness beverage. The second one is a sports energy drinks for professional athletes. These consumable drinks absolutely don’t raise your blood sugar and are diabetic friendly. Yoli will definitely see potential growth and expansion  in the near future.

We all know for sure these types of drinks will become popular in the beverage industry.  As you can see, Yoli is a unique consumable beverage that are completely different from the hundreds of beverages in the market place. People are more open to try something new that is actually healthy for you with great taste that is good for your body.

Yoli compensation plan and marketing strategies

If you are interested in getting paid if you sign up as a distributor with Yoli. Therefore, there are 2 ways to get compensated as a marketer. First of all, there is the binary plan and the un-level compensation plan that the company is actually utilizing a hybrid compensation plan. Most marketers usually go with the network marketing opportunities that are usually in the binary compensation plan. It is because they have the potential to start building a few strong legs on each leg and the ability to build those legs out and watch their monthly residual income explode.

This is definitely gives you the advantage as marketer on the best payment plan to get compensated immediately. You can join Yoli for a low invest for less than going on a family vacation for less than $300 dollars. It is indeed a lot better low risk investment then getting involved in real estate investing or high cost in starting a franchise like for instance a Subway or Loews home improvement store. I would highly recommend on getting involved in network marketing then those high risks investment that you can lose a lot of money.

You’re probably like most Yoli distributors who are struggling to sponsor more reps into your business opportunity. Therefore, your upline doesn’t know the online marketing strategies or teach their marketers to start generating leads on the internet to get them to a business presentation about theses blast caps. There is absolutely hundreds of Yoli reviews online.

However, they don’t teach or train the specific information to generate leads for your MLM primary business. Many of the reps in Yoli usually teaches the offline marketing tactics in network marketing that the old school techniques don’t work like chasing your friends and family, handing out Flyers or DVD’s, cold calling prospects in the white pages and doing hotel parties that 97% of marketers will fail in this industry. No one really cares about your hyped up MLM business opportunity utilizing these outdated marketing techniques.

There is indeed a more effective technique to get more prospects to see your Yoli business opportunity presentation and to achieve success in network marketing immediately. I can definitely help you get in the right direction to flourish in network marketing today other than learning these old school offline marketing strategies from your Yoli upline!



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