4 Essential Network Marketing Tools To Explode Your Business

by Danny on August 4, 2011 · 5 comments

"Network Marketing Tools"You came across this article to learn theses network marketing tools because you are an inexperience internet marketer who is struggling in your primary network marketing opportunity.

Therefore, you went online to figure out the online marketing strategies to explode there business by using these network marketing tools rather than utilizing the offline marketing methods that you are taught from your sponsor.

Achieve massive success on theses important network marketing tools

However, There are marketers who were once struggling in MLM are now killing it in their network marketing business on the internet because they are taking massive action on implementing theses network marketing tools  just by simply following theses step by step directions.   

Here are the 4 essential network marketing tools for internet marketers:

1.Creating your unique landing page. This is absolutely a phenomenal network marketing tool to start building your list to create new relationship with your prospects, monetizing your list and the capability to follow up with them down the road.

It is critical that you don’t send your prospects directly to your network marketing business opportunity replicated websites. You won’t have the ability to follow up with your list and have no control of theses replicated MLM websites from your primary network marketing company.

2. Set up your WordPress Blog. This basically your central hub for your blog as a internet marketer for doing business in bringing value and content everyday to your prospects or followers who might eventually buy from you or signup in your primary MLM business opportunity. Your blog is a place where you are actually branding yourself, not pitching your network marketing company.

You are just giving away relevant information to your followers that you have the capability to start building relationships and trust with your prospects. If done properly, your potential prospects will be approaching you and you don’t have to start hassling your friends and family about your home based business. This is definitely one of the best network marketing tools to build up your credibility and trust online for your MLM business opportunity.

3. Create a Facebook Profile or Fanpage. It is important to load up a real picture of yourself so that other people will know for sure that you are a real person that you can start building a relationship and trust with your prospects using social media. So the key for communicating with someone on Facebook is vital to start creating rapport and connecting with them.

Also, you must put your business and personal information on your Facebook profile so that your prospects will want to get to know you better. This is absolutely a great strategy to start promoting your primary MLM business opportunity online and meeting interesting liked-minded individuals using social media.

4. E-mail Auto responder. This is critical for internet marketers to utilize these network marketing tools to achieve success in MLM. An auto responder is an automated approach online to transmit emails to your prospects. I highly recommend on using either AWeber or Get Response.  I personally use Aweber for my business.

Their monthly rates are affordable and are usually less than $20 to use either Aweber or Get Response. These auto responders allow you to automatic pre program your written messages in advance and to put in your prospects email address and name to them. So building your list is there forever, and you own that list. You then can start marketing and monetizing to your list. This is one of the best network marketing tools that you can get new marketers or customers from your network marketing business venture.

Start applying theses network marketing tools in your business

If you are ready and serious to build a network marketing business opportunity online is implementing the 4 essential network marketing tools that I mentioned in this article. This will absolutely help you achieve success and the potential to become a top income earner in your primary MLM business just by taking massive action in utilizing these network marketing tools.



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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tips! I just recently setup my wordpress blog… My twitter and youtube channel are setup, I just need to get around to the facebook fan page! 

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    Hi Danny,
    Thanks for the good ideas.
    All the best.

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    Great getting started post Danny. Good job, keep it up!
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  • http://kimmullette.com Kim Mullette

    Great tips Danny, it’s great to have some direction when you are new to the industry to know where to get started.
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