"The Opportunity Network"OPN Review, Aka The Opportunity Network. It’s formerly known as Unaico, a multi-level marketing company. Obviously like other MLM companies, OPN offers unique products and services to consumers as well as a compensation package when you are involved with The Opportunity Network

The Opportunity Network biz opportunity offers a FREE social networking platform with additional associated services and other product lines as well. OPN is quit different from other social networking sites that you might of heard about on the internet. You can get rewarded as affiliates for personal referrals with this unique network marketing biz opportunity!

OPN, The Opportunity Network & Site Talk

Prior for you to become an affiliate with The Opportunity Network, it is strongly recommended that you sign up with SiteTalk. It’s another free social media platform just like OPN. However, I’m not involved with this company in any way when writing this MLM blog post.  

There are advantages for being a member with SiteTalk when enrolling in with The Opportunity Network. If you are currently a member with Sitetalk in good standing then you absolutely can join OPN absolutely for FREE! 

For being part as a affiliate with the OPN biz opportunity, you will certainly can position yourself in the business opportunity downline. Thus, reserving your SPOT is forever to start making additional income streams when activated by a current member with OPN.

Once you are active as an affiliate. a member with The Opportunity Network can start taking the advantages of the OPN’s compensation plan. If you are members with both social media platforms you can get access to other products and services within the company!

OPN, The Opportunity Network And The Compensation Plan

Just like other network marketing companies The OPN Opportunity Network is utilizing the binary compensation plan to it’s members. Therefore, they are 3 different ways to get paid as a member with OPN. Obviously, the best way to be more profitable with OPN is just sponsoring reps as affiliates with The OPN Network. The other 2 ways to get compensated is simply recruiting a certain amount of affiliates with OPN as a bonus as your team grows with this great biz opportunity.

Anyone can join this biz opportunity after going through this OPN, The Opportunity Network review after doing your own due diligence. It really doesn’t matter what your background, race or education level as long as you are 18 years old to start making money with OPN.   "The Opportunity Network"

Your success in MLM is your ability to start sponsoring new affiliates into their organization. It really can be very profitable in this industry. You got to learn to start building a downline or organization that can be duplicatable based on your efforts and your teams efforts that can be well rewarded for your financial future for yourself and your family! Thus, multi-level marketing has the ability to start growing very fast if done the proper way!

Learning How To Market OPN The Opportunity Network

In the real world, it is essential on how to learn to market the OPN The Opportunity Network. If you are a newbie in network marketing, you got to learn how to sell and not pitching your latest biz opportunity. It really doesn’t matter which multi-level marketing company you are involved, the compensation plan or the products at the moment. Remember this is real people in business in network marketing.

They like to do business they like, trust and respect when building new relationships with people! Nonetheless, it is critical to start learning attraction marketing to start talking to more people about your OPN The Opportunity Network or else you will absolutely fail in this industry!

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"SiteTalk"You came across a biz opportunity with Sitetalk! Nonetheless, you are curious about this home based business after hearing about it from a close friend of yours.

It’s absolutely the best SiteTalk review that you can find online!  Before moving on with this company review, I’m not in any way involved or affiliated with this company. I’m just giving you my honest opinion if it is really a legit biz or just a scam according to other reviews on the internet.

SiteTalk Review   

SiteTalk is an OPN Company that is utilizing a social networking community platform on the internet that offers various products and services to its members. There are approximately 1 million members since it launched back in April 2011.  

 It’ s a unique platform, kinda like the popular social media network Facebook! The only difference is that anyone has the opportunity to get a piece of the pie from this global opportunity. The advantage for building this business is simply referring new members to their website to start making money to welcome them to the community!

SiteTalk Community  

As a paid member with the company, you have the opportunity to start communicating with your friends, family and your networking contacts anywhere in the world. It offers affiliates with different types of services with a generous rewards program that is rewarding it’s members in good standing with loyalty points. You can start using those to make a purchase from the SiteTalk Mall on their official website!

The company offers protection for it’s SiteTalk members with integrity. Your personal info is safeguarded from the public. All the information that belongs to a member is putting all their information on their social networking platform.

If you made the decision to cancel your membership or simply stop sharing your content, all your information, videos and photos will be removed from their site so you are no longer be part of the company’s community!

How To Enroll With SiteTalk  

Feel free to enroll as a new member with SiteTalk with no credit card required. Therefore, new users can get a free membership and a positioning from the biz opportunity model when you first register with the company. Nonetheless, if you seriously want to make money with this home based biz opportunity, you must activate your account. Activating your membership position is optional if you want to start using their products and services!

Theses loyalty points can be used to buy their products and services. SiteTalk free members must upgrade to a higher membership level to buy a package to start activating their position with the company. In addition, as a member; you can start participating in the binary compensation plan. Loyalty points can be used to upgrade to either a Bronze or Gold membership in order to get involved in the binary compensation plan.

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The Compensation Plan

As a current member with Sitetalk, You can get paid 3 different ways from the company’s binary compensation plan

1.Direct Personal Sales Commission on all personally generated sales

2.Group Business Volume

3.Matching Bonus-Paid out 7 levels deep for a percentage of commissions earned from the members downline


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