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"SEO Link Building Strategies"It’s essential to start focusing on theses SEO link building strategies in order to get organic traffic from the search engines. This off-page SEO method is vital to get exposure from your website or blog. Organic traffic is free traffic (unpaid) that is generated from the very popular search engines like Google.

Steps To Apply From Theses SEO Link Building Strategies  

You simply want to get targeted traffic keywords to start attracting your audience in your niche. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is search for specific keywords so you can start creating content. You must start doing your on-page SEO properly.    

After that is done! You must start applying theses SEO link building strategies known as off-page SEO. You are in the process to start implementing theses SEO link building strategies to increase your chances to get first page ranking on the search engines.

101 SEO Link Building Strategies Is Vital For Your Online Presence  

Your primary objective is to understand the fundamentals when learning theses SEO link building strategies to generate traffic and get your buyers to purchase your products or services from your website. It really comes down to writing content from your SEO purpose in order to get into the right direction from your proper SEO optimization.   

It’s vital to start learning and applying these off-page SEO link building strategies. It will come natural to you in order to get your content ranked high on the search engines to beat your competitors. 

You might have a very impressive blog or website on the internet. It really doesn’t mean a thing if your website can’t be found and have lack of organic traffic to your site. You certainly can accomplish this by creating high quality backlinks to your site when applying theses SEO link building strategies to get your content ranked on search engines on Google. 

You must start following the properly Google guidelines and not over stuffing your keywords in your content. In addition, Google will certainly consider the actual quality of the backlinks of a website or blog as well as the actual quality of the backlinks. You start gathering together these links when you are applying these SEO link building strategies.  

"SEO Content Strategies"

Using Article Directories  From Theses SEO Link Building Strategies

As a reminder, a blog or website must need a few quality backlinks in order to get it ranked high in the search engines. You can figure out the actual quality of the backlinks is simply checking out the websites PR score. (Page Rank) The higher the PR score the better for your website.  

There are a lot of different article directories that are considered a high PR backlinks such as EzineArticles or Squidoo. You can sign up as a member for free from theses article directories and start posting on purpose your content. This helps to increase your organic traffic to your website or blog.  

Every time you are posting on purpose your content from any high PR article directories, you are allowed to include backlinks as well. Never forget, it is vital to post on purpose your content that is high quality that is free of grammar errors from theses SEO link building strategies.    

"SEO Link Building Strategies"

Automated SEO Tools To Take Advantage Of As A Marketer 

If you have no prior experience as an internet marker, it’s essential to know there are many different tools and SEO link building strategies that you can learn and use. If you take the time to learn theses tools and start implementing theses SEO link building strategies so you can beat your competitors if done properly. 

You won’t get overwhelmed when learning theses SEO link building strategies that you can start outsourcing to others to do the work for you. Just imagine getting your backlinks done for you on autopilot to get your content ranked almost immediately when generating organic traffic on the internet for free! 

As a side note, you always should be writing high quality content to your audience as an expert in your niche. In a way people will be very interested in reading and commenting on your blog or website. Nevertheless, you will get repeated viewers and generate traffic to your website or blog on what you have to offer.

They will eventually buy a product or service from your site. After you completely understand the fundamentals from theses off-page SEO link building strategies. 


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SEO Link Building Strategies






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"Social Monkee"There is a great backlinking tool called Social Monkee. I have been using this tool for the past 9 months. It is critical to start implementing the off page SEO strategies to have any chance for your blog posts or articles to get on the first page in the search engines.  If you don’t already know what SEO stands for it is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization.

The main reason you want to start using Social Monkee as one of your backlinking tools, so the search engines can start indexing and crawling your content on a regular basis.

Social Monkee also definitely helps get your pages or posts get better search engine optimization for your targeted “money keywords”. The more backlinks you have from your posts, there is a good chance your content will get on the first page either on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Obviously there are a lot of junk backlinking tools that is complete waste of your time and money. If you want to do other money making activities other than doing the off page SEO, you could pay someone to do the time consuming backlinking for you. The best sources for outsourcing is either from Odesk or Fiverr!

