The Trump Network Review – A Legit Business or a Pyramid Scheme!

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"The Trump Network"You heard all about the buzz on The Trump Network. It is a business opportunity that you are considering signing up. Nonetheless, you obviously came across this review because you want to do your due diligence before hand if this is a legit network marketing business opportunity. What I’m going to over with The Trump Network review is the company, the products and how to market the MLM Company the right way!

The Trump Network Review

Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump made a choice to get involved in the Multi Level Marketing endeavors after doing his due diligence on a handful of MLM Companies. You may already know Trump co written and published a book with Robert Kiyosaki called “We Want You To Be Rich!”

They both together go into more further information about the Multi-level Marketing industry. He went through over 20 various Network marketing companies for about a year. His desire is go in with the Health and Wellness niche called “Ideal health” that is based in the suburbs in the Boston Area in Rowley, Massachusetts.

The company is obviously going strong for the past fourteen years as “Ideal Health”  since the late 90’s in 1997. The company is called now The Trump Network for the past three years since 2008. The various products the company markets are customized vitamins, nutritional supplements, health energy beverages and the most recent product the Trump Network introduced in 2009 is a anti-aging product that is located in Switzerland known as Bi Coe’.

Lou Decaprio, Todd and Scott Stanwood were the founders of “Ideal Health” that have well over 30 years of extensive experience in the multi-level marketing industry. They each personally have prospered through there excellent leadership skills and marketing strategies on what it takes to survive and achieve success in a home based business.  The Stanwood brothers and Decaprio have that passion to start bringing like-minded people into the multi-level marketing industry during the hard economic times we are currently in.

Ideal Health Is Rebranded As The Trump Network        "The Trump Network"

On March 2009, Donald Trump bought the company from the founders of “Ideal Health” and got it rebranded as The Trump Network in Novemember at the first TTN convention out in South Florida in Miami. It wasn’t really a surprise that he made a choice to get involved in multi-level marketing. It is because Donald Trump endorses ACN, an telecommunication company. He claims that The Trump Network will eventually become the biggest and the baddest network marketing company in the next few years or so.

In reality, It isn’t a guarantee that you will achieve success in a business just because Donald Trump put his name on it. A lot of people were getting all the buzz about TTN back in 2009. Momentum was created and lots of ordinary people were enrolling every single day. But again people are dropping out of the Trump Network less than 30 days after they had signed up as a distributor. The truth, it really isn’t about the company, products or the compensation plan

The Trump Network Review Business Opportunity and Truth About The Company

The matter of fact approximately 97% of marketers haven’t made a single dime in this industry. They are utilizing the BS marketing techniques that is taught from your sponsor. Obviously, it isn’t working in their favor majority of the people that get involved in a network marketing business opportunity. Like for instance, hassling your friends and family (Warm Market), sending out corporate brochures, DVDs and doing the 3 second rules. You are just wasting your unproductive time and leaving money on the table. You will eventually leave the industry for good."The Trump Network"

There will be some people, usually tirekickers that write articles that bash The Trump Network or any MLM Company. They are telling others that this business doesn’t work or Donald Trump is pulling a “Pyramid Scheme” which is not. So bashing any multi-level marketing company isn’t the solution. Only 3% of marketers that actually start making residual monthly income, fire their boss and stick around in the long run in the network marketing industry.

The actual truth is that if you are involved with The Trump Network or any business opportunity, the business is all about creating leaders and getting involved in personal development. In addition, getting training from either from a leader or mentor. It is essential that you need to start investing yourself to thrive in MLM that most people won’t make that serious commitment to build a successful business.

If you want to be part of the 3% to achieve success in The Trump Network, It is essential that you learn and implement online marketing techniques that isn’t taught from your upline. The various types of marketing strategies you can start utilizing like for instances: blogging, article marketing, social media and marketing forums just to name a few.

Only about 95% of marketers are utilizing the marketing strategies online. It is critical that you train yourself properly to start implementing an Attraction Marketing System. It can definitely benefit’s you leveraging the internet and the potential to prosper in The Trump Network to create abundance and monthly residual income to be financial free from the corporate world today.



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