Read This Bidify Review Before Joining this Penny Auction Biz Opp!

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"Bidify"This is a review from one of these penny auction sites called Bidify! It seems like a very interesting biz opportunity that is similar to Zeek Rewards. Nonetheless, you are trying to figure out if this business resonate with you or not. A lot of people are confused from theses penny auction sites on how Bidify works that has the potential to make a lot of money!

You absolutely came across the best Bidify Review on my honest opinion about this biz opportunity on my blog. I’ll offer some of the key points before ever consider joining Bidify!

What you will learn about this particular company, what they are offering, the compensation plan and the reasons why should you sign up with this penny auction company or any home base biz opportunity online. 

What Is Bidify?

Bidify is the marketing division of Bidsson, a global penny action site. Each bid in the auction is 1 penny more than the highest bid. Each time a new bid is made the clock resets to 30 seconds. When the 30 seconds passes without another bid, the last bidder wins.

Bidify’s bids are classified as ‘Sample Bids’ and ‘Retail Bids’. Sample Bids are purchased by Bidsson Affiliates to give to Bidsson customers. Customers can then use these bids to bid on a Bidsson auction. Retail Bids are purchased by Bidsson customers to bid in a Bidsson auction. Bidify affiliates can qualify to earn rewards on every retail bid they sell and every sample bid they purchase that is used by a Bidsson customer.

The Bidify Compensation Plan

The compensation plan the company offers for it’s affiliates is using a uni-level comp plan. As an affiliate with Bidify, it is a requirement to have monthly personal volume of 50 orders minimum if you want to start receiving commissions and bonuses. 

You have the potential as an affiliates to start earning sales bonuses 1-time for every product that is sold from Bidify. You can get compensated for 25% retail bonus when someone personally refer new customers that are buying retail bids.    "Bidify"

A 5% bonus when you personally referred affiliates buys sample bids. In addition, you can get leadership bonuses, incentive trips and other perks and benefits as well as an affiliate with Bidify! Last, 20% of all cash rewards that are earned from it’s affiliates are being paid as “mandatory funds” to their mandatory account. Unfortunately, it can’t be withdrawn as cash. 

There is potential to make a lot of money for someone to start building a large downline with Bidify. The Mandatory funds may only be spent at the Bidsson website!

Your Success With Bidify  

It’s not a guarantee that you will build a successful biz as an affiliate with Bidify. If you absolutely want to achieve success with this company or in fact any MLM biz opp, it is critical that you start building a large and consistent cash flow if you want to start generating leads that is looking for to build a business like Bidify for instance.

If you want to increase your chances for success with Bidify, You must be either great at selling or you can get access to training on how to learn to market your biz opportunity just staying focused and consistent daily. I strongly recommend that you start using a lead generation marketing system like My Lead System Pro that is duplicatable so you can start building a large organization in any MLM biz opp other than Bidify!

If you’re looking for this type of high quality mlm marketing training, and would love to be able to look over the shoulder of the best interne marketers like myself who are dominating the network marketing niche by utilizing online lead generation strategies that can allow you to build Bidify successfully or any biz opp CLICK HERE NOW!

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