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RipplnI have given some thought to write this Rippln review. This is a spanking brand new MLM opportunity I came across a couple of months ago. I have been pitched like crazy about Rippln from other marketers on Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin.

The invites and the spamming needs to stop right now. Therefore, it’s annoying getting all of these Rippln invites that I asked nicely to turn down the invite and sign a NDA. (No Disclosure Agreement}. Why the heck you want to sign the NDA when the secret is already out to the masses on social media?

Honest Rippln Review Prospective

This is just another one of those crazy pre-launches that a lot of marketers are promoting. Seriously, only the successful marketers that are promoting Rippln will make any money. The rest will fail because the inexperience marketer haven’t tasted success in any type of home based business in MLM or in affiliate marketing.

There are many reports from different Rippln reviews online that are selling like “hot cakes” with the latest biz opportunity from this mobile app. They claim marketers are signing up thousands of people that are registering this type of “mobile app gamification” platform.  Rippln states that this particular app will absolutely generate a significant amount of income to it’s affiliates.

Invites From This Rippln Review

RipplnIn my honest opinion from this  Rippln review, they are utilizing a mulit-level marketing scheme that is really based on getting “invites and access codes to tease fans into growing their following on the expectations…of kickbacks for bringing additional levels, or ripples of players and team”. Getting people to register or sign up for free with Rippln doesn’t mean a thing. 

In reality, only a majority of people will upgrade their account that they must pay for in order to get paid as an affiliate with Rippln. The reason why thousands of people are joining is because you can sign up for free during the pre-launch phrase with this company at this time.

The only reason why this mobile app is begin created is simply building up a list. They want to start taking advantage of newbies or inexperienced marketers to get on their list so they can start selling their products or services to your list.  

However, in the real world nothing is never free if you seriously want to make 6 or 7 figures in the home based business industry.  If you are thinking “free”. You are having a broke mindset. We all can start playing the lottery to have any chances of winning mega millions. Therefore, this absolutely has nothing to do with you to become successful and to get rich as a entrepreneur.

Closing Thoughts

Marketers are always creating the buzz on the next shiny object when this Rippln effect will eventually come to a close. I have seen it all! It’s just another one of those marketing schemes online to start generating hype on the internet.

There is nothing more to it! We all basically can use any type of app that is an internet based text messaging system. Only the “global players” and “leaders” with in our niche will be well rewarded with incentives with this Rippln app.  Rippln

I turned down the invite and wrote this blog post on why others shouldn’t join this Rippln mobile app if you are brand new in the home based business industry.

Therefore, you don’t want to fall in the trap with all the hype from leaders that are promoting this mobile app. Inexperienced marketers claims you will make millions of dollars that is “FREE” to join by signing a NDA.

I strongly suggest to think very hard to yourself on the price you will pay for getting involved with something is “FREE” if you were to sign up with an opportunity with Rippln!



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