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Is EPX Body Really A Profitable MLM Business Opportunity?

I accidentally came across a biz opp with EPX Body when it went viral a few months back. Therefore, I’m going to offer my own opinion and decided to write an EPX Body review if it is the perfect vehicle for you.

You obviously came across this blog post because you want to do your due diligence to figure out if it is a legit and a profitable business in network marketing.  

Before moving forward with this MLM review, I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I have written various reviews in MLM in the past. There is nothing negativity I would say about EPX Body and it is  not one of those “Get Rich Quick Schemes” that you have read all over the internet.  

But what I’m going to cover is the history of the company, the products, the compensation plan and how to market the biz opp properly so you absolutely can achieve success as a distributor with EPX Body.

History Of EPX Body  

EPX Body is a brand new MLM company that launched back in March  2012. Dan Putnam is the founder and CEO of the company. EPX Body is based in the West Coast in the city of Layton, Utah. There primary objective is to start helping ordinary people to achieve their goals in fitness and financial success during a 90 day period with absolutely the best clinical science that is available to consumers today. 

There was a lot of buzz that was going around as a distributor with EPX Body. They promised reps to make at least $1,000 minimum monthly residual income after 6 months of joining this biz opp. I can’t believe they were making  this statement as  a company.

 This  would only happen if you sponsored at least 5 distributors in their first 30 days of joining EPX Body and kept at least 2 minimum of those reps that are currently active with the company. Most reps in MLM won’t make a single dime after 6 month.

"EPX Body"

EPX Body Product Reviews  

EPX Burn

EPX Cardio

EPX Detox

EPX Enhance  

There are  various EPX Body products they offer in the health and wellness  niche. However, Burn and Cardio supplements are the most popular products for consumers.  

EPX Burn claims to help with obesity to start losing 12 pounds of body weight and 2 inches from your waistline without changing your routine or eating habits during the 90 day time frame. Nevertheless, this product is created to start burning fat, increase your metabolism, reducing weight loss, increasing your energy and less craving for hunger when using this supplement on a consistent basis.  

EPX Cardio

This specific supplement helps to prevent consumers from heart diseases. EPX Cardio helps  you to have a longer life span. Therefore, this supplement has the ability to start lowering your cholesterol level, avoid high blood pressure, increasing your sex drive and prevents you of being a victim of a heart attack.  

EPX Body Compensation Plan 

Now let’s check out the compensation plan that they offer to it’s reps. There is great news that EPX Body is definitely here to stay. Despite the madness with EPX Body when the y first launched last year, they started to gain some momentum and start growing a successful organization within the company. In fact, most “pre-launch” companies will go out of business and close it’s doors.  

"EPX Body"

EPX Body’s compensation plan is using the 4×5 hybrid matrix. It includes a fast start, customer, matching bonuses and 50% commissions on every product purchased for a personally-enrolled customer. Like I said earlier, EPX Body claims and guaranteed an income of at least $1,000 per month if a distributor is sponsoring reps of at least 5 people within 30 days when they first joined the biz opp. Therefore, they have to maintain at least 2 active reps for 6 months.  

Company Goals    

EPX Body’s vision is “to impact our members’ health and wealth positively by providing them with the best nutritional products, diet and exercise information, as well as all the tools and training needed to build a successful home-based business.”

Start Making Money With EPX Body  

EPX Body is just like any other biz opp. You absolutely can start making money as a rep with EPX Body. Your key to success  in network marketing is attracting other like-minded people rather than hassling your friends and family that are open to create their own paycheck. 

 "EPX Body"

When you start sponsoring reps in your organization, it is vital that they start duplicating your efforts and achieve success if you want to be a top income earner in MLM. It has to do with laws of attraction! So every 10 people that you talk about your biz opp, one of them will say “YES”! You got to stay focused and consistent at any level if you want to start seeing results and the potential to make 5-6 monthly figures in network marketing.

There are marketing methods that you can start learning that your upline doesn’t know about. It’s vital to stay focused and be consistent on applying these strategies if you want to grow your downline and start earning big money in MLM.  You really can’t rely on the traditional way when trying to sponsor reps into EPX Body in order to achieve success in this industry!

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