How To Thrive In Utilizing Offline Marketing Techniques

by Danny on September 29, 2011 · 10 comments

"Offline Marketing"Offline Marketing You Can Use In Network Marketing

You can absolutely still implement offline marketing techniques to blend with online methods. There a lot of internet marketing experts or so called “consultants” claims that the old school offline marketing techniques is way “Overrated” to start marketing your primary multi-level marketing business opportunity. They think these strategies are outdated and are ineffective today in the 21st century. WRONG!

There isn’t anything wrong in utilizing online marketing strategies to grow your primary MLM business opportunity. You should never deny or ignore on the idea of offline marketing.  You just need the proper mindset! So from this blog post, I will definitely give you 2 takeaways on how to thrive in MLM applying offline marketing.

The offline marketing approach is the oldest marketing techniques that had been used for well over 50 years ago in multi-level marketing industry. It doesn’t matter which company that you are promoting, generating either leads or customers.   

Also, you must stay consistent on recruiting new marketers into your primary multi-level marketing business opportunity. It is that simple is just taking massive action to succeed in MLM to start getting the results that you always wanted from implementing offline marketing!

These old school methods that have been used repeated after one time to another to achieve success.  The top income producers and MLM heavy hitters are just hustling that these offline marketing that actually works in their favor.

2  Tips on Effective Offline Marketing Approach

Just putting up bandit sign’s is a great approach on generating qualified MLM leads for your primary MLM business opportunity. You just need figure what effective written advertisements or shorten written teaser ads to get prospects attention to call you if they are serious to get started in a home based business. You should start with a minimum of 100 of those bandit signs is a effective marketing strategy to get your phone to start ringing to get people interested in starting a small business.

Utilizing 3 way calls with your sponsor/upline and using a fax machine is the way to go to start building relationships and trust with your potential prospects. You don’t even ever meet them in person. It doesn’t matter if your prospect is in your local area or not.

You can directly send some information, take a look at a brief business presentation or send your prospects marketing sales material about your MLM Company. So, just doing 3 way calls is an excellent method that can absolutely help building rapport and trust with people if you are going to do business with them long term.

The more prospects that you talk on the phone and utilizing this offline marketing approach on implementing 3 way calls into your business. You will have your potential to get more prospects to sign up in your MLM Company and the capability to market your product or services. You can duplicates these offline marketing strategies from your sponsor. Therefore, you can help your new recruits to do the same in your organization or downline.

Just implementing theses 2 offline marketing approach, it is a guarantee that you will explode in your business in multi-level marketing just by taking action that 97% of people in this industry that won’t do. Therefore, just adding online marketing strategies along with offline marketing will definitely increase your chances to thrive in this industry for sure!



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  • Kim Mullette

    Great tips here Danny on offline marketing. Sometimes we get so caught up with online marketing we forget the important of connecting with people offline. Thanks.
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  • Brenda

    Offline marketing strategies are often forgotten Danny and can be very effective when used correctly –
    Thanks for these super tips
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  • Dean R Black

    Danny thanks for sharing some offline marketing strategies. These are great tips.
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  • Ruth

    Offline marketing is just as important as online marketing when building a network marketing business. Some people tend to forget that.
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  • MarieGrace

    Thanks for the tips. I love the bandit signs!
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  • Nathan Gonzalez

    Great offline techniques here Danny,thanks for sharing man.
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  • Anthony

    Great tips. With the growing popularity of online marketing, offline marketing is slowly being forgotten. If we could learn to use both then I think marketing would be twice as effective.
    Anthony recently dating bookMy Profile

  • Alecia

    Great ideas. I can’t do yard signs around here… not even in my yard. So I’ve had to focus on other methods. Being creative is the fun part! Just posting sticky notes could work!
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  • Godwin Okoduwa

    very essential tips Danny, offline can be time consuming, but very important.
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  • Pj Zafra

    Hey Danny,

    Great tips here! We must not forget marketing offline as well. It’s definitely effective and it’s proven to be. Thanks for sharing some really good valuable tips here. Keep it up! 😀
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