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"Ignite Energy"One of the top network marketing companies I am going to cover is a energy based company from this Ignite Energy Review. It’s a energy based organization that is based in Texas since 2004. If you came across this blog post because your looking around for a new MLM or a home based business opportunity with this Ignite Energy based business opportunity.

Therefore, you are doing your research on this Ignite Energy Corporation to get a better understanding of the company, the leadership management team, products and the compensation plan. In this Ignite Energy Review, I’m give you all the information so you can make the right financial decision if Ignite Energy is the right opportunity for you or not to achieve success in the multi-level marketing industry.

Ignite Energy Online Network Marketing Company Overview

This is a MLM Company that has been around since Ignite Energy launched back in 2004 with this deregulation of the energy industry. The company had gain momentum and growth the first 4 years when they first launched 7 years ago.   

Despite Ignite Energy has slowed down, the company has approximately had 10% revenue sales increase in 2010 than in 2009. The company had recently been rewarded as the 16th biggest Direct Selling Company nationwide according to the Direct Selling News Global 100 last year.

Ignite Energy is lead by managing director Doug Witt. Therefore, most of the companies management team came from a previous company Excel Communication who had filed for bankruptcy that had being marketing long-distance services in the telecommunications niche. As you should know from this Ignite Review that the entire leadership management team has extensive experience in the multi-level marketing niche.

Currently Ignite is only providing their energy and gas services as of this writing in 4 states that includes Texas, New York, Maryland and Georgia. This business opportunity is definitely a no brainer for small businesses or home owners.

This is definitely a great service that is already being used by customers with no service interruption what so ever. That said switching to another energy provider to start saving money in your energy bill.

Ignite Energy Business Opportunity

Signing up with Ignite Energy is just like other multi-level marketing business opportunities. When you first enroll with the company you are starting as a Director by just investing an affordable fee. Therefore, you can start earning money that is through a 3-tiered system. Also, you can get upfront bonuses that you can get compensated when you start sponsoring reps in your business opportunity.

You will then start earning monthly residual income from enrolling new customers and maintaining your services or accounts. When your team is growing there is potential to start earning Leadership bonuses you can also get compensated based on your efforts.

Is This Ignite Energy Company A Legit Opportunity For You?

With an excellent leadership management team, a service that customers are already using and a legitimate financial track record as of today. After going through this Ignite Review, it is a perfect business opportunity if you actually believe in their energy and gas services.

Just like any other network marketing business opportunity, your success is based on your ability to start sponsoring reps and getting new customers to signup with the Ignite Energy Provider.

The way this works is just simply branding yourself is utilizing an Attraction Marketing System that primarily focuses on producing leads and building relationships to your list that don’t join you in your MLM Company from this Ignite Energy Review today!

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