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by Danny on October 8, 2011 · 7 comments

"LightYear Wireless"You landed on this page because you are doing your due diligence after hearing about a business opportunity with LightYear Wireless. Anyway, I’m not involved with LightYear Wireless or anyway associated with this MLM Company.

You are reading this LightYear Wireless Review because you heard about this telecommunication company from a friend. Therefore, you want to carefully do your research on the company before hand if you consider being a rep with LightYear Wireless. Maybe you are a marketer with LightYear Wireless for a quit some time if you really made a smart decision if you can succeed and make money in the multi-level marketing industry.

LightYear Wireless Overview

In the summer of July 2008 a telecommunication company is born that is known as LightYear Wireless. The company is making a commitment to provide there customers with the best wireless communications services that is affordable to get customers to start saving monthly cost on their phone bills. LightYear Wireless isn’t like other telecommunication companies like the big brand names like Verizon, ATT & Sprint.

What makes this company different from it’s competitors is that customers have the potential to earn commission by referring new customers with LightYear Wireless utilizing a MLM business structure. This type of business that isn’t offered from your competitors.

If you don’t know already, Network Solutions is actually the creator of LightYear Wireless telecommunications. It was original created by Sherman Henderson way back in the mid 90’s. The company is located in Louisville, Kentucky with well over 80,000 sq. ft of office space. There are currently a member with the Better Business Bureau. That said, LightYear Wireless is a legit MLM company with hundreds of employees.  The company is definitely worth millions of dollars in the home based business industry

Lightyear Wireless Product Info

The company does provide wireless cell phone services to there customers. However, they really don’t own their license frequencies to carry their own wireless cellphone services. It is because it allows them to provide the most affordable costs to there customers that makes a big difference from their competitors in the market place. How is it possible if they don’t carry any type of license frequencies? They are using the 4G network through Sprint. Isn’t this fantastic?

LightYear Wireless basically have the same features with big brand names. After carefully doing my due diligence on this MLM Company, I find out that you can really get unlimited amount of nationwide talk, web browsing and texting without any worries about signing any 2 year contracts. This is such a great deal that your competitors won’t do in this industry.

Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan   "LightYear Wireless"

If you decided to join as a rep with the LightYear Wireless, You can get started immediately with a one time investment of $299. Also, additional fee is setting up your own company website for $25 and charges a monthly fee of $60.

As long you are an active marketer with the company, there is also a $50 yearly renewal fee as well.  So once you enroll as a rep, you have the opportunity to start sponsoring new people into LightYear Wireless to get compensated and start earning monthly residual income.

There are many different ways to get compensated as rep with LightYear Wireless. First of all, there is customer activation bonus. You get $25 each for every activation. Second, a customer loyalty bonus. You get paid $200 for recruiting 3 new marketers and the last way to get paid is signing up new distributors. You get paid $100 for each person you personally sponsor into LightYear Wireless.

Also there is a monthly residual income when you get compensated toward up to 10% on your group volume on the companies phone bills. Does these compensation plans sound good to you?

LightYear Wireless Conclusion

From my prospective from theses LightYear Wireless Reviews online that can offer anyone additional income streams in the MLM industry. There is well over 350,00 people that are over 18 years old are currently using a cell phone in the United States. As of this writing it is currently has generated well over $225 billion dollars in revenue. If you are indeed interested in reducing cost on your cell, you should consider using this service to start saving money on a yearly basis.

After going through this article, you know for certain from theses LightYear Wireless Reviews, it’s a legit MLM business opportunity that are competing with the well known brand names that are stuck with 2 year contracts with their current provider. So they want to make a smart financial decision if this is the right business opportunity for them in network marketing. Therefore, you must figure out a way to manage your potential customers on their contracts as well to make the switch!

It really doesn’t matter which MLM Company that you join. It is essential to have the capability to start sponsoring new reps very quickly to become a top income earner.

You are probably one of those people that are struggling in MLM , it is because they have lack the knowledge and skills in what it takes to achieve success in network marketing. So just click on the link for a brief free video presentation to prosper in your LightYear Wireless MLM business opportunity TODAY!

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