Offline VS Online MLM Marketing Differences In Network Marketing

by Danny on July 18, 2012 · 0 comments

"Online MLM Marketing"You are reading this blog post on Online MLM Marketing. It’s critical to leverage the internet at this time in today’s technology in the 21st century! Going online will definitely help you to grow your MLM Biz!

Online MLM Marketing

The reality, it’s a must to start learning and applying online MLM marketing strategies if you want to build a large downline in network marketing! Leveraging the online world will help you to start building new relationships with anyone not only in the United States but globally as well.

You just simply start implementing theses online MLM marketing strategies just communicating with liked minded people using social media like for instances Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. You absolutely can start targeting MLMer’s that are hungry for success to grow their biz to blend with offline marketing tactics.    

Only 5% that are involved in network marketing are implementing online MLM marketing strategies to be become a top income earner in MLM. Your laughing your ass off to bank because most people aren’t using the internet to grow their network marketing biz opportunity! LOL!

Offline Vs Online MLM Marketing Differences

1.Hassling strangers at your local mall or Star Bucks! This isn’t a good way to market your biz VS Hanging out on the social media sites like Facebook. Therefore, you should be specifically targeting prospects that are a perfect fit for your MLM biz opp.

2.Advertising from those expensive classified Ads. There is no way you can track or split test those Ads VS Advertising online; Facebook PPC is HOT right now. You absolutely can track and split test every ad you create to figure out if it is working or not!

3. Pitching your latest biz opportunity, products or services to others VS Branding yourself as a leader as a expert in your niche on offering value either from your blog or through video!

4. Writing a list of 100 people in your warm market from your friends and family. It’s most likely your targeting the WRONG prospects about a biz opp VS Building a list with unlimited potential on what you offer from this online MLM marketing strategies using a autoresponder like Aweber or GVO!

Now, do you know the differences and why most people are struggling in network marketing just applying the offline marketing techniques your taught from your upline? The FACT is 97% of marketers aren’t achieving success using those methods.

Offline marketing tactics still works today! If you want to increase your chances for success in MLM, it is critical to blend offline with online MLM marketing strategies to build your primary MLM biz opp. It certainly helps to start getting a lot more prospects and customers to take a look at your business!

What I highly recommend that you blend both online MLM marketing strategies with offline techniques to grow your MLM Business. This is what a lot of the top income earners are doing since the invention of the internet. It definitely helps leveraging theses online MLM marketing tactics to prosper in a home based business in this industry!


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