"Google Backlinks"Indexing your blog or website is critical to start creating Google backlinks to your relevant content online.  It is essential to get Google backlinks to increase your changes to get first page rankings on your blog posts or articles as an internet marketer.

However, the principals on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is here to stay for now in today’s advanced technology in the 21st century.

Fast SEO Optimization on building Google backlinks

There are thousands of inexperience bloggers that have little knowledge and lack of information to start getting more Google backlinks for their blog or website to generate traffic to get on the first page on Google.

It is so simple to start building additional 20-30 Google backlinks on a everyday basis if done properly to your blog. Futhermore, I am going to give you theses free  7 marketing tips to start getting more Google backlinks to your blog consistently, even a 6 old kid can absolutely learn SEO. You just need to put in your effort to do it and take massive action.   

1.Social media network sites – Utilizing such the most popular sites online like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and YouTube is one of many marketing tools that are free for internet marketers to grow their blogs to create Google backlinks to get 1st page ranking fast.

It is absolutely one of the best method to start networking with your followers and the capability to reach out to your bloggers to start building relationships with them. However, there has being recent changes to the Google Panda this year, it is vital to get more Google backlinks from the social media sites and the growing popularity towards your blog to generate more traffic.

2. RSS Directories– This another great method to build more Google backlinks automatically just by having your RSS feed to be submitted to the RSS directories. So every time you write new content on your blog, guess what?

You then can instantly get more Google backlinks to generate traffic from these directories. Nonetheless, your followers can definitely put your RSS feed on their blogs to get more exposure and Google backlinks as well.

3.Commenting on other Bloggers – it is critical to start commenting on other peoples blogs is a great technique to start growing your blog as an authority site. However, I truly believe it is an essential concept as a blogger is a great strategy to get more exposure, get more traffic and building more Google backlinks as a internet marketer.

Nonetheless, whenever you leave a comment on someone elses blog, it can link it back to your blog. The WordPress plugin that I used on my blog is called CommenLuv that has the potential to get more Google backlinks to your content on your blog and not only just on your homepage as well.

4. Tribe Pro auto syndication – It is a social media automated platform that is automatically creating more Google backlinks to your content just simple sharing to other Tribe Pro members.

It is used primarily by network marketers, online marketers and bloggers to increase their exposure on their article, blog or unique content online. The benefit’s is to be part of this community for being one of the Tribe Pro members is to get higher ranks fast in the search engines for building more Google backlinks as a paid member.

5. Article Marketing Robot – It is a highly recommended resource for bloggers in utilizing this article marketing submitter that actually send your written articles or blog posts to thousands of article directories and blogs without spending wasted time doing it manually. Article Marketing Robot will absolutely start building more Google backlinks to your articles or blog post to get it optimized into the first page on Google.

6. Unique Article Wizard – It’s a marketing tool that can be done on autopilot to submit your articles or blog post to thousand of articles and blog directories. The great thing about U.A.W for every post that you submit is unique so you absolutely don’t have a write a unique version.

Unique Article Wizard automatically does it for you to get additional Google backlinks. This can also speed up the process to get on the top 3 position rankings on Google for your relevant keyword to knock out the competition.

7. Social Monkee– Automatically receive instantly 25 Google backlinks per day for FREE every month just utilizing this Social Monkee marketing tool. It is a great backlinking solution to speed up the process to get a number of  Google backlinks either to your article, blog or website.

Your Google backlinks solution through out this blog post that you can implement immediately

After going through the 7 different strategies to get more Google backlinks is definitely a long term process that most bloggers won’t do in order to grow your blog down road. It absolutely can become an authority site through your blog just simply creating more Google backlinks consistently.

If those strategies aren’t sufficient for you as a blogger, You can have Raymond Fong and Fernando Ceballos who I meet at the No Excuses Summit several months ago in Las Vegas. They are SEO experts and creator of SEONetworker. If you don’t believe me you just need to Google their names for more information.

They can definitely help you get the your blog optimized to get first page ranking on Google. So just with the proper indexing to get the search engines to approve your article or blog post that needs to be recognized by creating proper Google Backlines to your blog or website!