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"Passive Income Online"

Passive Income Online In The Digital Age!

You obviously heard success stories on how people are creating passive income online. Therefore, you probably heard many business opportunities having a brilliant idea on creating passive income online. It definitely works using the internet!  Most people don’t believe it doesn’t work during the digital age in the 21st century.

In the real world, I’m going to share you my thoughts on creating a steady passive income online.  It is essential to start having the right mindset on what I am going to cover and start taking massive action to start seeing results in your business.

Building Wealth On Creating Passive Income Online  

Just like myself at one time I came across great business opportunities that claims home based businesses like network marketing that offers you passive income online or offline. You can definitely get overwhelmed with a lot of garbage and BS on the internet on different resources on passive income online.

Therefore, you are absolutely working your tail off on what it takes to start generating passive income online as a marketer. 97% of marketers online just throw in the towel. In fact, a lot of people are just one step closer to success but quit before finding their own passive income online success!

There is really no such thing to start making immediate income without doing anything. If there was a business opportunity like that, it is mostly a pyramid scheme!

The Definition Of A Passive Income  

According to Wikipedia, the definition of passive income ”is an income received on a regular basis,with little effort required to maintain it” or you start collecting passive income from certain businesses that was already built in which you are not longer involved.

If you are serious in your business and work really hard based on your efforts, you will likely achieve success. Therefore, you will absolutely get rewarded on getting passive income online or offline just simply doing the work once!

You can absolutely spend a lot of time on creating different streams of passive income online or offline. Therefore, you can start spending less hours making money to gain the financial freedom that you always wanted rather than working for a BOSS!

There are 5 different types on creating passive income online just working from home:  

1.Affiliate Marketing– Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Overstock and countless others that you are affiliated with that can absolutely make you a lot of money. This is a type of passive income because people are continuing to buy from those well known brand names from their websites on the internet!

2.Internet Marketing- Blogging, Article Marketing, SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) and Video Content to start using a system to generate leads for your business or just simply buying your stuff on your website or blog on autopilot!

3. Dividends– One of the risky businesses on generating continous passive income. Dividends that are paying stock that are usually a great investment in the stock market. If you are a expert in this field and make smart decisions, it’s almost guaranteed to make money!

4. Real Estate Investor (Real Estate Cash Flow)- A individual that starts utilizing funds to acquire property for the ideal purpose of owing a property so you can profiting from the real estate investments by offering it to tenants. It can come from housing or commercial real estate is a great way to create additional passive income online or offline.

5.Network Marketing– The actual definition according to Wikipedia “ in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierachy of multiple levels of compensation” Other terms used such as MLM, Multi Level Marketing or Direct Selling.

Passive Income Online Opportunities  

You want to spend more time with your friends and family, so there is only 24 hour per day while working at a 9-5 corporate America job and just working a hourly wage. It is less likely you are going to climb the corporate ladder to get a increase in salary.

Your time is more valuable so you want to have a better future on creating passive income online or offline. This is absolutely the best way to create financial freedom rather than waiting until you retire at the age of 65.

However, the more streams of passive income that you can start building, the faster you will fire your BOSS. It is vital to rely on your passive income online or offline  if you want to replace your income at your job. Just imagine on having the time freedom and you don’t have to deal with living from pay check to pay check anymore!


As a internet marketer, Danny Yoon is generating leads on a daily basis on his own online presence. If you are serious on generating passive income online, you can get more information on the attraction marketing system he uses.

Just Click Here! Therefore, just having the right mindset, motivation, dedication and taking massive action on how to start creating passive income online is based on your efforts to grow a thriving business today!

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