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by Danny on July 3, 2011 · 9 comments

Google Keyword Research Tool There is a great free Google keyword research tool that you can use to get the “golden nuggets” keywords to get on the first page on Google. It’s called the Google keyword research tool.

So, if you want to be a successful internet marketer just by creating unique articles on EzineArticles/BetterNetworker or as a blogger to get massive traffic to your website or blog.

You definitely want that online presence to generate additional income streams. In reality, most internet marketers are not taught the proper strategy to get immediate results in your business using the internet.

The Google keyword research tool that you absolutely can’t leave without is a smart decision that is being made to achieve success in your business


The most common mistakes internet marketers are doing is trying to get on the first page ranking on implementing the Google keyword research tool that I will explain later on through out this article. Approximately 95% of marketers are struggling because they assume a high competitive or one word keyword( non long tail keyword) will land on the first page on Google. In that case, There is a slim chance to get on the highly organic SEO results on the first page to get the best results for your business.

So I’m going to give you the exact blue print for your success on how to use the Google keyword research tool as a internet marketer to get massive traffic and generate free leads for your business.  

Your blog is your central hub to generate free traffic by using the Google keyword research tool

Your blog is basically is your central hub where you can add value and content in the market place today. So your blog is being seen everywhere your audience can read and might have an interest to follow you in being a expert in your niche.

Your blog is where you can build trust and relationships with your readers and want to get to know more about you.  Your audience will then eventually buy from you on any affiliate products or services that you offer. Also they might want to partner up or sign up in your business venture that you might be involved.

Here are the 4 essential steps on how to use the Google keyword research tool properly

1. First of all, You must drill down the keywords under the Google keyword research tool at 30,ooo and under. Make sure you have the exact keyword in “quotes” and the only show ideas closely related to my search term box checked and the “phrase” is checked on the left side corner under match type on the Google keyword research tool.  These are the results from your competition on the internet.

2. Use the wonder wheel so that you can find low competition keywords

3. Google keywords research tool that is specifically long tail keywords that has more relevant keywords that are specific and less competition. However the searches needs to be high at a minimum of 500-800 or higher on the monthly Google searches.

4. Write an article or a blog post with the “golden keyword” on the Google keyword research tool.

Google Keyword Research Tool

Using the Google keyword search tool is the main reason to go with the “golden keyword” that  is for either on my original article on EzineArticles/BetterNetworker or a written blog post that will get on the first page on Google over 85% of time.

 So, I use the Google keyword research tool on a consistent basis because is a time saver so you don’t have to be leaving money on the table. In my opinion, I think the Google keyword research tool is a awesome tool to utilize in your business.

There are paid keyword research tools out their in the market place other than using the Google keyword research tool as well like Spyfu, Wordtracker or Keyword country. However I prefer to use this cool marketing research tool called Market Samurai that is affordable and easy to learn.

Without the Google keyword research tool, you going to second guessing yourself if you have a greater chance of writing a article or blog post to get first page ranking to generate massive traffic for your business.



Dedicated To Your Success!


Google Keyword Research Tool

Danny Yoon

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  • Alecia Stringer

    Excellent tips.  Have you used the youtube keyword tool for videos?

    • Douglas Alp

      Hey Alecia I did not know Youtube also had a keyword tool.  Do you use it?

      • Alecia Stringer

        Yes, when needed :) 

  • Galen Morgigno

    Danny, thanks for breaking this down.  This should really help those who are struggling with keyword research.

  • Douglas Alp

    Good Post Danny.  Excellent tip on using keyword tools

  • Wendy Elwell

    Excellent ideas for using keyword tools, still learning and understanding the concepts. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Great post Danny. Awesome tips for using the Google keyword research tool

  • Sonny Lanorias

    Hi Danny,

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. You have made it simpler for you readers to understand the overall process. Great job and looking forward to reading your next post. Thanks again!

    Sonny Lanorias recently posted..Effective Article Marketing Strategy – The Secrets RevealedMy Profile

  • Thor

    I have heard about Google keyword research tool but I have not been using it on a regular basis. It make sense if we want to get our article to rank higher on Google. Thanks for this. I might look about Market Samurai

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