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Not To Miss See Solavei Opportunity

by Danny on July 30, 2012 · 1 comment

If you are reading this Solavei Review, It’s because your curious about the hype on the latest opportunity that has gone viral on Facebook. Right now it’s currently in pre-launch and won’t officially launch until Sept 21, 2012 in New York City. You can’t even buy the service or the cellphone unless you are a founding member with Solavei.

What Is Solavei?

This hasn’t been done before! Therefore, Solavei will definitely be the first EVER Social Marketing and Commerce Company that will transform the mobile phone industry by offering a unique way of innovation on smart phone services in the early 4th quarter of this year. You absolutely can get unlimited calling, text and 4G Data with one of the fastest growing 4G networks! There is NO contracts to sign for only $49 per month or even get your service for FREE!

Obviously, Most people have a phone bill. I bet it’s more than $69.99 that you are paying for at this time during the hard economic times. The question to ask anyone that you know (friends & family) that are open to save a lot money or the possibility to get your cell phone service for FREE….

You must see this that is worth watching before it goes viral. This can’t not be ignored. I guarantee that you will thank me later!

This isn’t a start up; but will become a multi-billion brand when it launches in the fall. This is the REASON why it is the perfect time and the right place! You just need to watch this video in it’s entirety on how exactly Solavei will grow very fastest!

Check Out The Vision By The Solavei CEO Ryan Weurch

Mission Statement

“Keeping in mind the aforementioned, Solavei’s (pronounced SOL-A-VAY) mission is to make commerice less expensive…and profitable for it’s members, meaning you and your sphere of influence. Over, you will hear people referring to Solavei as the next biggest social network and you will hear and read aboutthe “Revolution”. While this statements are true with regard to how some people think of Solavei, We say Solavei is social commerce network that provides a unique income generating opportunity for members through its nation-wide 4G mobile service.”

Solavei Background  "Solavei"

Solavei is based in the West Coast in Bellevue, WA. The founder and CEO of the company is Ryan Weurch. This multi-billion dollar brand is going to surface that no one ever thought of before until now. They are offering consumers unlimited calling, texting and 4G Data for only $49 or for FREE just referring other members into their service. 

The company will deliver their smart phone services that can definitely be in competition with other well known major mobile carriers! They have a unmatched management corp team and partnership with a world-class service experience with major corporations with T-mobile, ATT, J.P Morgan, Microsoft and Motricity. 

There is momentum that is building up to the launch with key executives, advisory board members, investors, and Fortune 500 companies that is going along with Solavei’s vision. The company has already received a financial commitment of over $20MM in funding at a valuation of over $120MM, which is greater than the second round of funding for both Facebook and Google.

What’s The Next Step With Solavei?

It’s absolutely the perfect timing to get all in with Solavei. You absolutely can get on the ground floor with this opportunity before the public knows about it. Then you should start sharing Solavei with your friends and family as well as your social circle of friends on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin! 

Just send me a private email at or PM on Facebook to get a special invite to the network called the Lane! You definitely can start working with the fastest growing team. Looking forward hearing from you to jump in board with me with Solavei today!

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