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by Danny on November 9, 2011 · 3 comments

"SoZo Life"This is absolutely one of the positive MLM reviews on SoZo Life. Therefore, you came across my blog post on this review in network marketing. You want to do your due diligence on this specific company if SoZo Life is really a legitimate network marketing opportunity. Before going on, I just want to let you know first hand that I am not associated with this company what so ever. I have written hundreds of multi-level marketing reviews in the past online.

SoZo Life Company Overview And Leadership Management Team

SoZo is founded by the CEO and President Mark Adams in 2009. He had built several other successful multi-level marketing businesses prior to creating this new company. SoZo Life is located in Henderson, Nevada. It’s in the suburb in Las Vegas. The company line of product that they market is based on coffee berry. It’s a type of berries that grows on coffee plants.   

A veteran for well over 23 years in multi-level marketing is the Chairman J. Larry Cantrell, VP of sales Michael Boyd and Jim Landrum is the VP of operations of SoZo. Therefore, all these individuals have past extensive experience in multi-level marketing and that SoZo Life with absolutely be one of those successful companies in our industry.

SoZo Life-The Coffee Product

There niche is in the nutritional industry.  SoZo Life promotes a flagship product that is the second most consumed product right behind drinking water is a coffee drink. Most people will assume it’s made from coffee beans just simply going to Star Bucks rather than buying the coffee product. Actually the SoZo Life is produced by a coffee berry which is actually surrounds the coffee bean. What I mean that the coffee bean is the seeds of the coffee berry. Hhhhmmm! Would this particular product might have an interest for you?

The nutritional products that SoZo Life markets are actually 3 of those products. One of them is a SoZo Life Functional Beverage. It contains 21 servings of healthy fruits and vegetables from just one serving. Second is a SoZo Life energy drink called Ignite and the last product is the old school gourmet coffee flagship product that the company claims on their corporate website that they have ”the healthiest coffee in the world”.

SoZo Life – Business Opportunity and The Company’s Compensation Plan      "SoZo Life"

Like other various MLM Company’s SoZo Life utilizes a binary compensation plan. There is 9 different ways to get paid as a rep with SoZo. There is the retail that is the most common with other network marketing company’s.

Also there is the Fast Start Bonuses, Fast Start Matching and Builder Bonuses. In addition there is the Team Commissions, Leadership Check Matching Income, Rank Achievement and the last one is the PowerLeg Bonuses. If you want to get more information about the SoZo Life’s compensation, you just need to go to their corporate website.

SoZo Life MLM Business Opportunity Conclusion

SoZo Life is just another one of those nutritional companies out there in the market place. You can join any nutritional company in MLM. Therefore, this specific niche can be saturated. However, it’s not all about the company, compensation plan or products that can absolutely drive you to achieve success in network marketing.

It’s about standing out from the crowd, the way you are marketing your primary MLM business opportunity and the capability to find like-minded people who are motivated, driven, hungry and ambitious to have more time with friends and family to build a successful network marketing business. Also, you have the freedom financial to fire your boss in working in the corporate world at a JOB (Just Over Broke)

This is what I would do if you are struggling in MLM, I would definitely get yourself a mentor with network marketing experience that utilizes a duplicatable marketing strategies. It really doesn’t matter if it is offline or online marketing methods. Applying an attraction marketing system for your business that has a excellent chance to generate income even though your prospects don’t join you in SoZo Life or any type of MLM business opportunity.



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    Thanks for sharing this information. Just knowing the marketing knowledge helps one have the tools to be successful when they decide to take action.
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    Nice breakdown here Danny on Sozo. I would agree with you on finding a good mentor and learning how to market yourself and your products. It’s what will keep you in the game!!
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