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"LifeVantage"You came across this blog post on theses LifeVantage reviews. There niche is promoting a variety of anti-aging products in the health and wellness industry. Prior on pursuing this business opportunity, you must do your due diligence if LifeVantage is really a legit network marketing business opportunity.

What I’m going to cover from this article is the company, products and the compensation plan so you can absolutely get a better idea on the company.

LifeVantage Corporate Overview

The company currently has 2 corporate offices. One is located in Utah and the other is in California. LifeVantage is created 8 years ago in 2003. The types of products they are marketing to their target audience is high quality anti-aging products. Also they offering a fantastic income producing MLM business opportunity to driven entrepreneurs.   

Two years later in 2005, they made a major breakthrough in their niche on anti-aging that the company discovered with Protandim. It’s a rare scientific study that is discovered in this industry. According to the Life Vantage corporate website, it is the most powerful anti-aging formula right now. They state that it has the capability to start fighting against free radical along with with theses astounding anti-oxidant boosters in the health and wellness industry.

LifeVantage Corporate Product Lines

As for these products that is concerned in the marketplace. The 2 main products LifeVantage sells is a product called Protandim. It is created because the anti-aging products has the potential to avoid 1 million free radical molecules per second. It took well over 40 years to get this product created. The product was features on the news on ABC, NBC, PBS and WSJ(Wall Street Journal). After extensive scientific research and endorsement that the anti-aging product Protandim has benefits and encounters oxidative stress in your genes.

The second product is True Science Anti-Aging Cream. It has some of the same formulas in Protandim. How is it being used externally? LiveVantage states the disappearing of wrinkles and providing your skin an even and beautiful look that makes you feel younger.   "LiveVantage"

That said, both of these high quality anti-aging products has done extensive amount of scientific research. You can definitely go to the LifeVantage website that you’ll able to go over the company’s clinical reports and legit third party LifeVantages reviews that there is testimonies on their products and the anti-aging formulas and ingredients as well.

LifeVantage Business Opportunity Compensation Plan

Let’s now go over a brief overview on the LifeVantage compensation plan. If you considering in signing up as a distributor, you will need to pay a small start up fee for $600 to get started. There is also a monthly requirements to get on the auto ship programs in order to get paid. Just like many of the network marketing company’s, there is various ways to get compensated as a marketer with LifeVantage.

One of thoses that includes Retail Sales, Long Term Sales and monthly residual income for building an effective money making downline in your organization. In addition, LifeVantage provides the top income producers with approximately 20,000 shares of the company’ stock based on your efforts and the compensation level that you are on.

LifeVantage does provide there reps a generous compensation plan with incentives. After going theses LifeVantage Reviews online, it is a legitimate business opportunity for the right individual. So this specific MLM company can definitely be profitable if you are serious in building a successful LifeVantage business opportunity.

LifeVantage Review Conclusion

By me stating which the compensation plan is very normal that isn’t a bad thing. LifeVantage, after eight plus years in a business opportunity, has identified themselves not to be considered a pyramid scheme. A lot of individuals generated a lot of income with the MLM comp plan business model that is similar to a person. The main concept is knowing the best way to market the business properly.

The organization, along with your sponsor,will probably have created a listing of family members and friends to the MLM business opportunity. Although you could receive a handful of sign-ups, does one have MLM marketing top income producers  from your friends and family? Probably a slim chance of that happening!

In case you do, you may do alright! In case you usually do not, you need to obtain and learn other marketing strategies to start marketing your primary business opportunity, if you hope to stop struggling and getting over the MLM Hype!

A lot of the ambitious MLM marketers are online that they are currently market their home business opportunity. Why is that? The lowering cost of advertising(MLM Leads, Flyers, Direct Mail, etc.) with a much larger targeted audience. In addition, you can get millions of people in front of your LifeVantage business opportunity presentation quickly in network marketing today!



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