Social Monkee is affordable for anyone can spend rather than spending those expensive SEO backlinking tools. Social Monkee is simple to use that you do it yourself that offers you instance backlinks to your post from 25 unique backlinks on a daily basis for FREE!

Social Monkee Offers The Highest Quality Backlinks

All the links are unique C-Class IP addresses and in addition to the domain names. You have the potential to start building 25 unique backlinks on a daily basis. So, you are really getting 175 backlinks per week, 750 every month.

If you want to get even more backlink juice to your post is upgrading your account and the capability to get 100 unique backlinks 3x per day! Therefore, you are getting 2,100 backlinks every week, that’s 9,000 backlinks every month.

You can upgrade to a Premium Account for free without spending a DIME! You just need to refer 12 people to Social Monkee and your account will automatically get an upgrade. If you really don’t want to wait, you can upgrade it for a low fee!

Using Social Monkee is simple to use and just submitting your post in less than 2 minutes. If you use a Firefox plugin, you absolutely can do it a lot quicker! It allows to "Social Monkee"submit your posts up to 100 sites with just a click of a mouse.

As a member with a Social Monkee Premium Account, you can get access to the RSS feeds and link reports as well. It is definitely a good way to keep track of your backlinks and get them indexed quickly. So submitting your RSS feed to RSS submitters is vital in building backlinks.

Social Monkee Results!

If you start using Social Monkee, it will vary with your own results on utilizing this Off page SEO backlinking tool. I just use the Premium Account with other backlinking tools that I use. The actual quality backlinks using Social Monkee that definitely has great backlinking juice in my opinion.

So just adding Social Monkee is MUST to start generating more backlinks to your posts. I strongly recommend on using this backlinking tool today if you are a serious internet marketer!

What the heck are you waiting for? You can become a member with Social Monkee for FREE while it is still in the market. It won’t last forever! Nonetheless, you can check out my blog post on theses blogging tips here and other marketing strategies on SEO! 


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"Off Page SEO"Other than from SEO strategies that are on page, it is essential to start focusing on off page techniques to increase your chances to get your content ranked. A lot of newbies as  a Internet marketer, this definition might be confusing to them at first, but in reality, it’s not. Therefore, there are a few vital things that you must focus on when it comes to off page SEO that will be explained from this blog post!

Off Page SEO Methods

Backlinks is the most critical factor on off page SEO. You have to realize it is the one reason why you want your blog or website to get fully optimized for the search engines. The search engines, like Google for instances that backlinks are essential when getting top ranking for your competing keywords in your niche. If you see other blogs or websites in your niche that is ranked higher than your sites.

It’s most likely thoses sites have more backlinks that is pointing back to there site than you do. So getting the best results on your blog or website is staying focused, continuously doing your daily tasks and continuing to build up a number of links you have over time that looks natural. You should think that the acquisition of targeted backlinks is important when it comes to theses off page SEO strategies.

Other Off Page SEO Key Factors

Another key factor on SEO is your site map. It has to do with your anchor text that contains your “Money Keywords”. Therefore, you certainly want the search engine spiders to find all the pages on your site without any problems, and your site map makes this possible.

With a site map, the search engines can view all your content on your site and the capability to get ranked on the search engines. I highly recommend that you create one on your site whenever you got the time to do it.

SEO experts differ on the subject on how big your site is that will determine your search engine ranking based on your off page SEO efforts. It’s absolutely a great possibility to rank high from either small or larger sites if you have unique content that is high quality content on your blog or website. 

Every niche, and even websites are kinda different, so you should start testing things on your own from theses off page SEO factors. If you are determined to get your content ranked but smaller sites can be quit difficult that will get little results.

However, larger sites with more content and higher authority sites will increase your chances to get instant results from your off page SEO strategies. As a internet marketer, the best way to figure out on what is working on off page SEO is simply doing a test if you can get results. You absolutely want to check out Article Marketing Robot and ABC3K to learn more about off page SEO techniques.

Paying A Close Attention on Link Building "Off Page SEO"

It’s critical that you should pay close attention to the types of sites you are linking to and note if their niche is the same as your own. Just linking to sites with niches that is similar to yours is always more effective than linking to unrelated sites on your niche. This works on doing your proper off page SEO strategy and gives the search engines on what they are looking for. 

