Twitter Tips That Prospects Will Start Chasing You!

by Danny on May 21, 2012 · 4 comments

Attract Potential Customers With These Twitter Tips

"Twitter Tips"

Start implementing theses Twitter tips is definitely a great technique to drive more traffic to your site and attract more prospects to increase your own brand awareness. It can absolutely be any type of business endeavors that you are involved.

The social network sites are all great to start building relationships and trust with people. Therefore, you can start promoting your business opportunity, products or services in your target market. So from theses Twitter tips, it is connecting with your followers. You can let people know what’s happening right now or with your business in real time!

Just applying a new technique like theses Twitter tips for instance on marketing that can be overwhelming that you can get unorganized if you aren’t keeping track of things. So, here are several of my key Twitter tips to help you out on tweeting on tweeter!

Twitter Tip No. 1 Think Outside Of The Box       

As a marketer, you need to start tweeting and think outside of the box. Therefore, there is a good rule of thumb about tweeting your business opportunity. Your tweets should be approximately 90% bringing value to the table and 10% promoting your business opportunity. Therefore, you should be tweeting about advice, Twitter tips and informative updates rather than tweeting your affiliate links to your followers.

Twitter Tip No. 2 Put Up A Photo And Create A Tweeter Profile   

It is vital to have a picture of yourself, so your twitter followers will know that you are a real person that is branding yourself. Therefore, you want to make a good first impression with your followers. You definitely want to have your twitter homepage look professional as well.

Also, you should create your own Twitter Bio. Just a brief description of yourself because Twitter only allows 160 characters and just write your best Twitter profile so you can gain new followers that are willing to start following you back!

Twitter Tip No. 3 Set Up A Schedule   

You certainly want to be more involved and active to your twitter followers. You just need to start tweeting on a regular basis and start asking questions by communicating with your followers. Getting a lot of followers is like getting tweets but not every second.  You should stay consistent and start tweeting  at least 3x per day and not tweeting every minute.

It builds up over time in gaining new followers but if you are just spamming your business opportunity then your followers will start unfollowing you.  Just remember the 90/10 rule! Than you will be ok and start getting a lot of followers every day!

Twitter Tip No.4 Connecting with Your Tweeter Followers

So from theses Twitter Tips, you want to find out more about your target audience, customers and potential users. Start by checking out what’s being talked about in your niche. You can start searching around Twitter to see what people are really talking about in your niche that might interest you.

Then you can click on a @username and check out his or her twitter profile or blog homepage. You want to see if they are worth someone to follow.  If you look into what the hype is about your niche, you can see what problems that is needed to be solved, and what people are looking for. This can definitely help you and your business to meet those needs to solve any issues and the possibility to gain new customers/clients.

Twitter Tip No.5 Retweeting              "Twitter Tips"

Retweeting is a fantastic method to build a larger targeted audience, provide more valuable info to your followers and start branding yourself. Retweeting is simply delivering along a message. Tweeting can be helpful if you can’t think of something to tweet about, or if you see a tweet that’s really great that resonates with you.   

Say someone you follow tweets some really good advice, and you’d like to share it  to your followers. If you repeat from theses Twitter tips from word-for-word, it’s taking credit for a good idea that isn’t yours. So what you are doing, it’s just rebroadcast the tweet, or retweet it.

Start Implementing Theses Twitter Tips Today

The great thing from theses Twitter tips as a marketer, there is certain techniques that pops you into a great discussion and get a good response. You can start building rapport in return and gaining more customers. You absolutely want to be certain that you answer there questions to be tweeted immediately and politely to your followers.

Don’t forget to be treated fairly just like the way you are being treated yourself. So, like I said before is just being 90% being helpful, 10% promoting your business. This will definitely help building new relationships and trust with your followers that will eventually buy from you or join your business endeavors!


Theses are just a handful of Twitter tips and tricks to increase your chances of success from theses Twitter marketing approach. If you absolutely want to get more further details on theses Twitter tips and tricks and the potential to get unlimited amount of customers in the next 60 days.  Just Click Here for more information today!

  • Joan Harrington

    Awesome tips, Danny!!!! Thank you for sharing! Twitter is definately a most valuable tool my friend!
    Thank you! Shared for you as well!

    Take care,
    Joan Harrington recently posted..How To Build MomentumMy Profile

    • Danny

      Thanks for the complement Joan! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading this blog post on my twitter tips!

  • Ken Pickard


    Good Twitter tips right there! I personally like #4. Connecting with your Twitter Followers. Although I let me Twitter momentum die down I think it’s still a good form of social media, branding and relation ship building. I know some will challenge me on the last part but it’s true.

    i have met tons of people from Twitter and have pulled them to Facebook or my blog and continued the relationship. So there it is.

    Great tips!

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad
    Ken Pickard recently posted..30 Days of Mindset to a Master Marketing StrategyMy Profile

  • Galen Morgigno

    Danny, great article on twitter tips. I really like the 90/10 rule. I have 5000 followers and you would be suprised, maybe not, as to how much spamming is going on. Keep bringing value to your followers.

    Galen Morgigno recently posted..30 Day Shock Your System for Network Marketers!My Profile

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