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"Send Out Cards"Ever heard of a MLM company called Send Out Cards and have you ever recently gotten one of those greeting cards in your mail box? Also have you received one by email or any of those social media sites from a company called Send Out Cards either from a friend, relative or co-worker in the past?

There are only a handful of people that send in a greeting card from Send Out Cards by email rather than sending one by mail.

Kody Bateman is the CEO and creator of the network marketing company Send Out Cards. They are currently located in the West Coast in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004. The network marketing company got involved in the industry after a unfortunate tragedy that happened in the past in Kody’s life.  

Send Out Cards Online Business Review

Sendout Cards is a multi-level marketing company that has the best opportunity to be of only a handful of distributors who are sending out the “real” cards, that are pleasuring for every recipient of fun, diverse, personal greetings and signed Send Out Cards via Email.

This is a unique greeting cards company that helps you to not to forget yourself to distribute the greeting cards on a timely matter, without wasting over 30 minutes of your unproductive time at your local post office sending your greeting cards to people whom you known for a while.  Nonetheless, there is absolutely a better way without having to miss those important dates of your friends, relatives or co-workers.

If you want to be a member with Send Out Cards, you just simply need to setup an account with the company. Therefore, you will then have the capability to create your own unique personal messages that comes from your heart for sending those Send Out Cards to those that are close too you.

You can indeed write your own personal greeting messages with a click of mouse that can happen in just seconds. After that is completed, Send Out Cards will print and mail it for you to the address to the person you would like to send the greeting card to. In reality, it is cheaper than going to your local greeting cards store like Hallmark.

Send Out Cards is a great greeting card home based business that can save you a lot of time sending those greeting cards during those important dates during the holiday seasons on Valentines day, Thanksgiving and on Christmas,etc. to your friends and relatives just using your own desk top computer or laptop. Therefore, other than being a member with Send Out Cards, you have the possibility to become a marketer with the Send Out Cards business opportunity to make additional income streams in network marketing.

Send Out Cards distributor in network marketing

A small investment of $99 is only needed to become a representative with Send Out Cards to get you started in the MLM business. Nonetheless, there is no inventory or product purchased required what so ever in this particular network marketing opportunity. Send Out Cards will send you by mail a presentation brochure with your starter kit. Nevertheless, you will have your own replicated company website and as well receive simple step by step instructions and product samples from the company to grow your business fast!

Obviously, Send Out Cards is a real MLM business opportunity and has been featured from Home Magazine 2 years ago back in 2009. Apparently, 97% of marketers in this industry don’t make a single penny in network marketing because of inefficient amount of duplication and offline marketing strategies that are taught from your upline in Send Out Cards is the main problem to achieve success in MLM.

Therefore, you got to stop the frequent mistakes that new distributors are doing is utilizing the old fashion marketing tactics usually works for the 3% of marketers in this industry like making a list of 100 friends and family in your warm market or approaching strangers utilizing the 3 second rule at your local Barnes and Nobles handing out brochures about your Send Out Cards business opportunity.

Utilizing attraction marketing to sponsor more reps into Send Out Cards

If you really want to be part of the 3% of marketer to achieve success in this industry, it is essential that you utilize an attraction marketing funnel to sponsor more distributors into your Send Out Cards business opportunity properly.

Therefore,  you must to stand out from the noise and become a leader that you want to be in network marketing.  If you don’t teach yourself to become a leader in multi-level marketing you will definitely fail in this industry. So, It is vital that you build a list first and bringing value to your followers that you can start building a relationship and a connection with your prospects.

Remember, People like to do business with other people! It isn’t about your company, products or compensation plan. It is critical that you learn attraction marketing then you are on your way to thrive in multi-level marketing after you have learned theses new skills in the MLM industry. Nevertheless, you become an expert in your niche that prospects will be approaching you about your Send Out Cards business opportunity.



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