Live Smart 360 Review – Can You Really Make Money In MLM?

by Danny on November 15, 2011 · 4 comments

"Live Smart 360"Live Smart 360 is a brand new cutting edge company that was launched back  in May, 2010. It is quickly expanding in the high saturated niche in the health and wellness industry. Therefore, you came across this page because you definitely want to get more information on Live Smart 360 if this is the business opportunity if you want to get involved or not.

Before I go on I am not affiliated with this company what so ever. I tend to write thousand of MLM Reviews for people to read if network marketing is really a legitimate home based business opportunity.

Live Smart 360 absolutely brings in unique bonuses, products and extraordinary leadership attributes. Therefore, the fantastic leadership management team within the company has  now over 100 years of experience in the home based business industry. They are also generating 100’s of millions of revenues in various types of multi level marketing companies worldwide.

Live Smart 360 Products

The products that the company offers in the market place is 360 Mist, a consumable product called Zorbmax. It is a nutritional health supplement, vitamins and a weight loss management solution. 360 Mist Zorbmax that Live Smart 360 markets is a product that has the potential to help your body break down more nutritional ingredients from the foods that you eat.    

It usually helps to create and start separating your own blood cells which the product that you are consuming. This particular product usually has no taste, it is odorless and colorless as well. According to the Live 360 corporate website the various 360 Mist products that they offer are 2 Ignite, 2 PM, Slim and Relieve consumable weight loss products. The benefit of theses 360 Mist consumable products that can absolutely help you with pain relief, better sleep, high energy and a weight loss management solution that the company offers to their customers.

Live Smart 360 Company Overview In Network Marketing

Mike Potillo and Mark McCool are the creators and co-founders of this network marketing company Live Smart 360. This multi-level marketing company is based in Sarasota, Florida. Live Smart 360 are sponsoring marketers into the business opportunity all over North America but worldwide as well to become one of the top multi-level marketing companies in their niche in health and wellness.

The company has international based headquarters in various countries in Australia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Jamaica and in the Philippines as of this writing. The advantages for being a marketer with Live Smart 360 is what the company claims that calls a smart equity program.

In addition, a BMW car bonus that is compensated to their distributor with Live Smart 360 that they can either lease or make the purchase with a promotional vehicle. It is a requirement to continue on with the monthly bonuses that is towards the car payments as long you are still qualified in the program as a rep with Live Smart 360.

Live Smart 360 Compensation Plan Information                              "Live Smart 360"

Other than you getting involved with a luxury car program for the top income earners and the possibility to be part of the Live Smart 360 equity program. As for the company’s comp plan that offers 24 various levels in the compensation plan and usually produces as a dual-team hybrid depends on your efforts.

Just like your typical network marketing companies that you earn money that also includes Retail Commissions, Customer Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses, Double Fast Start Bonuses, Cycle Bonuses and Matching Bonuses. The comp plan that Live Smart 360 utilizes is the binary plan that is generous to offer to their reps in network marketing.

There is also a unique specialty that I haven’t quite heard of before in a MLM compensation plan before until now is the Life Changing Bonus. It is a fantastic way to impact and willing to help other people in need because you have given the bonus to somebody that needs the money more than yourself. The Live Smart 360 compensation plan is absolutely fantastic. If it is indeed the right fit for you, Live Smart 360 can be a fun business opportunity with incentives.

Live Smart 360 Business Opportunity Conclusion

I think that Live Smart 360 is a reliable multi-level marketing business opportunity that you can begin creating monthly residual income so you don’t have to work at a corporate America job ever again. If you are motivated and hunger in growing a MLM business opportunity, you undoubtedly need to talk with the right types of people that have an open mind to start a home-based business opportunity.  As a result, you don’t want to end up short of your accomplishments and goals to be a prosperous rep within the organization.

"Live Smart 360"

You just need to be committed, serious, be motivated and never quit in your home based business. In reality, most people don’t have the desire or their why to do this. Therefore, they are shattering their hopes and dreams and just leaving the MLM industry for good!

The real secret to success in your Live Smart 360 business opportunity is simply be different from other reps with the company. Nonetheless, prospects don’t give a damn about your business opportunity, products or the comp plan. People rather do business with other people they like and trust. You just need to become that expert in your niche and the capability to start branding yourself as a leader in this industry.  You must bring in value to the table and your experience as a marketer to your prospects.

Having Prospects Approaching You About The Live Smart 360 Business Opportunity!  

What I started implementing is known as an Attraction Marketing System. Therefore, prospects will then start contacting you about your Live Smart 360 business opportunity.

PS: If you learn and apply these marketing strategies properly then you will absolutely be in the top 3% that prosper in  network marketing.  Furthermore, you have the potential  to explode your MLM business. Just click on the link  and see your income grow in Live Smart 360 today!

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    Danny thanks for another great network marketing company review. Live Smart 360 is a great company that anyone can succeed with if they have the right marketing system in place.

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    Thanks for the informative review. I know they have changed their compensation plan since the last time I looked at this company. You still have to know your marketing strategies for it to work the right way for profits.
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    This is a very informative review Danny, thanks for sharing.
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