When your blog isn’t relevant to your own site’s theme, then obviously it won’t be given as much importance as it should get in the first place. If you certainly want to get the best off page SEO based from your link building efforts that you should go after links with similar themes.

Last but not the least, make sure that all the sites that you’re linking to are legitimate and aren’t spammy at all.  Search engines are very specific about spammy looking websites and getting a backlink from such a site will make your website look bad. Therefore your content won’t get ranked.  It’s essential to have good neighbors, especially when it comes to off page SEO. 

Every single website that your linking to shouldn’t not only be relevant to your own site, but is should be reputed and genuine; a website that helps your readers or followers rather than scamming them. Nonetheless, there other factors to focus on with search engine optimization. 

If you want to get the best results with your efforts on off page SEO, start implementing on what you’ve learned here!



"Google Penguin Update"Google Algorithm rolled out a new update known as Google Penguin update about a month later after the Google Panda update. A odd name don’t you think? It occurred on April 24, 2012. A lot of sites got effected that are breaking the Google Webmaster guidelines.

In addition, according to Google are checking websites that claim now are spammy. Many of the blogs and businesses took a hit for violating the Googles rules from theses recent changes from this Google Penguin update.

There are various reasons why thousands of websites got the hit from the recent Google Penguin update. Nonetheless, if are reading this blog post, you don’t need to worry. I’m going to offer you theses SEO Tips on what you need to do that is broke that can be fixed right away. You absolutely can recover from the recent changes from the Google Penguin update right now!

Google Penguin Update 

If you don’t know what the changes were made from the Google Penguin update. It has to do with keyword stuffing and producing duplicate anchor text for your specific “money keyword”. This is the primary reason why your site got a hit that generated less traffic and no longer ranked in the search engines in Google. In addition from the Google Penguin update from various spam related activities or sites. 

The new algorithm changes from this Google Penguin update were websites that are breaking the Google guidelines. Therefore, websites were illegally link building practices are practically banned from the server. It was only targeting off-page SEO strategies that is relevant to popular link building to your site from theses Google Penguin update changes. 

However, this recent Google Penguin update that has the ability from theses algorithm changes to point out web spam (Also known as Search Engine Poisoning). After this Google Penguin update occurred, literally thousands of sites or businesses took a hit. Therefore, there sites were either lower in rank in the search engines or no longer can be found in Google. 

"Google Penguin Update"Affected By The Recent Google Penguin Update 

The different types of link building strategies took a hard hit from the Google Penguin update. It was including poor quality backlinks which is gathered with high quality web pages.

Building backlinks were never illegal in the first place from different web pages that were being used and were following this the proper way. It was essential to keep maintaining fully optimization sites on the search engines to eliminate such web spam on the internet. 

Also, various sites were not diversifying their anchor text that was over optimized from SEO purposes from theses algorithm changes.  For example on anchor diversity not too long ago that I learned from Rob Fore: MLM Tips, Tips in MLM, Network Marketing Tips. Also, you should include Click Here, Visit, Check out my blog, Look, etc.. See the point here?

Future Google Algorithm Updates

Since Google always makes the algorithm updates on a yearly basis. It is critical that you never ever over optimize your website or else your site won’t be seen in the search engines.  Thus, It can potential create more damage than good from your online presence from your site. So, I highly recommend for you to stick with legit SEO strategies and tools that works. You absolutely don’t want to get a penalty from Google! 

"Google Penguin Update"

This will definitely help in the long run to increase your chances on your site NOT to take a hit from the next algorithm changes like the Google Penguin update years to come! Always give importance on quality link building juice. Quantity of link building really doesn’t mean a thing.

However, you always need to create links with those sites which is more recognized and respected in the search engines from Google! You must start integrating with the social media networking sites to share, commenting or like your blog post. Google loves those and increases your chances to get your content ranked without any penalty!

So you must get more shares, comments and likes from social media networking sites like for instance: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and the new social media platform Pinterest. This will absolutely help you to avoid getting a hit from either the Google Panda or Google Penguin update later on!

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