Cold Calling

Cold Calling ScriptsIn 2006, I was introduced into the network marketing industry and thought about using cold calling scripts to generate leads for my primary network marketing business. I have been through a lot of struggles and frustrations when I was brand new in the industry. At one point in my life, this really seriously shouldn’t be my career path in MLM and should quite the business all together. Until I accidentally came across an marketing system on the internet.

Here is my story that needs to be heard if you want use cold calling Scripts.

At that time when I was an inexperienced marketer in trying to solve my problems by using cold calling scripts  if I really wanted to start making any money in multi-level marketing. I would be ending up listening to my upline in what to do like calling a list in my warm market of my friends and family, going to Star bucks pitching my business opportunity to strangers, using the 3 foot rule and other outdated strategies that don’t work for the 97% of marketers in the industry.

Nevertheless, My sponsor wanted me to start using cold calling scripts.

It was either to  start cold calling random people in the white pages or purchase MLM leads from a lead generation company. There is no way in HELL in this would work implementing theses so called cold calling scripts in the home-based business industry and start acting like a sales person in the mortgage industry. My sponsor claims after about 100 “No’s” that you will get a yes to your network marketing opportunity. It is most likely you going to hear the No’s inside of your head and not to sponsor 1 person in your MLM Company.

However, instead of being in being in a position to be a leader in the network marketing industry, you desperately acting like a picky salesperson who will turn away from your prospects just by using the cold calling scripts to get them to sign up in your primary business. In Addition, it feels like more annoying to the other person on the end of the line. So, how do you actually feel if a picky salesperson is calling you and hearing what they are saying out of their mouth?

As for the cold calling scripts that your multi-level marketing company that is giving to use is a JOKE! These so called cold calling scripts are useless because you need to listen to your prospects rather pitching your product or services to your consumer. NOT everyone you talk to over the telephone is a prospect for your home-based business opportunity. You shouldn’t really have to listen to your sponsor about using these cold calling scripts. You are just going to create more problems with your prospects rather than giving a solution to their problems in a home-based business opportunity.

Using these cold calling scripts is time consuming and spending a lot of your hard earned money.

You can never get your time back by using these worthless cold calling scripts from your upline. However, you can still get your money back for using these useless cold calling scripts for your business, and you are not doing any money making activities in getting to generate leads for your network marketing business. So you need to be more productive in your MLM business than using these cold calling scripts that you can throw out the window.

What is a better way to be more productive in your network marketing business? You can start implementing in using an attraction marketing system. You will then start getting leads for your business, and the prospects are serious in what to offer in getting started in a home-based business opportunity. This a lot better than using the cold calling scripts. Your prospects or leads are chasing or calling you about your primary business opportunity. It is really a lot better than cold calling prospects about your business opportunity. So there won’t be any more frustrations and headaches to sponsor people into your network marketing company.

If you are sick and tired, frustrated in cold calling prospects who have no interest in talking with you, also going over the 100’s No’s to get the level of success that you desire in your home-based business and the headaches using the useless cold calling scripts. Therefore, you need to utilize a thriving online marketing financial freedom blueprint is used by the top producers that are implemented by the best internet marketers that get you in the right direction to explode in your multi-level marketing business today.