"Regeneca"Are you wondering about the hype on Regeneca? This written blog post will give you my honest opinion on this Regeneca Review if it is really a legitimate business opportunity. As you know, not all multi-level marketing companies are created equal to start generating income in MLM. Therefore, I’m going to give the company information, products and compensation plan in the health and wellness industry.

Regeneca Review Company Information

Regeneca is a multi-level marketing company that are selling health and wellness products in their niche. It was co-founded by Adam Gilmer and Matt Nicosia back in 2009. They are not only part of the leadership management team as a company, but they are working on their own business with Regeneca as well in network marketing.

The company is located in Irvine, California. Unfortunately Regeneca is only doing business in the United States as of this writing so they can generate the highest amount of income from their efforts that they can take advantage of at the moment. Regeneca is open to expand their business outside the U.S one of these days. It is definitely a excellent opportunity to build a solid network marketing business outside of North America when the timing is right for expansion.   

The products that Regeneca produces that is relevant in the health and wellness niche. There are 4 different product the company sells. First of all there is RegenaLife. It’s a bioactive beverage. Second product is RegenaDerm for skin care. The third type of product is RegeneSlim is a weight loss management product.

The last product is RegeneRect that is being used for men that is a sexual stimulant product for males. As for the females they use a product called RegeneArousal that is producing a arousal gel. As for getting theses information on the companies products is what can you benefit from this Regeneca business opportunity?

Regeneca Business Opportunity Compensation Plan

Just like other MLM companies, Regeneca offers 7 different ways to get compensated as a rep. Actually there are 2 categories to get paid as a marketer. Under their payment plan is usually by weekly or monthly. The two types of categories are the Upfront Income and the Long-Term Income.

Let start with the Upfront Income, the choices are the Retail Income, Star Maker Bonus, Fast Start Bonus and Star Producer Pool Bonus. As for the second category is the Long-Term Income are the Check Match Income, Lifestyle Bonus and the commission through a Binary Compensation plan. Theses seven various ways that Regeneca offers to their distributors is generous to start making money right away!

Regeneca Review Conclusion

After you cautiously do your due diligence on this Regeneca Review on the internet, It is a real multi-level marketing business opportunity. It is absolutely one of the top notch health and wellness companies out there. The co-founders of Regeneca have a excellent leadership and management team that is put together with many years of experience in MLM. Nonetheless, they offer there distributors with a binary compensation plan to start profiting in the home based business industry.

The truth is that is really isn’t sufficient to succeed in Regeneca or any network marketing business opportunity. Just utilizing the old school marketing strategies from your sponsor isn’t going to cut it to grow your MLM business or else you will end up failing in your business.

I highly suggest that you start learning and applying an Attraction Marketing System to start getting high qualified MLM leads for your business.

You just simply start branding yourself so that prospects will be chasing you about your Regenca Business  Opportunity without hassling your friends and family or wasting time buying  MLM leads today!

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