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Posting On Purpose For Profit

Obviously you came across this blog post because you are a full time online marketer! You certainly want to start making money working from home. Therefore, you want your targeted audience to start reading your original content.

Wouldn’t it be awesome for anyone in the world to start reading your content that is written so you can possibly make a profit just sitting in front of the computer? Your goal is to have your own purpose whenever you start writing a piece of content. You absolutely want to get the results from that article just simply Posting On Purpose

You want to figure out who you are attracting in your niche. Nonetheless, you get them to read just once and have them ready with credit card in hand to buy from your written content. 

So What Is Actually Posting On Purpose For Profit?       

You just need to become a problem solver with your customers rather than pitching your products or services to them. You just need to think outside of box and not doing the same mistakes that other marketers are doing on the internet.

Just OFFER Value To Your Customers/ Clients:

  1. Teaching on how to generate traffic to your website
  2. Teaching Conversions
  3. Learning To Increase Sales Conversions To Get Customers To Buy From You

The questions that you need to ask yourself if your in your prospects/customers shoes!

What are you selling in your niche? What are their problems/needs that can be solved? What are their wants?

Lets say Dog Training as a example in this niche….

If people want to learn dog training, you must get information on how to train a dog, what is their favor foods, what are the best pet supplies, etc. There definitely many different ideas and tips on dog training. Nonetheless, you want to start using specific products if you are willing to train your dog properly in your niche.  You might buy a product if you want to learn the best way to train your dog! 

The Benefits From Rob Fore’s POPP!

You can start sharing your stories about your products to your readers. You can offer on how to train your dog, how to’s or ideas or tricks from information that you found recently either from a book, video or on the internet! 

From your own experience you can start sharing to your audience to start building rapport with people. This is absolutely the way to get people to know you better, like and eventually trust you in your specific niche as an expertise. They will buy from you after that relationship is built from your prospects/ clients!

Posting On Purpose

You are posting on purpose so your prospects/clients will buy from you after something that resonates with them to solve a problem after reading your article. Therefore, you must give a call to action at the end of each post to get them to purchase right away! 

So whenever you are posting on purpose, you get them to take action to buy from you or opt-in into your mailing list to continue building that relationship with you. This is why posting on purpose for profit on the internet today!

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