Basics On SEO

"SEO Basics"

SEO basics you must learn and implement to explode your business online!

If you are just starting out to generate traffic to your blog or website, it’s critical to start learning the SEO basics. This definitely helps to establish your business or your brand on the internet.

Learning the SEO basics first will help generate traffic when you want to get your content found on first page of Google! 

There are many free resources on SEO basics by simply doing your own research from the search engines or on YouTube. After you got the SEO basics down then you can go through the advanced strategies on search engine optimization.  

This content is primarily talking about the SEO basics if you are a novice when you want to learn to generate traffic and get leads for your business.

Here are the 3 important steps on SEO basics for beginners

1.SEO And The Look Of Your Blog Or Site When starting out you got to start learning the SEO basics on how your website will look like. It doesn’t have to look perfect and you don’t have to know the technical stuff when creating your blog or website online. You just need to learn the SEO basics properly!

The intention of having your site is your ability to start navigating your site without being overwhelmed or confused. This helps to get your site pages appealed to the search engine spiders. So from this type of work, the codes will be rearranged and rewritten to get the search engine spiders to read through your pages without any problems.

2.SEO Basics And Keyword Research It’s vital to start doing your keyword research first before writing content. This is one of the key SEO basics that you must pay attention. If you don’t do your keyword research your content will most likely won’t be seen. Therefore, you won’t generate traffic and sales for your business.

This is a must to learn theses SEO basics if you’re a newbie on the internet. Keywords may vary that depends on your niche that you are targeting to your audience. Doing your keyword research so you can study your competition from theses SEO basics. It definitely helps so you can figure out if a specific keyword has a greater chance to get first page ranking on Google, Yahoo or Bing.    "SEO Basics"

3.On-Page SEO Basics After you done your keyword research, the other SEO basics is a must is targeting your keywords for on-page optimization. The keywords you want to target that must appear in the web copy of your blog or website.

In addition, you must include your keywords in the title, H1 tag, image alt tag, Meta description and the body of your text from theses SEO basics. Your keywords must be repeated at least two or three times in the body.  You got to make sure to avoid keyword stuffing on your page as well. You might get your content banned by search engines without any notice.

4.Off-Page SEO Basics And Link Building This is the last step you must learn from theses SEO basics. Off-page SEO basics and link building is vital when it comes down to optimization. Therefore, link building are links that are being used by the search engine spiders to find other relevant websites on your niche. The more link juice your getting to your site will increase your chances to get higher search engine rankings.

Never do Black Hat SEO that is prohibited by the search engines like buying or selling links. It would be best to stick with White Hat SEO that has to do with natural linking. Examples of White Hate SEO methods are guest posting, commenting, forums, etc.

Other ways on natural link building is sharing your content through social media either on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest is a great way to get high quality links to your site.

I hope you got some value from theses SEO basics on my blog!


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SEO Basics






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"SEO Basics"






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