Negative ThoughtsAs regular human begins, We all tend to have negative thoughts from our subconscious mind. This is certain a behavior that you aren’t controlling at first.  

You are just going over the negativity that you experienced that recently happened that can be very painful that is part of your life. However, negative thoughts isn’t very good for the brain and the outcome tends to be negative. 

How to stop negative thoughts

The negativity absolutely can kill your habits and self-confidence in your life. If you continue to start thinking very negative, it will not help you at all to succeed. You will complain all the time because you aren’t successful yet on what you want out of your life. This type of behavior will not stop if you are getting brain washed from the negativity that can come from your mistakes.  Negative Thoughts

For instance, you are assigned to take on a simple task working on a real estate project from your boss at work. 90 days later, you have completed a specific project right on time. But it wasn’t perfect on a tight budget with only one minor mistake.

Your boss at your job was very satisfied and happy from the hard work you put into, however everyone that is working as a team was satisfied except for yourself. You are just over thinking the negativity for a project that wasn’t 100% perfect wasn’t necessary at all! Your behavior that can be disrespected from your negative behavior isn’t a good impression when you really did a good job on a real estate project.

Here are a few of the steps to avoid negative thoughts

First of all, it’s very important to look back and start avoiding negative thoughts. This definitely helps to turn it into positive thinking. You just need to take a look at the whole picture in a very positive way, not only you completed the project that was satisfied, on time and on a tight budget from your boss. This basically helps to put it on your resume, getting referrals for other projects in the near future. 

Negative ThoughtsYou just need to forget about the past mistakes and move forward. Therefore, you must remind yourself on how to prevent such mistakes that might happen again from future projects.

So, you got to start having positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts to start turning things around by taking massive action.

One day your car is a complete mess and you are thinking to yourself you want to start cleaning your car. After taking a closer look at your vehicle, you made a decision it is time consuming and waste of your time. Therefore, you want to start procrastinating and want to put it off for another day. 

This is certainly a bad habit that is creeping inside of your mind with negative thoughts. You must stop doing that! You just need to start taking a deep slow breath and start taking action right way on those tasks.  Start writing down a list of things to be done immediately or you can get your spouse to help you out. 

You want to assign a specific task to be finished on time is very important. After you finished a specific task, you will definitely feel a lot better about yourself when you got the job done without procrastinating. Like I said before, avoiding negative thoughts will start generating a positive outcome.

Many children and young teenagers will most likely experience some type of negative thoughts when growing up. It’s because they tend to hate school, getting into trouble or getting bullied from other kids. Therefore, things aren’t going their way, like for instance “I hate going to school” that someone might say to their parents!   Negative Thoughts

They might not mean it at all, it’s a sign which requires your parents divided attention. Mentioned previously, your actions is always involving from your own thoughts.

It’s very important to start talking with your kids and try your best to stop the negative thoughts they have in their mind and get them to start thinking in a positive way instead.

Negative thoughts definitely can be turned around into more positive thinking. It really is based on each individual is a choice to get rid of the negativityTherefore, negative thoughts may start creeping in your mind, just start taking a slow deep breath and start having positive thoughts will help you in the process.

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Negative Thoughts


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"Influencing Skills"Influencing Skills comes from your heart!


Influencing Skills is about attracting others that comes from your heart not from your head that you are influencing others by helping them move forward in either in life, physically, spirituality or in business. Influencing Skills that has the potential power that has the ability to control others financially so they can be financially free from their corporate America 9-5 job.

Master influencing skills into your life to attract other individuals that can be a difficult task and will takes some time to achieve those skills. Nonetheless, you can’t influence people with power or force of control. Beside the jedi mind tricks really don’t work in the real world. To win people over with these influencing skills you must humble, overcoming adversity and it is critical to build rapport and relationship with others that first come in contact with the first time.  

I would recommend on reading Dale Carnegie’s  “How to win friends and influence people”. Once you read the book, you will have a better perspective in your influence skills to impress anyone and will eventually figure out what is on their minds and hearts for years to coming. You just need to learn is the art on influencing skills and you will definitely be in your way to achieve success in life or in business.

Here are 5 useful tips on your influencing skills.

Here are some of recommendations that are among the best to achieve success in your life today:

1. First of all, It is critical to know a person first. It starts with integrity and building relationships with an individual. Once you get to know a person and figuring out what are their desires in what they want to get of life or in business. This way you can implement your influencing skills to get them attracted to you by building trust and giving value that they can see through their own eyes.

2. Use certain vocabulary or words and put it into action that people will want to start trusting you. Also, it is important that you are sincere and how show them that can help them in any way in any problems that they might have in their life or in their business. Make sure that you give them the right suggests or recommendation so that can start to trust you from your smart advice that you giving to those individuals that is attracted towards you with your influencing skills.

3. Try to find something in common characteristic with a people on their desires on what they want to get out of life, their dreams or in business today! You just need to give them the value and the beliefs, it will then become easier from them to trust you. They will be drawn to you from your influencing skills and may want to partner or join your business venture that you are involved.

4.  You must show them your expertise. If you believe in what you have the passion for either a product or a service then people will be connected and get attracted towards you. People are attracted by others by offering enough value and knowledge that you are offering to others in order to get their attention that can’t be ignored.

5. Become a good listener is a great way from your influencing skills is absolutely the best way to attract others by getting to win other individuals hearts with integrity. So it is critical just by listening to others to what they have to say in what the problems they might have. Therefore, you have the potential to solve their solutions by communicating freely with you.

Influencing Skills with integrity that get people drawn to you like a Magnetic.

If you implement it properly, it is a guarantee that you absolutely prosper in life or any type of business venture that you might be involved. Therefore, you must take action by learning Influencing Skills that can be part of your life today if you are willing to learn the skills in what it takes to achieve success!



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