Article Marketing Strategies

"Article Marketing Tips"Here are several of my article marketing tips that can be very effective on SEO. If you have no or little experience on article writing, therefore theses article marketing tips that you can learn and implement immediately to generate traffic to your articles today.

Article Marketing Tips

You must jot down on some of your ideas in your mind that you want to talk about. Nonetheless, prior on continuing writing your articles, I strongly recommend on having a written outline in advance when writing down your articles. So, I would encourage you to gather all the information and ideas in your head.

This will definitely help you to send the right messages to your targeted audience. It’s best to offer the vital part of the message in the first paragraph so you can get your readers attention so they can read the article in it’s entirety.

When writing your articles, you just need to use simple terms and make sure it is readable to avoid any grammar errors. Theses article marketing tips will help your readers easily understand on what your talking about in your article. Also, you want to start using several but short paragraphs in your content as well.

Offering Value From Theses Article Marketing Tips

You need to start offering great value and secrets & tricks to your readers is another one of those article marketing tips that you can implement. You are writing articles for a reason so you can engage with your readers and gain new followers because you’re the expert in your niche. This is absolutely the best way to build new relationships and trust with you. They will eventually buy your products or join your latest business opportunity.

Just keep your articles short between 500-700 words per content. Just simply having longer content won’t help to get your attention from your audience. In reality, most readers prefer to read articles that are less than 700 words, you just need to keep the point across from these ideas inside of your mind.

Your articles need’s to be SEOing. After you completely finished writing your articles, it is vital to put your targeting keywords in the body, spread it out every 80 words or so of the article and the keyword in your headline as well.

In addition, you must put your keyword in the first paragraph and the last paragraph in the article.  However, you must make sure the keyword isn’t over used and the keyword density which is at 1-2% that depends on how many words in your articles.

Article Marketing Directories

The next article marketing tips is to submitting your content to the article directories. The ones that are strongly recommended by one of the best Affiliate/Online marketers, they are EzineArticles, Goarticles, Buzzle, Hub Pages, Article City and BetterNetworker.  These sites are good enough to offer more exposure that definitely helps you to gain more traffic to your lead capture page or your website online.

In addition, you can start using forums and blogs that tend to be very popular to your targeted audience. Nonetheless, you can take advantage on these sites on promoting your content. You absolutely can start submitting your article or just part’s of it with a 1 inserted link that gets directed back to your article or website if a reader is interested in reading the article in it’s entirety!

You can start offering your articles for FREE! You can start creating ebooks using your content and send them for FREE as long your readers opt-in into your list that are interested on what you are offering to them. This will definitely help you to start building long term relationships and trust with your audience.


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Article Marketing StrategyThis simple article marketing strategy to generate traffic on the internet.


You can absolutely implement this step by step article marketing strategy to generate free leads and start making profits as a internet or network marketer. You just need to follow a simple article marketing strategy and directions in learning this marketing technique online. If are willing to take action, you can definitely can produce 20+ per day for free by utilizing this article marketing strategy today.

Writing unique content

You just have to create your own content either on your website or blog towards your audience and discuss about this on a specific topic.  They’re going to view you on being a professional in your niche. Before you compose your written articles and learn this article marketing strategy.

You might want to do your keyword phrase due diligence beforehand so people can locate your article that results in targeted traffic in utilizing this article marketing strategy. If there is no site visitors or traffic for your content, You make zero dollars.  

Using social bookmarking internet sites

This is a critical article marketing strategy action step in building backlinks in your original content.

The fundamentals on learning article marketing strategy can be among the techniques the search engines like Google that figures it out what it puts on the initial page on Google that appears at the number of other web-pages are pointing back again to your post. In an important note on implementing this article marketing strategy.

You might want to publish your authentic content into the social bookmarking websites. These web-sites are back links that is pointing back again for your article and boosts your chances to get first page rankings on Google.

Use a video clip to promote your article

Honestly, a lot of people are afraid in using a a flip cam or digital camera and will not use this technique. The only factor you might want to do is to do about a thirty second video clip of yourself speaking about the content and position towards the viewers inside appropriate course in the place in where they should do next.

I would recommend putting the video’s on your YouTube channel, or you can load up the video by using this cool tool called Traffic Geyser that can go viral. It allows you to put in over 30 various video websites at the same time. If you’re going to use Traffic Geyser, you need to make sure you leave the YouTube box unchecked before blasting your videos to avoid in getting the YouTube slap.

You have gotten even more link juice going back to your unique articles and this is the best and quickest article marketing strategy for your content to get a higher ranking in Google’s search engines. You absolutely need to make sure you got relevant websites going back to your content.

Submit your content to other article directories

This is the last phase to construct a massive back links back again for your unique articles from this article marketing strategy to other  relevant web-sites. Therefore, you want to point the article back to your unique content. I suggest in using Article Marketing Robot (AMR) that is automated to submit your articles to other related article directories in your niche.

This can very well save a lot of your time doing it manually. Once again, you are able to get first page ranks on the search engines like Google. Additionally you ought to place your article that points for your lead capture page as well.

Utilizing this article marketing strategy will absolutely get you to gain more exposure and traffic to your blog!

You now have your articles submitted online. They should point back to your original content, which is then being linked back to your lead capture page. Now you’re going to potentially get  free MLM leads and generate traffic that are coming in if you implement the steps above from theses article marketing strategies.

So, as an internet marketing expert is consistently writing original content of at least 500 words minimum utilizing the concepts on this article marketing strategy. You need to be more focused and consistent in writing original content on a daily basis. Therefore, you also need to understand the article marketing strategy that you can leverage online that creates more traffic towards your website or blog.