TelexFree Review- A Must Read Before You Join

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Obviously, You stumbled across this TelexFree review, It’s because you want to get more information about this telecommunication service.

Before moving forward on this biz opp with this telecommunication company, I’m not involved or affiliated with this company in anyway. What I’m going to cover is the products, signing up as an affiliate and  the compensation plan with TelexFree.

TelexFree Telecommunication Service

TelexFree is a multi-level marketing company that launched back in Brazil in January 2012 of last year. The services they offer to it’s affiliates and consumers is a telephone service. You have the potential to earn commission when referring others to the biz opp. You can just simply start publishing advertisements on the web.

It’s very affordable that anyone can use if are making calls within Brazil, Canada and the United States for only $49.99 per month. Using the TelexFree services you can start making unlimited calls either from landlines or cellphones for using a TelexFree phone service application.

How To Sign Up As An Affiliate With TelexFree

TelexFree members are required to pay $299.00 on a yearly basis for each membership position, called an ‘’AdCentral’’.

Each member may have up to five accounts, or an ‘’AdCentral Family Membership’’, for an annual cost of $1,375.00. 

The 5 memberships may be purchased in a lump sum or over time. 

TelexFree AdCentral Members are required to publish at least a minimum of 1 preselected advertisement per day to the free classified ad sites on the internet.

Compensation Plan

As an affiliate with TelexFree, you can start earning commissions for each sale of their 99TelexFree subscriptions and the publishing advertisements on the internet. In addition, you can earn $200 for recruiting new TelexFree members that purchase an AdCentral membership and $100 for recruiting a new member that is purchasing an AdCentral Family Membership.

TelexFree utilizes the binary compensation plan to it’s affiliates when sponsoring new members and utilizes a 5×5 matrix compensation plan for making sales for their 99TelexFree plan for using their telephone services that is very affordable.

TelexFree is a legit biz opp. You can make money with this company starting today if you are interest in joining. You simply start selling memberships and you can get your money back quickly if you are great sponsoring reps in the biz opp is a plus…..

If you are willing to learn how to market your business on the internet so you can start selling those types of products or services and start generating income consistently.

I can show you the way to sponsor reps into TelexFree or any biz opp by simply generating traffic and getting  leads so you can increase your sales. Just click here or the banner below for more info!


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