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by Danny on July 14, 2011 · 5 comments

"Xyngular"You’re probably going to sign up with Xyngular, a  multi level marketing business opportunity you found on the internet. Therefore, It is critical to start investigating before hand if you can really achieve success in network marketing. This article review you came across online is in the health and wellness niche in MLM is called Xyngular, which creates a nutritious juice that can be very health for your body.

Xyngular MLM Home Based Business

The creator and founder is Marc Walker back in December 2009.  Xyngular is changing the game in the home based business industry by storm. Walker is also the CEO and the president of Xyngular and has over 20 years of experience in the multi level marketing industry.

As of right now there are well over 20,000 distributors in the company.  However, you still have a chance to get on the beginning stages on having that opportunity to make a lot of income streams if you decided to enroll as a rep with Xyngular today.  

There are two types of health and wellness products that Xyngular reps are promoting in MLM that are high quality nutritional products. First of all, Xyng-Fuel For Life. It is a weight loss beverage in order to lose excessive weight that can be one of your primary goals that is blended with a all-natural ingredients. Xyngular states the product has appetite reduction, mental and increasing in energy and in excellent health.

The second Xyngular product is actually a combination of four products that is rolled into one that is known to be called Core4.  A product that can boost your metabolism, a detox, cleanses product, meal replacement protein powder health supplement.

The last one is called the Cheat that helps eliminates 25% of calories from any type of food that you consume. So the Xyngular team of scientists with experience of doctors, scientists and health and wellness experts in creating these unique products in the market place to the customers.

Xyngular info and compensation plan

So in my opinion, it is better to take a risk to build a successful network marketing business rather than starting a real estate or franchise that is too of a high of a risk if you’re going to achieve success or not.  Therefore, I made a decision to get involved in MLM so I can prosper in multi level marketing just by taking action and following a duplicatable system!

If you have any interest to become a distributor with Xyngular is just paying a low start up cost of $19.95. In addition your monthly autoship orders that can be anywhere from $34.95 for 1 bottle to $474.00 for several cases and the renewal annual cost is only $19.95 as well.

There are several ways to get paid as a marketer, in addition from residual and upfront retail sales. The actual way the compensation plan that is setup as a Xyngular distributor is the single straight leg down line known as a Unilevel.  You are taking advantage of this to get spillover from the entire MLM company and clearly avoiding being stuck with a “dead leg”, which usually happens in a Binary from a lot of network marketing companies that you see out there in this industry.

There is also a dynamic compression that increases your potential to earn monthly residual income. Xyngular pays their marketers commission and compensates them on various bonuses and trips that is paid for from the company to the top income MLM producers. Therefore, from the look of things that Xyngular has a generous compensation plan.

Xyngular Review Online Conclusion

Xyngular is a real multi level marketing company to start building residual income. However, it is just like any other home based business opportunity. So it is essential that you get the very best education and marketing training if you want to be a top income earner with Xyngular or any other company to achieve success in MLM.

I would highly recommend in utilizing an attraction marketing funnel into your business so that your prospects be will chasing you about your network marketing venture that you are in. Unlike your upline, They don’t have the skills on the internet to build a MLM business.

Just on there own education, marketing training and teaching the worthless old fashion marketing methods from your sponsor that usually don’t work for the 97% of marketers in the home base business industry.

If you’re a newbie in MLM, you must stop pitching or spamming your network marketing opportunity to your prospects. So to succeed in multi level marketing, it is critical that you become a leader and bring in value in the marketplace. Therefore, gaining credibility and branding yourself that your followers or potential prospects will approach you after building a relationship and trust with you.

You will eventually see your residual income grow and people may have an interest to partner up or join your primary MLM business. Nonetheless, you have the ability to achieve success to be part of the 3% that prosper in Xyngular or any network marketing business opportunity.



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  • http://twitter.com/KimMullette Kim Mullette

    Great article Danny on Xyngular, had never heard of it until now!!  Now I know all about it!!!

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia Stringer

    Thanks for you review.  Well done overview.  I did experience this product and made me jittery, but the company has great leadership as described in your post.  

  • D Alp

    Danny Sounds like a some decent product. weight loss and energy is something everyone is looking for but like you said you have to know how to use attraction marketing to be successful in this business

  • http://www.facebook.com/welwell2 Wendy Elwell

    Danny, it is always great to hear information about other businesses available.  Thanks for sharing.

  • http://twitter.com/SuhaSagban Suha Sagban

    wow, thank you for expanding my knowledge of the biz’s out there. I totally respect the Wellness industry. Sounds cool.

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