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"Traffic Cipher"This is really a legit review on a phenomenal SEO course Traffic Cipher that you came across on my blog. The Traffic Cipher course will show you the different techniques to take advantage of the “low competition” keywords in your niche in the home based business industry .

Therefore, you have the potential to turn those searches into massive amount of traffic to your website or blog to generate more leads and sales for your primary MLM business opportunity. Traffic Cipher is a fantastic course to get your hands on if you want to get on the first page on Google!

Online Marketing Traffic Cipher Course

Fernando Ceballos and Raymond Fong are the co founders of Traffic Cipher. They also recently created SEO Networker 3.0 late last year. I own that product as well. Therefore, Traffic Cipher is a amazing online marketing SEO marketing course is definitely worth the investment for your money in my honest opinion. This blog post is about the Traffic Cipher course, so I’m going to give you more specific information if this course resonates with you if you are involved in a MLM business or any type of home based business that is done online.

If you really don’t know already what Traffic Cipher can do for you that has the potential to explode your business that you can learn and implement from this marketing course. Traffic Cipher offers you the step-by-step instructions on how to start generating massive amount of qualified MLM leads and start making additional income immediately.

Essentially, what I’m referring to from this Traffic Cipher course will show you the way to start taking advantage of the “low competition” keywords in your targeted niche that has very little competition and turn those searches into massive traffic to your website or blog to put more money into your pocket!

IMHO on Traffic Cipher

So I’m going to give you my honest opinion on why should you consider purchasing this Traffic Cipher course today! If you are absolutely serious in building a successful network marketing business to start generating leads and getting massive amount of traffic to your site or blog . It is vital for you if you want to achieve success as a internet marketer without out of pocket expenses for free instead of spending your hard earned money on Pay Per Click like Facebook for instance!

First of all, Traffic Cipher is easy to learn and implement.  The so called SEO “Gurus”  or experts that claims it can be frustrating and difficult to start implementing SEO to generate leads to your site or blog to start making money right away.

Fernando and Ray claims that anyone can start learning and implementing SEO. Nonetheless, you absolutely don’t have to be one of those tech nerds or geeks either in order to start generating more traffic to your site or blog instantly.

There are a lot of marketers that think they can just rank any competing keyword in the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. If they do that and don’t do your keyword search first then there is good chance, they won’t get a higher ranking in the search engines. It doesn’t work that way because some keywords are very competitive and won’t have the ability to get a higher rank in Google.

Therefore, the Traffic Cipher course that you can learn on figuring out the way to find these secret long tail keywords with a “low competition” or a poorly optimized competition that can benefit you to generate more leads and traffic to your site or blog online.

There are literally hundreds of different reasons on how a website is ranked in SEO. However, many of these reasons don’t give you the majority of your best SEO results as internet marketer. Traffic Cipher will absolutely help you to be consistent and focused on SEO as long you take massive action!

"Traffic Cipher"

Traffic Cipher Review Conclusion  

Traffic Cipher is definitely a amazing course overall if you are contemplating or serious into getting more specific details on search engine optimization. I strongly recommend in getting this course if you want to be a real SEO expert as online marketer.

SEO is the most misunderstood by those “Gurus” when first starting out on getting on the first page on Google. Furthermore, you want to pick the brains or start masterminding with Ray and Fernando in Traffic Cipher or going to events like No Excuses Summit to meet them in person . It’s a lot better to generate free traffic if you are in a limited budget than using the high paying advertising like Facebook PPC. High search engine ranking is a great strategy to start making more money into your bank account. So go ahead and purchase Traffic Cipher today!


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You absolutely want to get sign ups on autopilot to start making money either in MLM or in Affiliate Marketing without ever picking up the phone period! The key to get sign ups on autopilot is building relationships with your subscribers by blasting an email message or send them valuable content like this  one. This helps to get your leads to convert into paid signups into your business on the internet.

Getting Sign Ups On Autopilot

In addition, video marketing is an effective strategy to get sign ups on autopilots. It’s definitely one of the best free marketing method in my honest opinion. You can start marketing any offer to your target market when you start building rapport with your audience. 

They feel they know you, like and trust you when watching a video that engages more from your viewers. Doing video’s increase your chances for your audience to buy your products, service or join your latest biz opp.

Feel free to start watching the video below that offers some of the best tips on how to explode your business and the ability to get paid signups on autopilot TODAY!

One Take Away To Get Sign Ups On Autopilot

When I first began my career in multi-level marketing back in 2006, I was continuing to struggle to grow my primary MLM biz opp. I was taught from my upline to learn and implement the outdated methods like making a list of friends and family, approaching strangers, doing home meeting, 3 way calls and etc.

In reality, only 3% of marketers in MLM are making money in network marketing. However, I got burnt out trying to sponsor reps into my business opportunity. Therefore, I wasn’t making a single dime in my previous company utilizing these strategies offline!

I turned into the internet on how to build a MLM business, there I started shooting video’s anywhere that anyone in the world can watch after loading it up on YouTube. It can be seen  24 hours 7 days a week. It will still be viewed while you are still sleeping. 

Using video is definitely a great strategy to start marketing your business when building relationships to your list. All you need is a cheap camera or you can use your IPhone or Android smartphone to start shooting videos. Therefore, your video’s can be spread out all over the world when engaging with people online. 

This is a very effective strategy to start broadcasting your videos. It’s vital to deliver value to your audience and spread your content everywhere on the internet. If done properly, you will certainly can get sign ups on autopilot today!

You have the potential to get sign ups on autopilot without applying the old school methods you are taught from your sponsor. Click Here for more information!

