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Residual IncomeRight now I want to offer something to my followers that read my blog posts, I absolutely believe it isn’t that hard to start building residual income in network marketing.

Let go over what is exactly the definition of residual income? It’s based on “income that continues to be generated after the initial effort” for using your time and money when earning commission on a monthly basis.

Residual Income In Network Marketing

Only a few people claim that Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is a great way to start generating residual income in the home based business industry. The industry has changed people’s lives that created more millionaires than any other type of industry.  

If you didn’t know already in direct sales that generated over billion dollars in sales annually. Only about 3% of people that are pursuing a career in MLM are making a good living.

If you want to start making residual income in the network marketing industry, as a business owner you must develop a large organization is to start recruiting reps of hundreds or thousands of people. It can be difficult to sponsor reps into your business opportunity. Therefore most people quit before getting started in this industry.

Internet Marketing Training To Build Residual Income

There are marketing systems that you can take advantage that offer internet marketing training. This increase your chances to start building your primary MLM biz opportunity and gaining residual income. Therefore, generating leads to your target market is very important in order to grow a successful business in Multi-level Marketing.

Residual IncomeIn addition, you can learn how to create multiple streams of income to start making money from affiliated programs and tools that is necessary for network marketers.

You can be successful in direct sales when you start learning new skills on internet marketing. It can be overwhelming and not easy when you are starting out. 

These training on internet marketing existed since the invention of the internet. It’s absolutely a great challenge that you can overcome when trying to make residual income and start growing a thriving business in the MLM industry. 

Facing Challenges In Network Marketing 

However, these challenges are relevant to the old school marketing strategies when you are getting charged every month on your reorders or autoship requirements when you first joined a business in networking.  Therefore, you want to make residual income as soon as possible in order to cover the monthly expenses.

Now, if you have the confidence and have the skill sets to start generating hundreds of leads on autopilot. It really doesn’t matter what your primary MLM business opportunity is. You absolutely can start making ton of money even though it doesn’t last long or start producing residual income.

If you really start focusing on helping others and yourself than you absolutely can create residual income than your primary business or company is vital. However, the business model of the primary asset you are working really hard need’s to be more focused on the needs of American’s during the hard economic times today!

The prices that are necessary to be very competitive is vital within your competitors and the value of your company’s product has to offer some value. In addition, the products must be consumable that the middle class are willing to buy every single month regardless of the market conditions in this world.  Residual Income

You want your business model when it comes down to reorders that has to be high as possible. Therefore, your primary company you are involved must meet the requirements on a monthly basis to start developing residual income when signing up customers consistently.

The best way to learn in the MLM industry is producing residual income is to find an opportunity that is reasonable that has the highest customer reorder rates.

With this type of business model in the network marketing industry, you potentially can create on going residual income instantly.

When you get your customers to start reordering consumable products, it means it has some value that is offered, prices are reasonable and customers are sticking with a product they enjoy!

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Residual Income


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Residual Income


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"Top MLM Earners"There is a failure rate of 97% in network marketing, therefore only 3% of the Top MLM Earners are setting a part from the crowd in this industry. How the heck are the 3 percenters achieve success on building a large downline?  Nonetheless, the rest of the marketers continue to struggle to start sponsoring more than one rep into network marketing.

Top MLM Earners

Thus, I will offer you the secrets on what exactly the Top MLM Earners are doing to succeed in a home based business today!

First of all, The Top MLM Earners that are separating from the crowd from other marketers in our industry is simply branding yourself, marketing and using a lead generation system. Nonetheless, the Top MLM Earners will indeed be one of the top producers in network marketing.  

"Top MLM Eaners"They understand this industry because you must meet new people on a consistent basis if you want to build a large downline in your organization. It’s vital to start using a system to generate leads is definitely a challenge for many MLMer’s. This is how they leverage the internet to generate leads and sponsor reps into their primary MLM business opportunity.

Second, the Top MLM Earners are action takers. They are always implementing on what they learned. Whenever a Top MLM Earner learns new marketing strategies whether it is offline or online, they just do it until they start getting the results they are looking for in network marketing.

Top MLM Earners Are Action Takers!

Obviously, this is the biggest challenge the Top MLM Earners are doing that rest of the marketers aren’t in network marketing right now! A lot of marketers aren’t taking action because lack of motivation and discipline that have a short span from their MLM career. Nonetheless, they don’t want it bad enough to succeed in this industry.

There are also many marketers in our niche that are taking massive action, but most aren’t keeping the momentum going to succeed in MLM. 

It takes a lot of determination and work to start seeing results in a multi-level marketing business, but most people have a broke mindset and end up just going back to their JOB. The Top MLM Earners will never QUIT and figure out away to achieve success no matter what!   "Top MLM Earners"

Lastly, The Top MLM Earners know how to attract people towards their prospects rather than chasing or hassling them. They worked hard on themselves as leaders and branding themselves to get prospects attracted to you. Many network marketers on the internet are just spamming links to their business opportunity to strangers they don’t know like on Facebook. 

Offering Value As A Leader In Network Marketing

The Top MLM Earners are just offering value to their prospects. They aren’t keeping their success a secret. However, they are sharing the value to as many people as possible. If you start learning and implementing this very effective and powerful marketing strategy and start teaching prospects on how to achieve success in network marketing then you stand out from the competition in our industry.

These are the strategies that you must learn if you absolutely want to become one of those Top MLM Earners in network marketing. However, there are many things they have in common as top producers.  It is critical that you start learning to generate leads and branding yourself in the market place as a leader by taking action and just offer value to other prospects. If done properly, it is a guarantee that you have the potential to become one of those Top MLM Earners today!

