Increasing Productivity To Be In The 3%er That Prosper In Network Marketing!

by Danny on June 7, 2011 · 0 comments

Increasing ProductivityIn reality, Most individuals that signup with a network marketing opportunity will fail because they aren’t increasing productivity in MLM.

Most people will quite less than 90 days into the business. They aren’t increasing productivity to take their business seriously and just treat it as a hobby. Also inexperienced marketers aren’t really focused or motivated in what it takes to succeed in the network marketing industry. Most individuals are continuing to work in the corporate world and are struggling financially. You’re probably like most people working tireless hours earning minimum wage so you can take of yourself and your family just to get by.

If you want to be in the 3% in network marketing, you absolutely must be increasing productivity in your MLM business.

What I mean’t by increasing productivity, It has to with working in your money making activities and not wasting your time watching television, playing video games or hanging out with friends at the bar won’t get you anywhere in the multi level marketing industry.

Increasing Productive in MLM has to do with creating unique content, shoot a YouTube video, pay per click advertisement, SEO, copyrighting or talking with your prospects on the telephone.

Nonetheless, the more increasing productivity that you do as a network marketer that will increase your chances of success to put more money in your bank account. Just keep yourself busy and willing to sacrifice that you want to put on hold for now for increasing productivity in your network marketing business!

If you are increasing productivity as a business owner is just by simply taking consistent action. You also must set your goals on your why and on your personal development in MLM. Also you are willing to help others and give value is another increasing productivity as an entrepreneur.

Why a lot of people are enrolling in network marketing at this time in the recession that we are currently in America today? A lot of individuals are worried about their job security, working tirelessly, working paycheck to paycheck just to pay their bills , wanting to get out of the rat race and want to have more time to spend with friends and family or go on vacation. These are just a few reasons why individuals get involved in MLM in first place. They absolutely want a lifestyle change and don’t want to work the rest of their lives until they die!

Therefore, you must be with right network marketing opportunity with the top leaders, sponsor, training and education that your upline will you show you the way for your increasing productivity in MLM. You have to be capability to take action, plug into a system like My Lead System Pro that can easily be duplicatable in multi level marketing, increasing productivity in your business and stay consistent at all times. Also, you must train and educate your downline within 1-3  months in network marketing or else you will definitely lose over 80% of your prospects in your organization!

So in order get increasing productivity and retain prospects in your network marketing business, you need to able to listen and be coachable.

Therefore, increasing productivity in MLM is the critical part of your home based business. Like I said earlier, you need to have the ambition, driven and focus on your personal development. Also, you are having the passion to give consistent value to others in the marketplace.

You must  continue with your increasing productivity and activities in a daily basis. If you do this, you will absolutely increase in your retaining the prospects in your downline. However, they will always people quitting in network marketing at around 80%. This is how the game works in this industry.

You must practice in increasing productivity in educating yourself on talking with prospects on the telephone and the ability to learn recruiting strategies either online or offline. It really doesn’t matter.  Also you need to learn attraction marketing, have an online presence and generate your own marketing funnel like MLSP or Magnetic Sponsoring to get leads for your MLM opportunity. Therefore, you will have more prospects you can talk too.

It is critical to qualify your prospects if they qualify for your time. This is one of the important part of the business. You need to weed out the Betas and want to work with the Alphas. Betas are a complete waste of time and won’t be increasing productivity in network marketing . Therefore, Alphas are action takers! Those are the type of individuals that you want to work with in your primary network marketing opportunity.

When they join your business opportunity, you need to keep update your prospects with everything in your organization, with weekly webinars, attending events, education and training. Also, they need to stay motivated and positive to succeed in their primary network marketing opportunity.

Nonetheless, your team needs to stay focused and consistent on a daily basis in producing a downline by increasing productivity in your business. Therefore, your team should be duplicatable that can certainly can be easy to so then you can potential get the residual income that you desire in network marketing from your own efforts.

So just simply increasing productivity in your MLM business and giving value and helping with others, you will absolutely thrive in network marketing. You can potentially be in the 3% that will succeed in this industry in MLM is continuing on increasing productivity in daily basis that I have mentioned throughout this article.

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