What is the Buzz about Buzzify it Over OnlyWire?

by Danny on August 30, 2011 · 7 comments

"Buzzify It"Have you ever heard of the latest auto syndicating software on Buzzify It? So what is the Buzz on Buzzify It that is a lot better then using OnlyWire because you don’t have to deal with the over charging fee’s if you over submit your written content or video onto the social media sites using TribePro.

You probably notice you aren’t getting your shares on TribePro in the past 48-72 hrs because they decided to stop using OnlyWire. You are probably like most TribePro members. Therefore, you were about to send in a support ticket on why you aren’t getting any shares in TribePro.

Making the transaction easy from OnlyWire to Buzzify It

As a paid member of TribePro, I just gotten an important email from Staci Gauny that they are going to be using Buzzify It through TribePro instead of OnlyWire for now on. I would encourage you to do the same and cancel your OnlyWire account immediately.  

It will take a few days to make the transaction for all the members of TribePro. Also they are giving away 50% discount off the first month as a paid member with Buzzify It by September 2. You just need to put the code TribePro in order to get the discount. So you must act quickly to take advantage with this offer immediately.

Buzzify It will definitely help you gain more creditability on your blog with this auto syndicator along with TribePro to generate more backlinks to your blog. Also you won’t have to worry about getting any overcharges. Buzzify It will notify you when your auto syndicating monthly membership is up anywhere from 70-90% . Therefore, you might consider upgrading your Buzzify It membership account.

Glad to hear that Staci and Ronnie Gauny decided to make these changes and don’t have to worry about the overcharges by simply using Buzzify It through TribePro.

Actually Buzzify It is a lot better and cheaper than OnlyWire!  "Buzzify It"

You can get 12,000 submission plan for only $39.99 or you can setup a free account just submitting 400. You get 2,000 more submissions then through Onlywire that gives only 10,000 submissions for that price.

I’m like WOW, this a better deal with TribePro integrating with Buzzify It. Not only that you don’t have to deal with the annoying captchas when submitting to the 30 social networking sites and it is automatically put together with Buzzify It. Also you can get unlimited free RSS feed- all of your content, blog feeds or videos on Youtube, etc.

It only takes a few changes to make the transaction easy for you go from OnlyWire to Buzzify It. You definitely need to check out the step by step process from Staci Gauny to make transaction effective immediately.

If you are indeed reading this article on Buzzify It! Nonetheless, I highly recommend to make the changes right way if you really want to start auto syndicating your content from other TribePro members. Don’t put it off or else you are leaving money on the table. As a serious blogger, you definitely need to kill it in this industry as an internet or network marketer.

Now I’m ready to kill it with TribePro by partnering up with Buzzify It!

Since I’m already a paid account member with Buzzify It and auto syndicating other peoples content with TribePro. I would appreciate that you should do the same after checking out Buzzify It yourself once you setup a paid account.

  • http://www.perigvennetier.com Perig Vennetier

    I really like the new Buzzify.it so far. It does all that OnlyWire does without the drawbacks. Good deal!
    Perig Vennetier recently posted..Tired of Onlywire? TribePro Rocks It With Buzzify.it!My Profile

  • http://deanrblack.com Dean R Black

    Great article on Buzzify.it Danny..I think this is a great addition to the Tribe Pro family and it will be a big hit.
    Dean R Black recently posted..Prospecting Tips: The Basics of Getting ReadyMy Profile

  • http://suhasagban.com Suha Sagban

    I must admit, I jumped onboard once onlywire got out of the game. Wasn’t fond of the overcharges. Buzzifyit rocks!
    Suha Sagban recently posted..My Biggest Breakthrough so farMy Profile

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia

    Sounds exciting that Buzzify.it is more efficient.
    Alecia recently posted..How To Interview – Questions For SuccessMy Profile

  • http://neilbednar.com Neil Bednar

    I’m ready now Danny, guess I’ve been hesitant.. Great info..
    Neil Bednar recently posted..It’s All About The Small Success??My Profile

  • http://robertbenwell.com/ Robert Benwell

    Buzzify is a great compliment to TribePro or as a stand alone social bookmarking submitter. OnlyWire is taking it in the shorts on this one!!

  • http://kimmullette.com Kim Mullette

    Great article Danny, have also switched over to Buzzify.it. Thanks for sharing.

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