There are many Top MLM Earners using the power of the Internet to build their business. If you want to become one of the them then check out all of the secret strategies the top producers use at

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Obviously, You stumbled across this TelexFree review, It’s because you want to get more information about this telecommunication service.

Before moving forward on this biz opp with this telecommunication company, I’m not involved or affiliated with this company in anyway. What I’m going to cover is the products, signing up as an affiliate and  the compensation plan with TelexFree.

TelexFree Telecommunication Service

TelexFree is a multi-level marketing company that launched back in Brazil in January 2012 of last year. The services they offer to it’s affiliates and consumers is a telephone service. You have the potential to earn commission when referring others to the biz opp. You can just simply start publishing advertisements on the web.

It’s very affordable that anyone can use if are making calls within Brazil, Canada and the United States for only $49.99 per month. Using the TelexFree services you can start making unlimited calls either from landlines or cellphones for using a TelexFree phone service application.

How To Sign Up As An Affiliate With TelexFree

TelexFree members are required to pay $299.00 on a yearly basis for each membership position, called an ‘’AdCentral’’.

Each member may have up to five accounts, or an ‘’AdCentral Family Membership’’, for an annual cost of $1,375.00. 

The 5 memberships may be purchased in a lump sum or over time. 

TelexFree AdCentral Members are required to publish at least a minimum of 1 preselected advertisement per day to the free classified ad sites on the internet.

Compensation Plan

As an affiliate with TelexFree, you can start earning commissions for each sale of their 99TelexFree subscriptions and the publishing advertisements on the internet. In addition, you can earn $200 for recruiting new TelexFree members that purchase an AdCentral membership and $100 for recruiting a new member that is purchasing an AdCentral Family Membership.

TelexFree utilizes the binary compensation plan to it’s affiliates when sponsoring new members and utilizes a 5×5 matrix compensation plan for making sales for their 99TelexFree plan for using their telephone services that is very affordable.

TelexFree is a legit biz opp. You can make money with this company starting today if you are interest in joining. You simply start selling memberships and you can get your money back quickly if you are great sponsoring reps in the biz opp is a plus…..

If you are willing to learn how to market your business on the internet so you can start selling those types of products or services and start generating income consistently.

I can show you the way to sponsor reps into TelexFree or any biz opp by simply generating traffic and getting  leads so you can increase your sales. Just click here or the banner below for more info!


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Danny Yoon

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"Marketing Skills"You absolutely can start implementing the old school marketing strategies from your sponsor in MLM, you need to start learning and applying from your marketing skills as a  internet marketer!

Internet Marketing Skills

From the old school marketing techniques in MLM, you must start mastering theses vital marketing skills offline like prospecting, handling objections, presentation skills, listening skills, learning leadership skills and time management.

Many of theses network marketing companies offer great training to their reps so you can start learning theses skills from your upline!

It is no different when applying theses marketing skills on the internet. It is very important to start learning from these marketing skills mentioned above. If you seriously want to start implementing theses marketing skills, you will be part of the 3%ers to build a thriving business in MLM or in internet marketing. Nevertheless, you definitely can start growing a large organization or downline in your team in network marketing.

You got have those presentations skills when you are presenting your biz opportunity through webinars or from Google Hangouts. You got to start listening carefully when it really comes down for your prospects to join in your primary MLM biz opportunity. This helps on your ability to handle their objections that will automatic do the selling for you!

You absolutely want to learn and apply theses marketing skills if want to learn on how to generate leads online. Nevertheless, if you want to start generating leads, you got to have the marketing skills on how to create your own lead capture page and have your own self-hosted blog on WordPress!

In addition, you got to learn how to set up your own follow-up emails with a autoresponder. This is a automated process so they deliver theses emails to your prospects. These are the basic tools you must learn that can be easily setup and running to grow your business!  "Marketing Skills"

Marketing Skills You Must Learn Online

The two critical marketing skills you must learn and master is creating original content and start promoting your content on the internet. You obviously want to start writing content on the topic of your choice.

If you hate writing, you may want to create a video instead! You start outsourcing your content to ghost writers. You can find writers either at Odesk or on Fiverr

You also must master the skill in copywriting as well. If you do master copywriting, you can start earning more money and have prospects chasing after you and may join your primary MLM biz opportunity!

To start promoting your blog posts or articles, you must learn at least one marketing skill from one of those effective internet marketing strategies. There are a few effective internet marketing techniques such as article writing, blogging daily, video marketing, social networking and bookmarking, etc. Your prospects will eventually find your content when it goes viral online when your promoting your content!

Second marketing skill you must learn is search engine optimization (SEO), if you really want your content to be found on the first page on Google. You must do your proper keyword research and implementing the on-page and off-page SEO correctly. Most people are doing it wrong!  Nevertheless, there is less competition for you. You will increase your chances to get your content ranked high in the search engines for sure!

Can you really learn theses skills from your sponsor? Most likely NOT ! They are still utilizing the old school MLM marketing strategies when trying to grow a business in network marketing. Many of them aren’t taking advantage of the internet marketing techniques to grow their primary MLM biz opp. Wouldn’t it be great to start learning theses internet marketing skills right now?    "Marketing Skills"

You must learn and master these internet marketing skills that have the experience in MLM internet marketing for those that are succeeding to build a MLM empire using the internet. Nevertheless, there is a lot of training resources online that are teaching people theses internet network marketing skills!

If you really want to thrive for in MLM to build a business online, it is very important to learn these skills from people who can teach you these marketing skills. Your upline most likely doesn’t have any skills from theses internet marketing strategies. Therefore, your sponsor doesn’t teach these methods to their team in MLM.

There is nothing wrong with the old school marketing techniques. If you start applying theses marketing skills and internet marketing strategies will definitely increase your chances for success in network marketing!


To learn more about mlm internet network marketing skills, click here to watch free 7-Part Video Training Series.


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