"Positive Influence"The other night I was on a MLSP webinar that the specific topic was on attracting positive influence! Ryan Angelo was the guest speaker on this particular Thursday night. Therefore, I decided to write this article on this subject on positive influence.

Positive Influence That Can Have An Effect In Your Life

If you want to surround yourself with positive influence, you got to be around with liked minded individuals with positive energy. Nonetheless, not everything is going your way to make you to create happiness in your life because you might be influenced with the wrong types of people.

We always have the experience in what makes us sad, cry or make us happy. So, you probably want to experience with the right type of people rather than the wrong types of individuals that are always negative in our lives today.   

It is critical that we surround ourselves with positive influence that is important every single day as along we live each given day before we die. So there are times, we feel more comfortable in being around with friends and family.

These types of individuals might not have positive influences. So, I have given a lot of thought’s the past couple of years to start hanging around with more positive influence in my life so I really don’t want to have the negative effect that is in my subconscious mind. So, I would absolutely want to get closer and connect with that positive vibe with other people.

That said, if I get myself to have more positive influence that I can change and grow to create more joy, happiness and success from 6 months to a year from now. You just need to think big and start dreaming that your dreams will come true. When that time comes, your family and friends won’t recognize you. Therefore, you have transformed into a new YOU!

Having a Positive Influence to Create Change Isn’t Easy              "Positive Influence"

I have to admit it can be difficult at first if you want to have a positive life. You must have positive influence that is part of your life. Before creating change in your life, you must ask yourself this critical question to yourself. Are you surrounding yourself with positive or negative energy in your life?

In reality, most of us are telling the truth about ourselves. You just need to admit it to blend between the positive and the negative. So it doesn’t have to be a single individual (family, friend & co workers) that is part of your life with a positive or negative influence that we interact with each other.

You might end up in a certain situation that you can’t get out of that you are spending more time with a person that is more negative than positive. The great news, you can make your own decision. We need to make that commitment on happiness and surrounding with positive influence that definitely makes us happy.

So, you want to figure out if you are around with positive influence that can definitely difficult at times. It can be easy at times on the people that you surround are positive influences because you are certainly hanging around the most. It is your emotions at times is your reasons in figuring out who are the types of people you need to surround with and not get carried  away with the negativity that is no good to us.  We absolutely want more positive influence in our lives today!

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