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Network Marketing VT Relaunch

by Danny on September 10, 2012 · 0 comments

"Network Marketing VT"On a Friday afternoon on Sept. 7 2012 that happened a few days ago, Network Marketing VT is currently relaunching there affiliate marketing program. If you were on the fence on joining Network MarketingVT in the past, either because they had payment issuses or you weren’t willing to give up your first 3 sales. 

Network Marketing VT Relaunch Excitment

This isn’t the case ANYMORE….You absolutely want to take a look again. Maybe it is the first time you are hearing about Network Marketing VT. It’s not a start up and has been around for 8 months now as of this writing!!!!   

Not only NMVT is relaunching, there are completely revamping there corporate site as well. In addition, Network Marketing VT is making major changes to the compensation plan as well. How cool is that? 

New momentum is gaining with NMVT, thanks to the CEO of the company Jason Spurlock.  I’m one of the original founders with NMVT since the first week in Feb of this year. You can check out the original blog post that I wrote about Network Marketing VT. 

This is just an update on what is going on with Network Marketing VT….

Originally, it was a one time fee of $98 to become a member with Network Marketing VT. In addition, the cost of $19.99/monthly admin fee. So whenever you made a sale, you would start earning 100% commissions of $98 after passing up your first 3 sales to get qualified. There was no monthly residual income but the commissions were awesome at the time when it came into my PayPal account daily.

Starting today…the program is going to be $98/month. Whenever you make a sale, you are making $98 PER MONTH residual income for your business. There compensation plan is a 1 up reverse comp plan.  It’s NO LONGER A ONE TIME DEAL! This is absolutely a NO BRAINER! Just one sale, you are breaking even! "Network Marketing VT"

You can sign up for a FREE trial for 14 days than your credit card will be charged for $98 bucks after 14 days. Just sign up today and start promoting Network Marketing VT and you can break even within the next 2 weeks! 

The original compensation plan, you had to “PASS UP” your first 3 sales with no residual income. You just need to give up your second sale with NMVT! That’s all you need to know for NOW!

It’s SO freaking EASY to enroll a new member with this great community with Network Marketing VT. It will definitely cover your $98/monthly fee that can change your life FINANCIALLY!

WHO CARES if you are spending $98/month really doesn’t matter at ALL! What matters is HOW MUCH RESIDUAL INCOME you can make every month!  You want to spend more time with friends and family rather than sitting at a cubicle at a corporate America job that you hate!

If this is the first time hearing about Network Marketing VT! They have daily wake up to success calls Mon-Thurs 11:30am ET/8:30am PT. Also webinars 2x a week: Tue nights is personal development training , Thurs on marketing and lead generation. Network Marketing VT offers higher tier training for a lower price. I promise you can’t get this anywhere else on the internet!


PS: If you are already in a primary MLM biz opportunity….that’s alright! This will absolutely help you to get the best training and marketing to increase your chances for success.

PSS: NMVT system is hands down absolutely worth more than $98 that you can break even easily!  You can start being part of the 3% in MLM! Click Here to get started with Network Marketing VT right NOW!