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"Ultimate Power Profits"Ultimate Power Profits (UPP)

Ultimate Power Profits is guaranteed to your prosperity, abundance and incentives with Global One. The company has built a fabulous simple paradigm shifting biz platform. Ultimate Power Profits offers us to be confident that is guaranteed to make you money that is 100% to our members that will earn income during the 30 day period.

Heck Yeah, there is no other biz opportunity platform in the nation that absolutely can make this claim on the internet. Global One that is offering 3 business avenues to start making additional streams of income. We have the potential to put in the work and start creating wealth for you and your family….

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1.  iGObidWIN.com Penny Auction Income Business- Higher returns than Zeek Rewards or Bidify

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You must start taking advantage of the Spinfinity Ultimate Power Profits System that MyTurnOnTop is guaranteed to make you money of 100% return for all it’s members. You can start earning commissions in a thirty day Spinfinity cycle….. I promise you there isn’t any business like this on the web that you can’t find that obviously can make this claim with GO right now!

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Ultimate Power Profits that is utilizing social marketing in a new way that is unique from the old school sales strategies or direct selling (aka Network Marketing, MLM, Multi-level Marketing) biz model. So for every active paid member with UPP you will earn shared commissions and the potential to make more money from profit sharing every 30 days with this amazing business platform….

Scott Evans is the one that created the madness with Ultimate Power Profits last month in July of this year. Many people are jumping on board with this program that is currently in pre-launch as of this writing. According to the Alexa Ranking the Ultimate Power Profits is just under 5000 on one of the most visited websites online.

You have the opportunity to become a founding member to get paid more than 26x more per month without sponsoring, recruiting or promoting this amazing program EVER!    "Ultimate Power Profits"

Ultimate Power Profits has been created  by Global One. GO is a simple system that is utilizing 3 different biz models:

1.There are 4 available options to chose from to it’s MyTurnOnTop Members at different levels: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum

2.The various products are being sold to it’s paid members that are involved with MYTurnOnTop are called Bid Tokens that are being   used to start bidding on different products such as .999 pure gold and silver bars, coins, jewelry, IPads and other electronic devices, etc in the market place. There are a lot more members that are owing GO_BID_WIN Penny Auction biz websites with a higher return than Zeek Rewards and Bidify

 3. When you sign up with Ultimate Power Profits, As a member you will get a commission payout Spin every 3 days or so. These commission payouts that occur on the 1st 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th and 28th every single month

The payout that has to do with 2 equal amounts in value:

  1. One half as a cash commissions
  2. The other one half as Bid Tokens

If you are familiar with Zeek Rewards and Bidify, then you are familiar with theses unique auction system with penny auctions that are recently a new biz concept in the market place right now. Customers and members that are bidding on high end products, Thus at a certain price of purchase of a product on a traditional auction website either at a online store like Ebay or at your online shopping mall for example!

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People certainly like the concept on earning passive income, monthly residual income without recruiting, sponsoring or promoting the Ultimate Power Profits system is a huge hit with this penny auction site from Global One! 

"Ultimate Power Profits"

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