Fortune High Tech Marketing-Legitimate 3rd party FHTM Review!

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Fortune High Tech MarketingA Straight Forward Fortune High Tech Marketing Article Review!


On December in 2001, a network marketing company Fortune High Tech Marketing is born. The creator and founder of FHTM is Paul Orberson. He was a top income earner at a previous MLM company with Excel back in the day in the 90’s. The products that Fortune High Tech Marketing are selling to the consumers in the marketplace is in the telecommunication industry.

Their product line they are currently offering to customers are long and local area distance phone services, cell phones, internet, cable etc. that consumers are already using today. The history of FHTM is that it is a real multi-level marketing opportunity that is doing extremely well and there revenues are well over $500 million in yearly sales. Fortune High Tech Marketing utilizes various marketing strategies either offline or online after many years of trial and error in the home based business industry.

There are literally thousands of  brand new network marketing companies showing up in a daily basis. In reality, only a handful of network marketing companies will make start making profits in MLM. The rest of those companies will be in debt or go broke less than two years using the MLM model.

Fortune High Tech Marketing is currently a profitable network marketing company, remains debt free ever since FHTM got started in the multi-level marketing industry nearly a decade ago.  The Fortune High Tech Marketing company’s headquarters is based in Lexington, Kentucky.  

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the big corporate giants in the telecommunications niche with such brand names like for instance, Verizon, Samsung & Comcast just to name a few. Despite those well known brands, Fortune High Tech Marketing is indeed doing really well in this niche in the telecommunication industry.

Millions of consumers are always hungry for technology to solve their problems during this era in telecommunications. Many of those people wouldn’t able to survive without these great products or services today in the market place.

So in this market, it will never be saturated and will always have a high demand for these telecommunication products that consumers that are currently continue to buy and use today. Whether or not if Fortune High Tech Marketing had existed or not isn’t the point in the telecommunication industry or the network marketing opportunity.

It is the perfect timing to get started in Fortune High Tech Marketing to create additional income streams!

Fortune High Tech marketing is always looking for liked-minded people that have their options open to start creating residual income in a network marketing business opportunity. Individuals that can succeed in MLM are usually real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, servers/bartenders, actors or sales reps. In fact it is the best time to start a home based business in a down economy that we are currently in at this time.

It is a real possibility to get started on a business opportunity right now like Fortune High Tech Marketing. A investment cost  to get start with Fortune High Tech Marketing is less than $500 to begin with. It is a lot better than beginning a high investment in real estate or a franchise like Quiznos. The success rate to get yourself involved from these types of business ventures aren’t very good. It is most likely you will be in debt and fail in those investments like everyone else if you start a franchise or a real estate business.

So which type of risks are you willing to sacrifice today? I would absolutely start small in multi-level marketing. The front up cost in Fortune Hi Tech Marketing would be only $299.99. I would find a top producer or leader who already has already involved with Fortune High Tech Marketing and learn from that marketer. Maybe that individual can be your mentor.

It is essential to get the proper training and educate on yourself on how to sponsor others to your Fortune High Tech Marketing business opportunity and to get qualified to become a leader on your team. You will discover there are 2 level positions within the Fortune High Tech Marketing organization; you’ll be able to get the training as a trainer or a manager. In order to up to another level in your organization , It is to move from a trainer’s position in FHTM to the manager’s position you will need to require training eight new associates as a trainer. This may be automatic if you pay up front additional cost of $299.99.

How does Fortune High Tech Marketing essential change for the better in the telecommunications market?

There are well known brands like Verizon, Samsung & Comcast that I mentioned earlier. Fortune High Tech Marketing is fairly doing very well despite the fact they are competing with those multi-billion giant telecommunication corporations!

How do you exactly get to be one of the top income producers or  getting to a higher compensation plan as a marketer within Fortune High Tech Marketing? As a marketer within FHTM, You need to figure out a way to get leads for your network marketing opportunity. What I mean is getting bulk of leads to create sales and residual income for your business in Fortune High Tech Marketing.

You’re most likely reading one of thousands of reviews on FHTM online. However, they don’t give you the specific details on how to generate leads in your primary business opportunity using the internet. It is critical to utilize in learning to use a lead generation system or what I call Attraction Marketing to have any chance to succeed in your Fortune High Tech Marketing business.

In reality, about 95% of network marketers are still implementing the offline marketing strategies. They are continuing to be frustrated and struggling in their Fortune High Tech Marketing business because they are listening to their upline.

It is critical to learn online marketing techniques as well using the internet today. However, targeting the qualified prospects with these marketing strategies online.

Therefore, you don’t have to start hassling your friends and family, wasting time handing out DVD’s or corporate flyers, cold calling prospects or doing home or hotel meetings about your Fortune High Tech Marketing business opportunity ever again.

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    Yes, you must learn how to market, which I’m unsure of how well they are doing that in this company. You must learn to leverage the internet in this business too. Great review and insights.
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