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"Article Marketing Robot Review"

Article Marketing Robot review online for brand new users!

You stumbled across this Article Marketing Robot review on the internet. If you want your articles or blog posts to get first page ranking on the search engines like on Google for instance. Therefore, Article Marketing Robot is definitely for you.

Article Marketing Robot Review

As a internet marketer, you are probably skeptical if this software actually works. So you want to do your due diligence from this Article Marketing Robot review. You absolutely came to the best Article Marketing Robot review on this article marketing software!

AMR is cheap and affordable for only a 1 time investment of $97. I first heard about this software and Article Marketing Robot review from Rob Fore last year after watching a live MLSP webinar. I bought it on the spot! Therefore, I have been a user with Article Marketing Robot since February 2011 after reading past Article Marketing Reviews online.

When I first started using AMR to test it out if it is for real to start seeing results and generate more traffic to your website or blog. After just a week, my site starts getting results. Therefore, there was a lot of my “Money Keywords” getting ranked on the first page on Google! 

This is probably the best investment that you can buy from this Article Marketing Robot review by far after using other software’s and tools I used in the past that isn’t successful as AMR. Nonetheless, I decided to write this honest Article Marketing review that I’ll fill you in. Just using this software alone helped out to get more visitors to my blog. 

I was generating between 10-15 leads per day and getting around 400-500 visitors per month to my site! Prior to using Article Marketing Robot I was generating less than 5 leads per day and getting less than 100 visitors to my blog!

If you are serious to start growing your business utilizing the internet right now, it’s essential to start using tools like Article Marketing Robot if you want any chance to get your articles, blog posts or YouTube videos to generate traffic and get your articles found in the search engines. 

"Article Marketing Robot Review"Keyword Research From This Article Marketing Robot Review

If you start writing tons of content on the internet and NOT using any tools, you won’t get your articles found! Therefore, it is critical to do your keyword research for targeting your specific keywords in your niche.

If your site is NEW, then you should go for less competing keywords that are usually long tail keywords.

You should go after keywords at a minimum of 300 monthly global searches using the Google keyword research tool. This will definitely help to get your articles get top position rankings and using Article Marketing Robot software as well!

After doing your keyword research, it is essential to spread your articles or blog posts all over the place online that is directly pointing to your article, website or YouTube video. You must start diversifying your anchor text with Article Marketing Robot if you want to get your keyword ranked on Google.

Ever since the Google Penguin update, anchor text diversity is a must in order to get your content ranked in the search engines today! Prior to the update, you didn’t have to do anchor text diversity at that time!

What Does This Article Marketing Robot Review Do For You?

AMR is simply submitting your articles to thousands of different article directories. The more article directories that you can find the better. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend to go to to buy thousands of approved articles for only 5 bucks!

This helps to get your articles get ranked from theses popular sites. In addition from this Article Marketing Robot review allows you to add as many profile accounts as you want.   "Article Marketing Robot Review"

Another feature that is added from this Article Marketing review is that you can submit spun articles into AMR. However, I don’t use that feature! But I use Best Spinner instead to spit out unique content.

This helps to increase your chances for success for articles, blog posts and videos from Googles eyes from the search engines that looks at unique content!

If Google starts seeing the same content, it will start deindexing all the links because it looks unnatural! Google wants everything to look natural and unique. They prefer White Hat rather than Black Hat SEO. This is the reason why I love Article Marketing Robot.

Nonetheless, you can set up AMR and submit your articles on autopilot instead at once!  You can start ranking your content in a matter of days or weeks and see your articles get ranked on the search engines after reading this Article Marketing Robot review today!

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"Article Marketing Robot Review"