Self Discipline

"Self Starter"Anyone who is a leader to start offering directions only one time is considered a self starter! They are not told what to do on what it takes to take action to run a successful network marketing business.

They will do what it takes to get the job finished on their productive daily tasks before doing anything else. 

Self Starter Are Taking Action

A self start will be networking and communicating with their prospects either offline or online. They are willing to start generating leads to get them to do a 3 way call with their sponsor without any hesitation. 

A self starter will always dream big and stay focused until they get the results they are looking for in MLM. You can easily quit in this industry that most people do! There are times it can be difficult trying to build a successful business, but never give up when your back is against the wall. A self starter will always stay in the game to WIN! The 3%ers will keep moving forward for having their vision on what type of income they want to make in network marketing.  

You simply need to start believing in yourself! You just need to have the right mindset and having the passion for the company’s products and services. People like to work with people that have confidence in themselves as a self starter than those that are lazy and negative!

Prospects Attracting A Self Starter

Those are the type of prospects that you want to attract that they will start chasing you and join your latest primary MLM biz opportunity. Are you a self starter? If YES, you will achieve success for sure in network marketing to be part of the 3%ers in MLM!

You have the potential to start leading other people as a self starter and become a great leader in network marketing. Therefore, you must make a decision that you want to learn the skills to become a leader to start influencing and attracting people in our niche! This definitely helps as a self starter to build momentum and build large teams in network marketing today!

Strong Work Ethic

In reality, some people aren’t that bright or well educated at a 4 year college. However, they tend to find their way to success in multi-level marketing. A self starter is willing to work very hard and stay self disciplined on what it takes to be a top income earner from their primary MLM biz opportunity. 

They are willing to sacrifice their time to start focusing & start duplicating a system and do a lot of marketing that is either offline or online. Nonetheless, a self starter is willing to do more that the average MLMer won’t do!

Having Your WHY That You Are Going To Cry!

It is critical to have a WHY on what it takes to overcome your obstacles in network marketing. It will keep you going and stay focused. Therefore, you will never give up!

Your why will stop you from procrastinating and just take massive action so your huge return investment in MLM will eventually payoff as a self starter. It’s  because you stayed in the game long enough to finally achieve success that 97% of marketers won’t in our industry!


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"Self Discipline"You need to stop making excuses on why you aren’t succeeding in your business that has to do with your self discipline. You need to take your business seriously and not treat it as a hobby. There are absolutely certain types of qualified people that are doing productive activities to grow their business.

Many people that are starting out, it doesn’t matter if you are involved in internet marketing or network marketing that they don’t start developing self discipline on what it takes to achieve success.

They always make a lame excuse why they aren’t making money yet in the home based business industry. To be honest with you, just ask yourself one question is your willingness to be self disciplined and take massive action to see immediate results in your business.   

Self Discipline Challenges To Thrive In Your Business

The challenges that we face as entrepreneurs is just having the motivation, desire, self discipline and your own inspiration in what it takes to thrive in your own business today. So how exactly can you do this is just simply having the proper mindset to get you to stay motivated to grow your business. You just need to believe in yourself in developing your skills to human behavioral patterns to start taking action steps to build your business.

You don’t need to be stressed out when you start developing your self discipline approach on a consistent basis to achieve your goals in what it takes not to fail but to succeed in your business as a entrepreneur. If you absolutely start having the confidence and believing in what you are pursuing you will not fail.  Also, your mission that has your own ability to get other individuals with a positive and self discipline behaviors to become that leader is simple reading personal development books and taking massive action that most people won’t do.

If anyone can succeed in a business and making a lot of money without the self discipline, Therefore anyone would be doing it. Nonetheless, In reality that isn’t true. You just need to have the self discipline qualifications on WHY you want it so bad to achieve success in your business. Most people don’t take their business seriously in this industry. You just need to do your productive tasks consistently and stop wasting your time doing unproductive things like watching television, checking your email messages, chatting with friends on Facebook or on your cellphone.                   "Self Discipline"

When you finish your productive tasks prior to do anything else, you should pat yourself on the back. It absolutely gives you to stay more motivated and staying on track and improving your self discipline that will gain momentum that will eventually find your success in your business.

Self Discipline – Just Taking One Step At A Time!

To start building a successful business is simply to solve your own problems and issues to figure out a certain way to make it work. You just need to accept that when working on your self discipline when you on your way to achieve success. You must have a high positive energy and motivation that is based on your steps on self discipline.

So, when ever you are struggling to get your business off the ground floor, it really doesn’t matter about anything else that seems that you are failing. The more that you are making mistakes and failing you are absolutely one step away to your success on any given day.

You just need to get things done on a consistent basis. In time, you will become an unstoppable entrepreneur that takes massive action that your success will start happening just simply having that self discipline on what it takes to achieve success in your business effective immediately.


Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon

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Tips On Staying Focused And Disciplined

by Danny on April 30, 2012 · 5 comments

"Disciplined"Here are several of my tips on getting disciplined and staying more focused. It is critical to at least keep your negative emotions aside. If you have to start dealing with theses emotions that absolutely become your worst enemy when it comes down for you to get disciplined.

If you stick to it on your own goals despite your troubled times that you can get over it. This helps to accomplish your goals either in life or in business.

Get Disciplined

For example, you are making a commitment to start losing some weight before the summer season. You absolutely want to set your goals on your daily exercises and have written down your workout sessions for at least 3 times per week.

There will be times that get you un-motivated to go to the gym so you can lose some weight because some type of circumstances that occurred at your job or dealing with a family situation.  When this happens and not getting disciplined because of your emotions and feeling on the tasks on working out on a consistent basis!

We are all humans but this definitely happens at some point in our lives. You just need to get disciplined and not letting your emotions get in your way to achieve your goals to get rid of the excessive weight that was a goal of yours. A lot of people are dealing with obesity, therefore lack of getting disciplined. They aren’t losing any weight but actually gaining more weight isn’t a good thing.

Avoid Pain & Get Disciplined     "Disciplined"

The best approach to start avoiding pain and negative emotions is just to face them and just simply getting over them. If you start doing that then nothing will stop you to achieve your goals. You will become more disciplined and feel better about yourself.

Second, you should develop your own appreciation on achieving your goals on your success. If you continue to get disciplined, it will definitely get a lot easier to continue on with your disciplined habits. Therefore, it is essential to set your short term goals on a consistent basis every single week.

For instances, you want to get over your fear talking to your prospects over the phone! You should start talking with at least 5 prospects on a daily basis that can be achieveable. If you do it every day then you will feel more confident when talking with people and close more sales.

Eventually, you will start talking with people on the phone up to 3-4 hours per day in the next 30-45 days. It’s a numbers game when it comes down to a home based business.  You will definitely get more prospects to join your primary MLM business opportunity.

Staying Focused And Consistent

You absolutely can start disciplining yourself on other things that can be achievable like your finances, relationships, business and other areas in your life. You just need to stay focused and consistent then your success with eventually come to you!

The last tip on getting disciplined, you should take one step at a time to start achieving your big goals. You just start doing theses baby steps, you will absolutely start achieving your goals to receive massive success. Theses small steps can certainly transform your life. Nonetheless, these steps that can be attainable just staying consistent and disciplining yourself in every area in your life!

If you start implementing theses self disciplined tips that will eventually bring you more positive energy or vibe in your life today!


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