The Go Getter

"The Go Getter"There is quit a big difference between the go getter to get there tasks done just taking massive action. Also there are types people who are just plain lazy and never gets the job done and are always proscratinating.

The go getter will also get the results they want. The procrastinator never get its or quits because they aren’t serious in achieving massive success and will continue working at a 9-5 corporate America job!

Learning from my past mistakes and experience before become The Go Getter that you want to become that anyone do with the proper mindset and discipline…

What I have learning over the years in getting involved in different businesses since the day’s in my late teens and early 20’s is that entrepreneurs are the go getter. They never settle for less and always think big. The procrastinators and lazy types won’t even come close in getting results in making 6-7 figure monthly incomes.

It is no secret that comes from the human subscious mind that naturally comes from their own behavior. In reality, it’s not about getting the college education, skills or talent to achieve success. It’s all about having the desire, motivation, passion and your WHY in what it takes to accomplish your own goals in business or in life.   

The go getter get’s it and are absolutely fired up when the sun rises when you get out of bed in doing more productive activities, have that passion to make more money to see massive result. They also have the confidence and beliefs that they can DO IT.

The lazy types aren’t motivated enough, don’t know your why, have a negative subscious mind, complaining about stupid things and aren’t willing to get out of their comfort zone. Therefore will definitely will FAIL in life and business. You want to work with the go getter and leave out the lazy and procrastinators to bit the dust!

The Go Getter are always getting their daily tasks done before going to the next agenda. They will never quit or give up until they Achieve Success….

As for the lazy people, they just don’t have the right mindset, anxiety or fear, thinking small, no confidence or low esteem that absolutely bring them down. They will continue their path in failing over and over AGAIN! If you want to stop procrastinating, You must become a better you, start hustling and start acting and thinking like the go getter that I had mentioned earlier.

Throughout the years I have read success stories or even meet some entrepreneurs at network marketing events like for instance in real estate investing, franchise start up, internet marketing or network marketing.

"The Go Getter"

The go getter that are ones that dropped out of college because of poor grades. Why in heck would you want to go to college to get a college degree and get a good job working inside of a cubicle for a boss in the corporate world. Getting good grades in college is useless.

You just need to spend most of your education in mindset and personal development that they don’t teach at a 4 year college or even at a graduate school in a matter of fact.

You just need to have the passion in what career path that you enjoy just by start hustling, not be that procrastinator. Therefore, the go getter will thrive and get things done to get the things they always wanted in either in life or in business.

The Go Getter has the passion from this type of individual in what they do that procrastinators don’t!

It is critical to stay consistent, focus and getting off your feet.  You simply must keep doing what you have a passion for and the skills that you are absolutely good at. Just let go of your ego for a moment and let some other go getter that is better than you to take the things that you absolutely suck at!

For instance, you want to build a internet business and an online brand. You figured out that marketing is your true passion. However, you HATE writing content. So just do some out sourcing and have an expert do the writing.  You just do the marketing.  However,  you have the passion in doing some type of pay per click marketing like Facebook PPC.

So, what ever happening in your life or in business right now that deals with the good, bad and ugly. If you are the procrastinator type or Go Getter that is definitely your DAMN fault if your are thriving or you can’t get up because you are failing!

Danny Yoon is an SEO and Internet Marketing Strategist. He has the passion in helping struggling entrepreneurs have their own online presence!

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