Top Priority is to Pay Yourself First To Achieve Success

by Danny on August 5, 2011 · 5 comments

"Pay Yourself First'Pay Yourself first to be financially free


There are critical concepts from a greatly known author David Bach who has written a book called Automatic Millionaire is about a discussion to Pay Yourself First financially. The fundamentals in this book aren’t that new at all. You can absolutely find various Pay Yourself First from different types of sources. It can come from different blogs, articles or number of business books at your local Barnes and Nobles.

Also, you get can get the information from the so called financial experts on Fox news or other relevant cable news station. These financial strategies aren’t new at all, but it has to do with common sense. Anyone can implement these rules without of a need of a financial planner.

What I mean on to Pay Yourself First is before paying your bills and buying relevant items or products. So when you Pay Yourself First is put aside a certain percentage of your monthly income from your JOB is to put it into a savings account.  

Therefore, it is critical to start a savings habit and not spending money in useless things.  Most family household pay for other things first than after everything is paid off, there isn’t any money left over to Pay Yourself First. The REAL problem for most people in a financial crisis that individuals don’t have the proper mindset in managing their financial situation.

Change your pay yourself first mindset

It is essential to change the way you think about money to get yourself in a improved financial situation and have a better life style for you and your family. So your top priority is all about the savings in what you have left each month and the capability to Pay Yourself First is absolutely the fundamentals and the mindset that needs to be in order for you to be financially free.

Pay Yourself First real doesn’t require any self-control or disciple about money. It mainly has to do with common sense. So just putting away even a small amount into a savings account can absolutely have a big difference in your life and your financial future down the road.

Like David Bach said from his Automatic Millionaire book, You just simply need to get a certain percentage from paycheck from your corporate America JOB that can be automatic to go redirected to either your retirement plan or savings account. This can reduce the potential risk of your money disappearing if there was an emergency or a unpredictable circumstances.

So when you ever stop making excuses that you can’t Pay Yourself First, you can get things automated.  Nonetheless, you could have a percentage from your paycheck that is being credited to different accounts from your savings to your debit card that can be automated to pay your bills ahead of time to avoid the unnecessary interest rates from your bills.

This is absolutely the best way to separate from your savings and debit account that is more convenient. It can get you the best start to Pay Yourself First to give yourself a budget and in the long run to be financially free in the future.

Other Pay Yourself First Fundamentals

Other ways on to Pay Yourself First is figuring out your assets and liabilities that is critical for your financial situation. So, I highly recommend that you write down a list of every expense, even tolerating the smallest expense. Therefore, this is a vital part on Paying Yourself on how you are spending your money that goes in a monthly cycle.

Every month on each cycle, it is essential that you take a look at your expenses and figure out which items aren’t necessary and find out the ones that you can live without. Nonetheless, instead of spending unnecessary items, I would encourage you to add it to your savings account that can make a lasting difference in your financial situation on to Pay Yourself First. That said, just paying yourself first you can still have a happen and financial free lifestyle when attaining a thriving future.

It is never too late and doesn’t matter what your age is to be financial free and have a great future ahead of you. You can absolutely start saving today and I suggest that you buy David Bach’s “The Automatic Millionaire” at your local bookstore that goes in more detail on the subject manner to start fulfilling your goals of your financial security that discusses the fundamentals, strategies and ideas to Pay Yourself First financially!



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    I totally agree. We worry about paying the bills and take care of yourselves last. Some people don’t get a chance to take of themselves. So so true

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