MyFunLifeMyFunLife is a legitimate home based business opportunity. You came across this blog post if this is the perfect opportunity for you or not.

The information that I’m going to cover from this MyFunLife Review is the history of the company, the opportunity and the compensation plan. In addition, learning on what it takes  for you to achieve success in network marketing today.

Review Of MyFunLife  

Prior to moving forward with this review of MyFunLife, I’m not involved or a rep in any way with this company. I have written tons of MLM reviews in the past on the internet. Therefore, you must do your due diligence if this company is for real if you seriously want to build a biz as a rep with MyFunLife.    

History and Products of MyFunLife  

On March 2013 Dan Edwards founded the company who serves as the chairman of the board and CEO as well.  He has over 26 years of experience in the multi-level marketing industry. They are a network marketing travel niche that is operated in the state of Idaho in Coeur d’Alene. What MyFunLife offers to it’s customers are offering lifestyle products, starting out with travel. 

MyFunLife’s CHA-CHING booking engines that works with one of the top travel search engines. This helps for members to choice the best deals they can get on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and a lot more in the travel niche. In addition, MyFunLife members can earn cash back on personal travel and get paid when your friends and family book from the CHA-CHING booking engine.  

The company MyFunLife tends to take advantage to start buying in bulk in order to provide exclusive vacation packages known to be called as FunTrips at a discounted price as where non-Members would pay a lot more. MyFunLife members can also get access to FunCondo’s, luxury condos from their selected destinations at resorts at a discounted rate for it’s members. If you are interested to become a member with MyFunlife is very affordable for only $21 bucks on a monthly basis. 

The Compensation Plan  

The best part of this opportunity has to do with the MyFunLife compensation plan. The company is currently utilizing the 3×10 matrix comp plan. However, most matrix programs online will go out of business less than a year. This travel business opportunity seems to be different than the ones I heard about in the past.

The reasons why! It’s because the company in addition have a Coded Bonus & Matching Check Feature that will offer some great income streams that will add the residual matrix income to the mix from this network marketing biz opportunity.


How To Succeed With MyFunLife  

If you seriously want to succeed with MyFunLife, you really shouldn’t be learning and applying the traditional way  from your upline to market the biz opportunity. In reality, 97% of people that get involved in MLM will fail and quit the industry because they couldn’t sponsor anyone into MyFunLife.

Since you really want to get off  to a fast start and increase your chances for success with this company, you want to learn some strategies to build a MLM business online rather than offline. If you are willing to do the work learning these methods to get people to join your My FunLife biz opportunity without ever talking to your friends and family or approaching strangers at your local Star Bucks.

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