Empower NetworkThe brand new Empower Network blogging platform was announced in front of a large audience of 6000 people last week in Denver, CO. I’m so stoked when ENV2  launches less than 60  days from now in September. 

This version of Empower Network is definitely a game changer that gives you the ability to start blogging and marketing your business without a laptop.

This has never been done before! You just need a mobile phone to take advantage of the new version of the Empower Network blogging platform 2.0

Empower Network Blogging Platform ENV2

3 products rolled into one product from this blogging platform

1.Very Easy 2-Click Blogging Platform – Version ENV2 blogging platform is so simple, they made it grandma proof! 

2.Mobile Audio/Visual Broadcasting App – This version of the blogging platform 2.0 will be available for both Android and IOS operating system for your smart phone. No laptop necessary to start building and marketing a business just using your phone.

3.Sales Conversion Engine- When this Empower Network ENV2 launches in the fall, you have the ability to grow your home based business on auto-pilot. ENV2  of the blogging platform to start doing the work for you. Therefore, you can start earning 100% commissions into your inbox daily! 

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In my honest opinion, this is a game changer on the way marketers will start marketing online and make money on the internet in the 21st century. When ENv2 launches in the fall, the company made it grandma proof that anyone can start making money online when ENV2 blogging platform goes live this upcoming September.

No Experience Necessary If You Sign Up With Empower Network

If you absolutely have no experience or just starting out online to market your business, you have the potential to start blogging, marketing your business and make money online with this great and badass Empower Network 2.0 blogging platform.

I can’t wait until the much improved new version of  the Empower Network Version 2.0 is released. ENV2 is absolutely a game changer on the way people will start leveraging the internet.  

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When you join our Team Take Massive Action (TTMA), You will get access to all the necessary tools on what it takes to grow a successful business. You will not be left behind and get all the support you need to grow a thriving business or in Empower Network today!

Hands down we definitely got the very best products and education within the Empower Network community. Therefore, We are here to help you to get out most of your money on what you paid for when you joined EN in the first place!

Empower Network is here to stay for a very long time PERIOD!

We don’t really care about the money, Empower Network is a MOVEMENT!

The future looks great when it comes down to the internet in the 21st century. You can’t ignore on what is going to happen to the new blogging platform 2.0 with Empower Network.  Empower Network

When it goes live less than 60 days, WordPress in my opinion will be outdated! Empower Network’s blogging platform version 2.0  changes the game FOREVER when it comes to blogging in 2013 and beyond. 

In addition, I truly believe Empower Network will become the greatest blogging platform for professional writers or bloggers anywhere around the world when people are trying to build up their credibility and exposure when working on a business working from home without commuting to your corporate America job. 

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Empower Network



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Empower Network


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Writing ArticlesGet free traffic by writing articles so your website or blog is found on the internet. Whenever you are writing articles on your site so you can generate free traffic online.

This helps to gain more credibility and exposure for being an expert in your field when your target audience is interested on what you have to offer.

If they find something interesting when they click a link on your site, they are willing to buy a product or service from you.

Writing articles also helps to get your content to increase your search engine ranking. Furthermore, there are many advantages to generate free traffic by writing articles.  

Generate Free Traffic By Writing Articles   

First of all, you must start generating free traffic by writing articles from this marketing strategy to get people to find your content from the search engines. Therefore, you are offering great information that you are sharing to others to get free traffic to your site or blog in order to get more exposure for you’re business.

In addition, it’s very important to offer a call to action towards the end when writing articles or blog posts with a link to your site or lead capture page to increase traffic to your site. 

Writing ArticlesIf you are brand new to internet marketing when trying to build a business online when writing articles in order to get free traffic to your site.

You want your target audience to get to know you better, what your interests are and most importantly on what value that you are offering to your readers.

Other Ways To Get Free Traffic By Writing Articles   

This is a free marketing strategy when writing articles online to get first page ranking on the search engines. If the content is a high quality written article when given a good first impression to your readers that come across  your website.

If you are a busy working at a corporate America job, you definitely can start hiring professional English writers to start writing articles in your behalf. Writing articles on a regularly basis can be time consuming. It will cost some money when outsourcing your written articles when you don’t have the time to do it on your own.

It’s important to get your articles optimized the proper way in order to get ranked on the search engines. This technique is great to generate free traffic and leads to your site. You must start publishing new articles online with a relevant link back to your site. The search engines can find the links without any problem and therefore it makes it easy from your site to be more relevant from the search engines.

High quality backlinks to your written articles that can be more popular through social media sites like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This absolutely increases your chances for your articles to improve from the search engines when others start sharing your content or commenting on your articles helps you to generate free traffic and leads online for your business.

The Importance On Keyword Search When Writing Articles

It’s vital to do your keyword search the proper way. With the right targeted keywords (money keywords) to your site and your content with certainly be more relevant to your readers. Therefore, it is very important to stay focused on writing articles to generate free traffic as an expert in your niche.   Writing Articles

You never want to overuse your keywords that you are looking to use on your site. You got to be certain your content is relevant and they are high quality written articles on your site. 

Just a reminder, when you start writing articles  in order to generate free traffic to your site is the key to make your content SEO friendly. Therefore, it’s vital for your written content makes a first impression to your readers so you know exactly what you are talking about when writing articles.

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Empower Network

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Writing Articles


Danny Yoon

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Work With Me Personally–Empower Network

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"Blog Writing Tips"These blog writing tips can reward you for your efforts to make money online. Obviously, you don’t want to lose focus when it comes down to content writing and start making a certain amount of income as a blogger.