Sign Ups
Sign Ups

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"GVO Review"This is a legit GVO review on the internet. What GVO stands for is Global Virtual Opportunities with this network marketing biz opportunity with like minded people in internet marketing. 3 years ago in 2009, Joel Therien is the creator of the madness. He is one of the well known professionals in our niche in MLM.

Honest GVO Review Online

Therefore, from this GVO review, this company is basically offering you a complete web hosting package at a affordable price. In addition, you get unlimited web hosting, built in auto-responders up to 20,000 subscribers, lead capture pages templates and unlimited domain names as well. Global Virtual Opportunities is a one stop shop for your needs to build your business as a internet marketer at one place.

You can start with a 14 day trial with GVO for only $1 dollar, a one time enrollment fee which goes over the first month trial. If you are satisfied, you will be charged for $44 per month or another option is to go with the auto-responder package up to 500 subscribers for only $9.95 per month! You can cancel it anytime. The total value for this total package is well worth more than $130/month. 

So, From This GVO Review Really Means To You?

Nonetheless, you are definitely getting your money’s worth rather than going with their competitors with Aweber or GetReponse. In my honest opinion from this GVO review, you are absolutely getting more value from the Global Virtual Opportunities than from their competitors for sure.

That being said from this GVO review and products perspective, It is a no brainer to go with GVO to start building your primary MLM biz opportunity or building your brand on the internet.

GVO Review Business Opportunity

The company is also a business opportunity that you can build to start making additional income streams. Nonetheless, Global Virtual Opportunities is different from other affiliate services that are offered by web hosting companies. Aweber for instance. If you are an affiliate with Aweber and start marketing it to make money. Therefore, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, you get a commission if someone purchases a product from Aweber.

From this GVO review, anyone that you refer with your affiliate link with Global Virtual Opportunities; you’ll be placed on a traditional binary MLM downline. How cool is that? Not only you are getting monthly commissions that you are referring anyone into GVO of the people who are referring to the company. 

However, you will get commissions off anyone who they referred and who they referred. Obviously, you are getting access to all the tools as an affiliate from this GVO Review. Your downline as affiliates will have everything that they need to start duplicating with this awesome biz opportunity with Global Virtual Opportunities today!

In my honest opinion from this GVO review, I strongly recommend to go with this GVO biz opportunity so you can start building your list and grow your primary MLM biz opportunity to become a top income producer. Nonetheless, it isn’t too difficult to start building a large downline with this organization after reading the best GVO review on the internet.

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Not To Miss See Solavei Opportunity

by Danny on July 30, 2012 · 1 comment

If you are reading this Solavei Review, It’s because your curious about the hype on the latest opportunity that has gone viral on Facebook. Right now it’s currently in pre-launch and won’t officially launch until Sept 21, 2012 in New York City. You can’t even buy the service or the cellphone unless you are a founding member with Solavei.

What Is Solavei?

This hasn’t been done before! Therefore, Solavei will definitely be the first EVER Social Marketing and Commerce Company that will transform the mobile phone industry by offering a unique way of innovation on smart phone services in the early 4th quarter of this year. You absolutely can get unlimited calling, text and 4G Data with one of the fastest growing 4G networks! There is NO contracts to sign for only $49 per month or even get your service for FREE!

Obviously, Most people have a phone bill. I bet it’s more than $69.99 that you are paying for at this time during the hard economic times. The question to ask anyone that you know (friends & family) that are open to save a lot money or the possibility to get your cell phone service for FREE….

You must see this that is worth watching before it goes viral. This can’t not be ignored. I guarantee that you will thank me later!

This isn’t a start up; but will become a multi-billion brand when it launches in the fall. This is the REASON why it is the perfect time and the right place! You just need to watch this video in it’s entirety on how exactly Solavei will grow very fastest!

Check Out The Vision By The Solavei CEO Ryan Weurch

Mission Statement

“Keeping in mind the aforementioned, Solavei’s (pronounced SOL-A-VAY) mission is to make commerice less expensive…and profitable for it’s members, meaning you and your sphere of influence. Over, you will hear people referring to Solavei as the next biggest social network and you will hear and read aboutthe “Revolution”. While this statements are true with regard to how some people think of Solavei, We say Solavei is social commerce network that provides a unique income generating opportunity for members through its nation-wide 4G mobile service.”

Solavei Background  "Solavei"

Solavei is based in the West Coast in Bellevue, WA. The founder and CEO of the company is Ryan Weurch. This multi-billion dollar brand is going to surface that no one ever thought of before until now. They are offering consumers unlimited calling, texting and 4G Data for only $49 or for FREE just referring other members into their service. 

The company will deliver their smart phone services that can definitely be in competition with other well known major mobile carriers! They have a unmatched management corp team and partnership with a world-class service experience with major corporations with T-mobile, ATT, J.P Morgan, Microsoft and Motricity. 

There is momentum that is building up to the launch with key executives, advisory board members, investors, and Fortune 500 companies that is going along with Solavei’s vision. The company has already received a financial commitment of over $20MM in funding at a valuation of over $120MM, which is greater than the second round of funding for both Facebook and Google.

What’s The Next Step With Solavei?

It’s absolutely the perfect timing to get all in with Solavei. You absolutely can get on the ground floor with this opportunity before the public knows about it. Then you should start sharing Solavei with your friends and family as well as your social circle of friends on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin! 

Just send me a private email at or PM on Facebook to get a special invite to the network called the Lane! You definitely can start working with the fastest growing team. Looking forward hearing from you to jump in board with me with Solavei today!

For more info on Solavei, Click Here!







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Danny Yoon


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