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"Jeunesse Review"You made the decision to take the time to take a look at this Jeunesse Review. You are thinking about joining this anti-aging product business opportunity in the health and wellness niche. So you want to become a distributor with Jeunesse after cautiously doing your due diligence.

What I will cover from this Jeunesse Review is the company, products and the compensation plan. This will definitely help if this is the right home based business opportunity for you or not.  Before going an further on this article, I am not a representative with Jeunesse. I’m just giving a 3rd party MLM Review I usually write on network marketing companies.

Jeunesse Review On this MLM Company

This particular MLM Company that is promoting nutritional and anti-aging skin care products. So what does the name Jeunesse actual come from. It’s a French word which means “Youth”.  The founders of the company are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis that they certainly believe on their products is truly founded on the fountain of youth.   

The company is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. They both have done their due diligence on stem cell therapy research and this is how Juenesse is founded  in utilizing the multi-level marketing business model. That said, Ray and Lewis have well over 2 decades of experience in network marketing and the various accomplishments is creating 15 millionaires in the home based business industry.

Jeunesse Products

There are 3 flagship products from this Jeunesse Review the company promotes:

1.Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum– It is produced to restore the luminosity, firmness and smoothness in the human skin.

2. Reserve-The ability to increase your metabolism, increasing digestive and function support.

3. Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex– Instant 24 skin hydration that allows quickly into the skin in order to form a natural moisturizing obstacles.

If you really want to start marketing theses products, I highly recommend that you try using theses products yourself. You want to give it a try first because you want to figure out if you really believe and have the passion for theses Jeunesse products. This will definitely help to get gain more prospects and gain more distributors from this Jeunesse Review.

"Jeunesse Review"


Jeunesse Comp Plan and Business Opportunity

Anyone can started on Jeuness for an affordable investment for just either $29.95 or $19.95 per month. The business starter kit comes with a replicated website with a company backoffice. If you are interest in purchasing their products for someone that signed up as a distributor that you can definitely start handing out as example purposes only. The packages that usually range from $199 to $1724.

There is 6 different way to get compensated as a rep with Jeunesse. Just like other MLM companies you get paid from Retail Sales, New Customer Acquistion Bonus, Team Volume Commissions, Leadership Matching Bonus, Customer Acquistion Incentives and the last one is the Leadership Bonus Pool. You can get more information about the Comp Plan from the Jeunesse corporate website that is certainly generous in generating income from this business opportunity.

Is This Jeunesse Review A Legit Home Based Business Opportunity?

In todays 21st century, the aging baby boomers are open to stay a lot younger. Nonetheless, It is absolutely a great opportunity for network marketing companies in the health and wellness niche to thrive in a business. Because there is a BOOM in this niche, you obviously making the right decision. That said, from this Jeunesse Review that has great leaderships and products.

Even though, it isn’t a guarantee that you will achieve success after reading this Jeunesse Review. It really doesn’t matter about the company, products or the compensation plan.  It is essential on learning on how to sell.

Therefore, after hassling your friends and family (Warm Market), I highly recommend in utilizing an Attraction Marketing System that definitely helps to brand yourself in the market place.

If you start implementing this system you will start generating leads, attract prospects and make more money when people say NO to your primary MLM Business Opportunity. It is critical to start learning and applying both offline and online marketing techniques that will help after going through this Jeunesse Review to explode your business today!



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