It is essential to learn from these blog writing tips to fully optimize it for the search engines. Your blog posts should be about writing high quality content.   

You should never write blog posts that sounds like a sales pitch or offering the next best thing with your latest business endeavors. Therefore, you will start getting uninterested readers and they will stop following you. This is the primary reason  it is critical that you start applying theses blog writing tips and tricks! 

Blog Writing Tips For Newbies

You need to begin writing like you are talking with your best friend. Writing like you talk is one of the most valuable blog writing tips to write high quality content to your readers in niche.

You just need to start blogging about stuff that is friendly and familiar without pitching or being desperate. You definitely don’t want to sound like a salesman. Nonetheless, your writing should be nothing but offering value to your target market.   

Another blog writing tips and techniques you need to consider, you just need to be yourself. Thus, writing blog posts is usually written from first person point of view. It offers you the opportunity to tell your audience on what type of character you are from your content writing.     

In order to do it properly, you need to start to give a first impression that are reading your blog posts. You want to give them a reason on why they should comeback to blog. You are becoming that high authority and branding yourself as an expert in your niche that you know what the heck you are talking about.   

After engaging and resonating with you from your followers, they are most likely to buy something from your blog that offers a solution to solve their problems. It’s because you are listening carefully to your readers.

Third blog writing tips is to be unique and be a attention grabber from your readers. You simply need to relax when writing your blog posts to your target market. You don’t to be boring, repeating the same stuff, but rather attract more readers to your blog.

You absolutely want to be more creative and start engaging more to your audience! This will definitely help from theses blog writing tips that won’t turn them off. Therefore, you will get more visitors and sales to your blog. 

Going The Extra Mile From Theses Blog Writing Tips

The last blog writing tips is going another step further to get more out of your blog. Just pushing the “publish” button won’t cut it at all. Nonetheless, if you absolutely want your blog to be seen all over the world wide web. You must put in more work and effort in to it.      "Blog Writing Tips"

You must start marketing your blog, be that blogger to make it go viral. Therefore, you want to start spreading it out on to the social media sites like for instance on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. Also, you can blast it to your list by emailing them your latest blog post!   

Theses can definitely be great opportunities to engage more readers just applying theses blog writing tips. Nonetheless, you just didn’t start doing blogging that is tended for yourself, did you? It really doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or service. A blog is usually shared and read from the public in any niche.

If you start implementing theses blog writing tips, it is important that your experience, also  you are having fun and get rewarded for your efforts. Just a reminder, blogging can depend from your target audience as well. If you continue to keep your readers interested, then you absolutely can achieve success from theses blog writing tips right now!


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4 Blog Marketing Tips To Gain New Readers

by Danny on December 5, 2012 · 3 comments

"Blog Marketing Tips"You have a blog, so you want to gain new readers to find your site, Nonetheless theses blog marketing tips will help you to become a great blogger.

Obviously, you want to figure out how to generate more visitors to your blog and engage them to return for offering amazing content on your blog!   

Blog Marketing Tips On The Internet 

There are various marketing strategies and blog marketing tips to get your blog recognized by new readers to your target market. These techniques can be overwhelming but it can be easy for others to learn and implement. If you are reading this blog post, you completely understand it can be time consuming to start putting a blog together and expecting other people to find it immediately.   

Your blog takes time to get on the first page on the search engines because you aren’t building enough backlinks or not gaining a fully optimized blog when first starting out online. This is where theses blog marketing tips comes to play to grow your business! 

Here are 4 Blog Marketing Tips To Start Implementing Right Now: 

1.First of all from these blog marketing tips is how to recognize your website when you first building a blog to gain your online presence as a high authority. No one will ever think that your blog existed if you don’t do your keyword research and building backlinks to your website. These are the blog marketing tips that you can learn and apply right now!   

"Blog Marketing Tips"You start utilizing an RSS feed to be applied on your blog. It can make it possible for other blogs and websites to start sharing your blog on the internet.

Whenever this happens, they are offering you a backlink back to your blog or website.

Also, getting information from their readers about your blog that is branding yourself. Nonetheless, you absolutely can gain more readers utilizing this tool. An RSS feed is a great way to start marketing your blog! 

2.It’s critical to start regularly updating your blog at least 3x per week! It will keep your readers interested when you are consistently writing blog posts. You just keep doing it and not stop blogging for the next several months that can turn off your readers. Your audience will be the primary reason on why your authority site is becoming a success online. 

At first, you will have only a handful of followers, but eventually, you will create a huge readership base that will frequently go through your blog. Therefore, many of them will start reading your posts on a regular basis. You definitely don’t want to disappoint your regular readers if you aren’t blogging consistently. You will than start losing your readers to your website! "Blog Marketing Tips"

3.When you start building your list and gain new readers to your blog, you will find out that posting on comments on blogs which are relevant to your own blog will definitely help from theses blog marketing tips. A lot of people that are reading comments on posts tend to click on it who wrote the content.    

Nonetheless, it will be linked back to your blog. Obviously, leaving comments on blogs that can get a few comments that is most likely to make your own to be viewed by those interested in that specific market to grow your business online! These blog marketing tips will help to generate traffic and visitors on autopilot!

4.The last thing you must know from theses blog marketing tips, it is vital to learn and implement SEO on your blog. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you absolutely want your blog to be found in the search engines like on Google to generate traffic and leads to grow a successful business.

Therefore, ranking your blog is important to have any chances for success online. So theses blog marketing tips that you can apply to start making money online after doing some of your own research on blogging!


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5 Blog Writing Tips For Awesomeness

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