ViTel Wireless MLM Review- Must Read Before You Join

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ViTel WirelessYou came across this content because you are doing your research with Vitel Wireless.

There is a lot of junk online, so you want to figure out if Vitel Wireless is a legit biz opp or you are already involved as a distributor with this wireless service that is open to expand your business opportunity globally.

Therefore, I hope this information and review of Vitel Wireless is helpful to make the right choice if it’s the perfect storm for you or not.

Review Of ViTel Wireless

Before moving forward with this company review, I’m not an affiliate or a distributor at all. I’m just offering my honest MLM review if you are considering joining this wireless service provider.

What is ViTel Wireless?

It’s a company that is co-founded by Scott Rogers and James Pearson in 2010. ViTel Wireless is considered being in the category as a Wholesale and Retail within the home based industry in Direct Sales. James Pearson has over 10 years of experience from various management positions involving in the finance and retail business industry. He is a ideal choice for being one of the co-founders with this company. 

As for Scott Rogers, He has managed and build several successful start ups the last 8 years or so. They both have over 55 years of experience within our industry that includes other key people and executives on the team. This is the reason why Vitel Wireless is very successful as of today.

Products of Vitel Wireless

The product line they offer to it’s customers are:

  • Cell Phones (Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile
  • Satellite Television (Dish TV)
  • Home Security (FrontPoint)
The reasons on why Vitel Wireless is very successful is because the company offers only the best in today’s technology in the 21st century that are very high quality from all of their products and services to it’s consumers. In addition, they provide a very positive sales environment when making sales as a distributor with absolutely the best education and training to consistently make sales as a representative with Vitel Wireless.  ViTel Wireless

Start Making Money As A Rep With ViTel Wireless

It’s very affordable for you to get started with this service provider as a customer. Prices can range between $49.95 to $99.95 per month. It really depends on which specific package that you are choosing in the beginning.

If you are interested in signing up as a distributor with ViTel Wireless, you must buy the Master, Executive, or the Platinum package in order to get your business up and running right away.

Just like every other network marketing biz opp, there are a few ways to get paid as a rep with Vitel Wireless. What they include when getting started with this company are retail, fast start bonuses, team bonuses, matching bonuses and leadership bonuses as well.

After going over this Vitel Wireless review, it looks like a legit biz opp after you done your due diligence. There are a lot of incentives if you made the decision to join this MLM company. 

If you really want to make sales and succeed with this company, it’s vital to have the right marketing strategies to grow your business. What I mean’t is learning the right marketing strategies and not making a list of 100 of your friends and family isn’t the way to go or else you will fail in this industry.

Your sponsor will just tell you to start pitching your biz opp to your friends and family, approach strangers at your local Star Bucks or start handing out flyers about Vitel Wireless. Therefore, theses outdated techniques aren’t very effective and duplicatable to your team.

Are you running out of people to talk with about your biz opp? You will continue to struggle, get frustrated and eventually quit. In reality 97% of Vitel Wireless reps are failing in this industry. If you want it bad enough to be in the top 3% of people that are succeeding, it’s very important to have the right marketing training when you are first starting out in network marketing.

ViTel Wireless

If you want to discover how the top Vitel Wireless distributors are building their business by generating upwards of 50 leads a day, and sponsoring over 27 reps in 30 days into Vitel Wireless, then take a look at the link below:

Vitel Wireless


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