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"Vitamark"You landed on this page on this Vitamark Review because you heard about this business opportunity after someone had approached you about this company. Just like everyone else, you went online to look for Vitamark Reviews to figure out if this MLM Company is really a legit network marketing company.

Before going on, I am not associated with Vitamark in anyway what so ever, I just tend to write hundreds of MLM reviews online. Therefore, I’ll show you the way that you can absolutely achieve success with this particular network marketing company.

Vitamark Company Overview

Vitamark is a multi-level marketing company that got started back in 2002. The company is based in the Houston, Texas area. David Bertrand, Jana Mitcham and Al Schreiter are the leaders and the co-founders of Vitamark International. They started utilizing a network marketing business model that the company distributes their products through independent marketers in this industry.   

Vitamark Flagship Products

There niche is in the health and wellness industry that promotes excellent quality flagship products in network marketing. First of all, there main product the company promotes is a product called Limu Plus. It’s a consumable product that is in liquid form. Therefore, you must use approximately 1 to 2 ounces in your beverage on a daily basis.

There is absolutely has many health advantages that Vitamark International claims that this product improves your immune system, gives you more energy throughout the day, fills you up with antioxidants, reduces muscle pain and fights stress. There is also another product that deals with weight management and multi-vitamin products as well.

Vitamark Business Opportunity

If you want to become a distributor with Vitamark, there is 3 different levels that you can sign up in. Just go with the one that best fit’s your needs. You can get enrolled from the $29, $297 or at $997. So when you enroll at the $297 level or above you will be automatically get signed up in the autoship program that will automatically get access to 4 bottles of Limu Plus shipped to you every month unless you decided to cancel your autoship program with the company.

As for the compensation plan, you can get compensated as a rep with the company 8 different ways. Vitamark is definitely a legitimate business opportunity and you can absolutely start making 6 to 7 figures per year.

You are getting paid on the retail sales from their products when you starting sponsoring reps into the Vitamark business opportunity. You can start getting month residual income when you start training your downline on how to promote the products and the ability to recruit new marketers based on duplication. Also the company offers fantastic trips once you become a top income earner.

Reps failing In Vitamark Or Any Business Opportunity

Despite the fact, Vitamark is a fantastic company with excellent leadership, awesome products and a generous compensation plan. It absolutely has nothing to do with your success in network marketing. It is because 97% of reps in MLM that join a business opportunity will fail in this industry.

The main reason because they aren’t taught properly on how to sell the products or start generating qualified targeted MLM leads to take a look at a business presentation.

Many of the distributors are frequently doing the mistakes on pitching your business opportunity other than your friends and family in the market place. Nonetheless, most distributors will won’t make a single dime in Vitamark or any MLM business opportunity.



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