Laws Of Attraction

"80 20 rule"My thoughts on the 80 20 rule to achieve success in MLM


It has to do with the law of attraction that is part of the game that is applied to the rules in the network marketing industry. What I am talking about is the 80 20 rule in MLM that can be implemented into your business to increase your chances of success in network marketing and doing more productive things to grow your business.

What are the exact results that are being applied from the 80 20 rule that the expectations can come from anything in your MLM business. So, if you don’t know about the rules that has to with 80% of your results and 20% is from your work productivity. In reality, less than 10% of marketers that apply these rules.  

Therefore, it is critical to take advantage of the 80 20 rule because it will keep you to stay focused and consistent no matter what until you achieve massive success in your primary network marketing opportunity. The rules can also be applied towards your written goals that can be put into action. Nonetheless these rules is created to be utilized on a daily basis in your business.

Here is a written 80 20 rule list that I have listed for your own productive for your weekly task in network marketing:

Time Management Productivity

I encourage to go over your network marketing business plan, objectives and your written goals that can be implemented to manage your time.

Doing your what to do daily task list

Taking action immediately in what exactly you want to do in your network marketing opportunity. These rules are applied as well to figure out which tasks produce the biggest benefits in your business to grow your organization in MLM

Your customers or prospects

You can apply these rules from your products or service that you are  selling to your customers. Also you must figure out your best prospects and customers and it is essential to create massive results for your network marketing business.

The reason why 80 20 rule works

Most marketers are confused on the 80 20 rule and don’t quit understand the concepts on laws of attraction.  Therefore, as entrepreneurs we absolutely need to increase our understands on these rules so you can feel more relaxed with the confidence with the concepts that can be applied from the laws of attraction. If you seen the movie “The Secret” than you will have a better understanding about the 80 20 rule and the principals of these laws than most people in this industry.  I highly recommend on watching the “The Secret” if haven’t done already."80 20 rule"

So what exactly that is happening that put your own “words” into “action” that takes a lot of confidence and energy in yourself in the direction that you want to go in your network marketing business. Therefore, The 80 20 rule causes ripple effect and the causes in your business if you’re going to thrive or fail in MLM.

I would highly recommend on implementing on the 80 20 rule to achieve massive success

If you utilized the concepts from the 80 20 rule in MLM, you will absolutely get better results and more focused in the direction that you want to go in order to achieve success. Therefore, you’re business will explode with a growing downline in the types of results that you absolutely can get just by simply taking action today. It is a guarantee your life will be much improved and get all the things that you always wanted just by following the 80 20 rule into your network marketing business immediately.



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