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by Danny on December 21, 2011 · 1 comment

"7 Minute Workout"There is absolutely a concern with obesity lately, Nonetheless the hype of a fitness product called the 7 Minute Workout that are getting people’s attention. Most people are just getting fattier every single year.  It’s because most people are watching TV or chatting on Facebook all day.

So, I have written this review on this 7 Minute Workout. I would strongly recommend on reading this review in it’s entirety if this a product that you can use or the possibility to become a marketer with the company.

7 Minute Workout Information

The 7 Minute Workout that really is marketing a product in the fitness industry. I never seen a product like this before. Anyways, the company is utilizing the network marketing business model. The main products that the 7 Minute Workout markets are a weight loss and fitness packages. These training fitness and workouts that the company claims according to their corporate website is using the program to workout only 7 minutes per day for at least 2-3 days per week.   

As a paid member you can gain access to their online fitness tracking systems that will start tracking your fat loss and your basic daily diet routines. Also, You can start utilizing the social network sites like Facebook for members that they can signup so they can get the accountability, assistances and tips from other members.

7 Minute Workout Business

The company is co founded by fitness experts Joel Therien and Chris Reid with excellent management team. Therien had previously built a successful network marketing companies in the past. One of those companies is GVO back in the late 90’s They are a company that is currently achieving success in this industry. That said, no doubt about it that the leaders with the 7 Minute Workout program if you are considering becoming a rep with the company.

7 Minute Workout Compensation Plan

As for getting paid as a distributor with this company that is utilizing a binary comp plan. What this means is just having to start building 2 teams. One is on the right and the other on the left. Nonetheless, You can get spillover from your upline. The binary comp plan are usually paid out upon cycling. A cycle that occurs when 6 marketers that enroll within your company that has one-third or two third balance.

The company also offers a Fast Start Bonus for anyone they personally recruited a rep into the business opportunity that is based on your rank on the compensation plan. Therefore, the compensation plan looks very generous. You can get more information on the comp plan on their corporate website. If you want to start building a serious business, I highly recommend on doing your due diligence prior to signing up with the 7 Minute Workout right now!

7 Minute Workout Ways To Achieve Success

7 Minute Workout looks like a reliable and profitable business opportunity in their niche in the fitness industry. They offer fantastic leadership, great fitness products and a lucrative binary compensation plan. None of those things are really that important if you want to achieve success. What you need to do is having the skill sets on how to sell and the ability to start sponsoring reps fast if you want to start making money as a rep with this company.

If you really want to thrive as a entrepreneur with the 7 Minute Workout business endeavors, I highly suggest in applying a Attraction Marketing method. This will definitely help you to start branding yourself as a leader in network marketing.  In addition, the ability to gain credibility and exposure in the multi level marketing niche.

Done properly, your prospects will contact you about your 7 Minute Workout business opportunity if you are considering in using a proven marketing system to grow your MLM business today.



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  • Bethany

    As you might already guess, I would avoid like the plague any packaged workout, especially one that had that current marketing gimmick, the word “extreme” attached to it. Now, I realize that there are those who find it helpful to follow some slickly-produced, almost heaven-sent package of CDs “for only $139.80″. But really, I cannot tell you how many yard sales I have been to with workout equipment, weights, and even Richard Simmons videos available, offered by those who appear to have never cracked the shrink rap in which the video was packaged
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