MLM Forums Is A Great Strategy To Start Building Relationships Online!

by Danny on November 1, 2011 · 10 comments

"MLM forums"This is one of my take aways on this simply secret that you can implement right way is participating in MLM forums. This is the place to start opening your eyes to do possible JV Partnerships. It also has to do with building relationships and trust when frequently getting involved in theses MLM forums leveraging the internet.

It really doesn’t matter which primary MLM business opportunity you are involved, it is all about bringing value to the community in the network marketing industry. Theses MLM forums are created so we can help each other out to find success in our business. Therefore, you absolutely don’t want to start hassling anybody to pitch your MLM business opportunity when getting involved in these MLM forums online.

The Best 3 MLM Forums To Participate To Explode Your Business!

First of all, I high recommend on participating on the number one MLM forum that I am currently involved is a marketing forum that is created by Mike Dillard is a website called BetterNetworker for network marketers. This is definitely the place you must frequently visit because there is a ton of value, trends and what’s work now in our niche in the muli-level marketing industry.

Not only that, you will able to start building relationships with like-minded individuals. Also the ability to figure out what the latest marketing trends in the 21st Century in the home based business industry. Nonetheless, trends is essential to figure out if you are going to achieve success in this industry as a marketer.

The second best MLM forums that I suggest to connect with liked-minded individuals is getting involved and sign up on the Warriorforum. The main difference between WF and BN is having that commitment on posting relevant questions on network marketing and answering their questions almost immediately.

I would definitely setup an account on the Warriorforum with no cost to you. Since 1997, the Warriorforum has been around for a long period of time. The creators of this forum know what their doing and having extensive experience in multi-level marketing.

Since it is a forum of community of network marketers that it protect it’s self from spammers and it really brings in relationship and trust that you interactive with other people in theses MLM forums. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend dedicating half of your time answering questions and start building connections with other people who post their questions. As for the other half is making new friends who have the common interests in network marketing.

The third type of MLM forum to get involved is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad forums. This is similar to BetterNetworker. The only differences it gives you financial educations on their forums to solve their problems.  The target audience from the Rich Dad Poor Dad forums are other small business owners (Real Estate, Franchise, Work from home, etc) other than network marketing.                                                                      "MLM forums"

This is definitely a excellent marketing forum to start connecting with liked-minded individuals to start building rapport and relationships. Rich Dad Poor Dad is absolutely a spam free forum and you can absolutely generate leads as well to explode your business.

The Fundamentals of theses MLM Forums

Marketing forums is definitely the way to go for network marketers to achieve success. It is critical that you find your specific type of niche that you are an expert on. You need to bring in value from this community of marketers and just simply have a natural conversation with them. This powerful marketing strategy can potential get people interested in buying your product or join you in your primary MLM business opportunity.

Furthermore, MLM forums is certainly a great method to start building long last relationship, have your questions answered and produces partnership that can grow your MLM business quickly without hassling your friends and family or wasting time cold calling leads that is taught from your sponsor in multi-level marketing.

There is absolutely hundreds of different marketing strategies to generate leads online. Since you are involved in MLM you need to get a lot of qualified leads for your business. It is critical that you must establish a connection and trust with people before they even purchase or sign up in your primary MLM business opportunity.

If you seriously want to explode your business online, you must diversify your marketing strategies to start getting leads.

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  • Daria Jackson-Legagneur

    Hi Danny, Again you continue to share value and timely nuggets to use. Thanks
    Daria Jackson-Legagneur recently posted..I Vowed to Never Get Involved In MLM AgainMy Profile

  • Brenda

    Forums have been considered by many to be a great source of leads, more people should make use of them – Great insights shared as usual Danny,
    Brenda recently posted..Success Is Challenging, Rise Up To The Challenge.My Profile

  • Pat McKeon

    Danny, thanks for such an informative article on
    Forum Marketing…it makes sense to get to know
    people online who are sharing information relevant to
    our business and for us to reciprocate!!

    I think I will try this forum marketing especially on Better Networker
    which absoulutely has been an important part of my marketing!

    thanks Danny

    Pat McKeon recently posted..HOW to Effectively Present your MLM, interview with Jordan SchultzMy Profile

  • Marcie

    Hi Danny, wasn’t aware is that good for MLM JVs, i have an account there since forever but i’ve been using it for software and stuff.
    The truth is, it’s not easy trusting some stranger with a JV, especially since a lot of people in these forums are just out to scam somebody.
    Marcie recently posted..Benefits of Attending Job FairsMy Profile

  • Galen Morgigno

    Yo Danny!! Great article and strategy on Forums. So many people new to online network marketing don’t take the time to use this strategy. 30 minutes a day with this and your building relationships and more traffic to your website. Thanks for sharing!!
    Galen Morgigno recently posted..Ping a Page Made EasyMy Profile

  • Nathan Gonzalez

    Danny, great content on mlm forums my man!
    Nathan Gonzalez recently posted..How To Have Your Network Marketing Business Take Off Like A Rocket Ship To The MoonMy Profile

  • Alecia

    Great tips on forums. What a great way to start.
    Alecia recently posted..How To Connect With Network MarketersMy Profile

  • Godwin Okoduwa

    Thanks Danny, I will surely check out the rich dad poor dad forum. Forums are excellent places of finding genuine marketers
    Godwin Okoduwa recently posted..Organo Gold Ranking StructureMy Profile

  • Wendy Elwell

    Great information on how to use Forums. I have never heard of the Warrior Forum and I did not realize Robert Kiyosaki had his own forum. Thanks for sharing such great and useful information. Thanks again!

  • Jeff

    Hi Danny, great tips. I also believe that the best MLM prospecting is done in the real world, too. Like with phone calls, direct mail, drop cards and signs an every car we drive, etc. Social media is obvious but we mustn’t forget real physical communicatin. Great blog! I hope to see more articles from you!

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